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MEDIA BLACKOUT! 6 Middle East Leaders Who Support President Trump’s War on Terror…


Mainstream Media gives maximum air time to protesters.

It gives the impression that the majority of Americans support unlimited un-vetted immigration that puts our nation in jeopardy.

The “liberal” propaganda machine, pushes the narrative that any rational minded person who wants to keep our country free from terrorists is a racist.

Radicalized lefties are hopelessly programmed by their developers. When presented with facts often backed up by videos, their eyes glaze over, shifting them into auto-Hill-Bot hate-spew mode.

It’s not just right-leaning journalists, family and friends who are trying to educate “liberals” about the reality of Sharia Law and ISIS, there are courageous Muslims speaking out as well.

Of course those stories don’t dominate our headlines. And sadly, many of our left-leaning “friends” no longer follow our posts on social media.

So unless they’re exposed to information that could reprogram their globalist-supporting software, we’ll be a nation divided. And in danger.

What should be extremely newsworthy is the scoop that there are actually powerful leaders in the Middle East who support President Trump’s travel ban and war on terror.

Here’s 6 myth-busting scoops that “journalists” barely whispered.

1. #MAGA hats off to leftie news streaming Yahoo for pushing through the dark media fog to report on support from Syrian President Bashar Assad. Their headline read, Exclusive: Syria’s Assad tells Yahoo News some refugees are ‘definitely’ terrorists. They also posted this video that may just wake up their followers.

(An interesting update-Assad refuses to offer safe zones, but says he will work with the US and Russia to combat terrorism. He also blames Obama for the crisis.)

2. Aljazeera reported that the United Arab Emirate’s foreign minister had President Trump’s back. Their headline read, Abdullah bin Zayed: Trump’s travel ban not Islamophobic. Wow!

3.Here’s a story that was covered for five minutes. Many outlets mentioned that President Trump had a productive call with Saudi King Salman. At the President’s request the king agreed to support safe zones for refugees in Syria and Yemen.

It’s interesting that the call took place before he signed the order to freeze immigration. It seems he was not about to leave innocent refugees stranded.

The New York Post also mentioned this little tidbit, crushing MSM dis-information.

“The two leaders also discussed an invitation from the King for President Trump to lead a Middle East effort to defeat terrorism and to help build a new future, economically and socially, for the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region,” the White House statement said.

That bears repeating-Saudi King Salman asked President Trump to lead the Middle East effort to defeat terrorism and build a new future!

4.* on support from  Egyptian President Fattah el-Sisi,

There is no doubt the genuine secular leaders in the mid-East, those who value freedom and minority protections like Fattah el-Sisi (Egypt) and King Abdullah (Jordan), will find a more consistent and stable ally with President Donald Trump.

“I believe that President Trump will be vigorously engaged with the issues in the region,” el-Sisi said. “As a matter of fact, Trump has shown deep and great understanding of what is taking place in the region as a whole and Egypt in particular. I am looking forward and expecting more support and reinforcement of our bilateral relations.”


5. Yet another mind blowing tidbit from  theconservativetreehouse blog doesn’t’ specifically address President Trump, but it does validate the war on terror.

…El-Sisi was joined in his perspective by Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the grand imam of Cairo’s al-Azhar University, Egypt’s most important Islamic institution, who said in Mecca that terrorists and extremists based their views on “misguided” forms of Islam.

6. Abu Dhabi’s crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, spoke to President Trump and also agreed to his intitiative to establish safe zones.

The Washington Post reported,

The White House released a second statement following Trump’s call with Abu Dhabi’s crown prince that said: “The President also raised the idea of supporting safe zones for the refugees displaced by the conflict in the region, and the Crown Prince agreed to support this initiative.”

All this vital support from the Middle East to vet refugees and combat ISIS was briefly covered, if at all, then quickly swept into the archived links section. 

Meanwhile snarling Anti-Trump protesters hog the headlines.


USA Today offered up 4 options for what the next steps might be to reinstate President Trump’s travel ban. What’s your opinion?

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