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Media Continues to Incite War With Russia.


Fakestream media won’t back off their obsession with Russia.

The General Flynn incident provides an adrenaline shot for their ongoing smear campaign.  And call for war with Russia.

During  the White House press conference today  “journalists” would not stop asking the same questions about General Flynn’s phone call with Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak.  

They put a wig and a different dress on it,  but it was the same question. Over and over and over again.

In spite of the question having been answered, over and over and over again, the repetition of the question is a clever way to program the public.  By continually planting seeds to cast doubt and suspicion.

In spite of tanking subscriptions and ratings, the press continues to operate under the impression that the entire country is stupid and easy to manipulate.

Their Russia campaign is an obvious smear. The only people who fall for it are Rocky IV fans who believe that the “big bad”  Cold War Soviet Union still exists.

As the old saying goes, friends are people who share common enemies.

Putin’s enemies  are President Trump’s enemies.

They’re the same powers that be  who rage an ongoing campaign to discredit and undermine  the fair vote of BREXIT. The same elitist scum who have successfully destroyed Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands and a host of other European countries with their fake “refugee” crisis. The same slave-masters who  tremble at the rising trend of  nationalism and populism in the US and European countries.The same traitors who comprise a shadow government, Hell bent on overturning our fairly elected President.

They thrive on the power of ridicule and weaponized words. 

President Trump’s desire to get along with Russia is not about a “bromance” or being “compromised.” He’s talking about a healthy alliance that would join 2 powerful countries  in the fight against globalism and radical Islamic terrorism.

The globalists do not want Russia and the US to join forces and halt their agenda.

The globalists’ choice for President was career criminal Hillary Clinton. She and Obama were itching to start a war with Russia. Not only would it have removed a a major challenge to instating a One World Government, it also would have provided a handy distraction from her many crimes and scandals.

The powers that be and their PR firm aka mainstream media, prefer that we all fry in a nuclear war. They’re still trying to accomplish their agenda through a coup.

Just as President Trump predicted, the press had a field day after the press conference. Although his demeanor was calm, they chose to  blast words like  grievance filled, loose, and combative in their headlines. but if any of their readers bothered to watch the actual footage they would see the spin in action.

But if they’re more addicted to hate and outrage than the truth, they’ll lap it up.

What did you think of President Trump’s press conference? What do you wish you could tell  him? Comment below!



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