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The Media is Complicit in Promoting Radical Islam.

  • Radical Islamists and the Media are enemies

The media is complicit in promoting Radical Islam.

Thanks in large part to the media, beautiful countries are being destroyed.

Too many citizens don’t understand who they have welcomed and/or timidly allowed to jump their borders. Many have already lost their lives. Most have lost their quality of life.

The disinformation campaign is WWlll by stealth.

The “leaders” of these countries are Globalist Generals who lead their own people right off a cliff.

Painting reality through denial is a key element in the disinformation campaign.The media is the paintbrush.

Just step into the showers.

We remember the media suppression that took place after the terror attack in Orlando. Obama’s DOJ scrubbed Islamic references in Mateen’s calls to the police. The media followed suit. That story disappeared fast. A Radical Islamist killing gay people is not good for the narrative.

Nonsense. They are the religion of peace.

A man shot a police officer in Philadelphia “in the name of Islam.” In a call he made to the police, he told them he was inspired by ISIS. The mayor Jim Kenney,  said Archer’s actions… “have nothing to do with the teachings of Islam..It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.” Fox and alternative news outlets were outraged. But mainstream media simply parroted the mayor’s statements and/or published an echo chamber for the Muslim community.

Don’t be so racist, so Islamophobic.

The rape of a 5 year old disabled girl by three “refugee” boys in in Twin Falls, Idaho was shut down in the media. Snopes still lists the story as “mostly false,” but the boys pleaded guilty. The Idaho Statesman reported the guilty pleas and is still trying to downplay that these boys are “refugees.” They refer to earlier reports as “tales” because reports were incorrect about their nationality.

Over the course of the last week we’ve seen two examples of the media promoting the invasion of Radical Islam into the US.

Silence…President Trump’s vow. 

President Trump’s administration has promised to save 500,000 young girls from the torture, humiliation, trauma, and lifelong effects of Female Genital Mutilation. Breitbart pointed out that this story has been totally ignored by the media.

Burying this story serves a few purposes.

  • It helps to discredit our fairly elected, Anti-Globalist President by hiding the truth about his compassion and concern for women from the public. It just doesn’t fit the “misogynist” label.
  • It buries the ruse of the “feminists,” another weaponized force of the Globalists. The more people understand the truth about Radical Islam and its adherence to Sharia Law, the less impact Sharia-hugging fake feminists will have.
  • It hides one of the many perverse and cruel practices of Radical Islam from the public, so they’ll keep inviting them in with open arms. Or open legs, as some of  the disgusting “feminists” ignorantly joked.

Editing. Fresno shooting rampage. 

Back in February The Fresno Bee laid the groundwork for the  shooting rampage in their city where Kori Ali Muhammad shot and killed three people. Before this tragic incident occurred, the paper mocked fears of radical Islamic terror.

Fox News reported that “Police said the man who killed three people on a shooting spree in downtown Fresno, California, on Tuesday while shouting “Allahu Akbar” wanted to kill as many people as possible…”

The Associated Press, the mother of all news-streams,  altered the truth when they reported on the killer. The AP reported that the killer said, “God is Great” without even mentioning that it was said in Arabic.  People are outraged by the blatant deception. Way to lose all credibility, AP.

The more the media is busted, the better our chances for survival.

People who were a little  aware of media bias are becoming much more alarmed. Tragically, those on the Left are still in the dark. But it may be a case of willful ignorance. History and their own MSM provides answers:

  • Our propaganda laws were conveniently  repealed in 2013.
  • Obama signed Operation Mockingbird into law last September. It allows FBI agents to pose as journalists. Although the reason for the deception is for the purpose of capturing criminals, it hearkens back to the original Project Mockingbird. Starting in the 50’s the CIA  intercepted and worked directly with the media and journalists to gather Intel and disseminate propaganda.
  • In 2016 Obama signed the  “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act.” This enables  the government to crack down on what it would like to call “fake news.” In other words, any stream of information reflecting conservative voices and doesn’t serve the Globalist agenda.
  • Google can be counted in the mix because as a search engine they engineer the flow of information. They’ve been busted for manipulating search engine results and burying negative stories in order to get Hillary elected. Although the story hasn’t made it to mainstream media, the buzz is that google has been playing games with Alex Jones’s Infowars.

Not enough people are fully aware of the scope of propaganda disguised as “trusted news.” Libs refuse to believe it, even when presented with evidence. They dismiss evidence as a “conspiracy theory,” an intoxicating phrase brewed from the CIA.

Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.~Mark Twain

It’s chilling is that the Media, all over the world, is in the business of suppressing news about radical Islamic activities that endanger citizens.

No alarm is sounded. Crimes are covered up and/or edited. Is there a greater definition of the enemy?

It is certainly not the definition of journalism.

Keep it up Radical Islamists.

The radical Islamists can’t control themselves. They don’t have the patience to flood countries and wait for the nod to attack. Good. They only reveal themselves as dangerous, barbaric zealots. They are enemies who are more transparent than the media as they call for our death.

Keep it up media.

It’s good that the media is being so blatant in its war against America and other sovereign countries. Big mistake for them. Good for us. They only reveal themselves as liars and propagandists. They show us that they’re complicit in all heinous acts committed by Radical Islamists and the Radicalized Left.

We need to keep it up!

Censorship from Media Matters, Google, Facebook, Reddit and Twitter is an all-out war on alternative media. We have got to fight for a lifeline to free thought, expression and information. The Globalists know that information is what lost the election for Hillary and information is what will defeat their plans to destroy sovereign nations.

The greatest trick the devil pulled was to convince the world  he doesn’t exist.

The devil does exist. In many forms.

The first step in defeating him is to recognize him.

It’s encouraging to see so many mainstream Muslims stepping up and speaking up about the dangers of Radical Islam.  Do you think people are becoming more outspoken about Radical Islam?  Comment below!

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  1. Debra nix

    We know all of this true but how do we stop it?

    • Such a great question. I really wish I knew the answer. It seems like the best thing is to push back and refuse to swallow their hype and refuse to back off from calling it out. I like to share on social media posts that show the courageous Muslims who are speaking out against it. They need protection from this thuggish cult too. As for the media-that deserves a big sigh:( I guess on the plus side, they’re getting called out more and more all the time. Lots of battles going on at once.

Comments appreciated!

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