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Media Blackout: Today’s #WalkAway March on Washington

There’s a Media Blackout on today’s #WalkAway March on Washington

Seriously-even when I type in today’s #WalkAway March or #WalkAway March Fox News– nothing comes up. The most mainstream source where I found one was from one from Breitbart. It’s already after 3 PM CA time. What’s going on here?

There’s some live feeds on You Tube, but finding images of the today’s #WalkAway March turnout is rough. Looks like MSM doesn’t want to touch this story and/or Google is burying it.

Maybe they’re too busy trying to push the fake MAGAbomber story.

Or they’re tied up in the wake of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. They’re busy finding a way to accuse President Trump-the most pro-Jew and pro-Israel President ever-of being antisemitic so they don’t have to own their virulent hatred of Israel and the Jewish people. 

So much to do. On the other hand, they find time to cover sports and Hollywood Puppet Stars’ favorite Halloween costumes. They’ll probably cover it once they’ve figured out how to give it a negative spin. 

Meanwhile, here’some unearthed links that you might enjoy…

You can check out the live stream and FF as you wish on You Tube here…

Since we can’t rely on Demstream Media, thankfully one participant, “Mike Nificent” took this video that captures the crowd #Walking Away here….

Here’s a video of last night’s gala. David Harris Jr. knocks it out of the park. Check it out here….

President Trump gave Brandon Straka a shout-out on Twitter. See the Tweet here…

Are you surprised that there’s a Media Blackout on today’s  #WalkAway March?

The #WalkAway movement poses a huge threat to Democrats, so naturally they utilized their media and technocrats to squash it.

Real Great American Brandon Straka inspired the #WalkAway movement and put together today’s #WalkAway March in spite of the Media claiming that #WalkAways were nothing more than Russian bots. In spite of Facebook temporarily shutting his page down to sabotage the March. In spite of being suppressed. 

He’s not done. A while back he mentioned that he’ll be putting together a women’s march early next year. Will keep you posted. 

What do you think? Is there a Media Blackout on today’s #WalkAway March? 

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Sources in links above checking the #WalkAway website

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  1. Comments lost during transfer. On 10/28/18 Purple Carrot wrote,”The conservative Washington Times is reporting a turnout of 5000. That’s fairly low by DC standards where marches and rallies happen all the time. It’s not really a big enough turnout to attract media coverage especially since breaking news has been intense this week. Personally, I think Straka is his own worst enemy. The whole thing seems like he just wants to promote himself.

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