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Media Matters Attack on Sean Hannity Attacks Us All (Disturbing Content)

Media Matters Attack on Sean Hannity

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The Media Matters Attack on Sean Hannity is ramping up. They’re after his blood. His job. Fox. They’re after all of us.

Obviously the Media Matters attack on Sean Hannity is an attack on the first amendment rights of all Americans.  Except for “Liberals” of course.

MM is threatening the income stream for Sean Hannity’s show by threatening sponsors with financial devastation if they continue to sponsor his show.

The Daily Caller reports,

Left-wing activist group Media Matters, which previously led the charge to take down former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, is now coming for Sean Hannity.

The powerful left-wing organization is ramping up a pressure campaign against the pro-Trump host’s advertisers. The front page of Media Matters’ website makes clear what the goal is: taking down Hannity.

The page directs Media Matters’ leftist supporters to a petition page where they can help “Stop Sean Hannity” by sending the message to his advertisers that they “will get burned if they continue to associate with Hannity.”

The site also prominently features a list of Hannity’s advertisers that states: “Sean Hannity is functioning as a propagandist in order to advance a political agenda in support of Donald Trump.” The list was last updated on Thursday, according to Media Matters.

George Soros needs to be shut down.

Media Matters is funded by Soros and is one of many NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) that he funds in order to operate with impunity to destroy our country from within.

Meanwhile , Congress should grow a pair and declare George Soros an enemy of the state as they have in Russia, Macedonia and Hungary. All his assets should be seized. Sadly, we see that too many members of Congress are Soros puppets who share the common goal of dissolving the US into a Single Global Government.

Supposedly he has come under investigation. Only time will tell if he will be allowed to see his efforts to destroy the United States come to fruition.

NGOs need to be shut down.

It’s insane that this country allows the operation of tax-exempt NGO’s that are Hell Bent on destroying our rights, our constitution and our country.

The tax exempt status and rules that govern NGO’s need to be revamped.

Media Matters needs to be shut down

They have the nerve to accuse  Fox of being an anti-Trump propaganda outlet.

It’s true that Fox is biased, but it’s the only source we have left to counter the constant 24/7 Anti-Trump propaganda from the Leftstream media.

Leftist “news” outlets peddle actual  propaganda. Their new reports based on lies and “unnamed  sources.”  The double standards are outrageous.

Media Matters is open about their desire to target only conservative media.

We are open that we are only going after conservative news bias.

Why isn’t there a similar powerful organization to push back against Liberal bias? How is it that this NGO is allowed the opportunity to wage war-tax free- on our constitution?

It has violated its tax exempt status.

Their application for tax exemption presented its mission as “educational.” But it morphed into something far more aggressive and intrusive than that.

MM obsessively targeted Fox. They even spoke about hiring Private Investigators to dig up dirt on the private lives of Fox anchors.

The organization also colluded with Obama, his DOJ, and his adviser Valerie Jarett to muscle journalists to slant stories in Obama’s favor and to bury others. There were even weekly “strategy calls” with Obama White House officials.

David Brock’s brand of hypocrisy needs to be shut down.

Media Matters was founded by dirtbag David Brock. He’s a major Hillary supporter and hates President Trump with a passion. Although he sees himself as a powerful political force to take down our fairly elected President, he is not all that popular with Democrats who, according to The Daily Beast,  wish he would just go away.

They almost got their wish. Brock had a heart attack last March.

Brock is openly gay and used to be James Alefantis’s boyfriend. Alefantis is the owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza of #Pizzagate infamy.

So maybe the fight with Sean Hannity is extra virulent because Brock is gay and Sean Hannity is most definitely not. In his early days, Hannity was fired for what Media Matters described as some “repulsive”anti-gay rhetoric on his radio show.

Warning: the Tweet below contains some disturbing content…

“Repulsive” anti-gay comments. Translation: “True” comments.

What is actually repulsive is the degenerate acts themselves.

The Globalist Left and the radicalized LGBTQI agenda  is promoting this sexual behavior as the new norm not only to our society in general but also to our children.

The LGBTQI agenda is not to clean up their own act, but to get the rest of society to  shut up, back them up and join the rainbow party.  Or be labeled homophobe, transphobe, hateful. or in this case, repulsive. 

Gay people erroneously believe that the politicized movement has been launched on their behalf. They truly believe that their globalist godfather Soros cares about their “rights.” There are much more sinister motivations behind the radicalized movement, one of which is to support the Globalists’ goals for depopulation.

David Brock: I’m OK. You’re not.

David Brock and Media Matters have some very strong feelings about who and what is OK and that they ought to be the “OK Police.”


  • It’s not OK for Sean Hannity to say he thinks the gay lifestyle involves feces and promotes sickness, even though it’s true.
  • It’s not OK that Sean Hannity wants to protect his kids from whoever he feels may be a threat. And for him, gay people pose a threat to his children.
  • It’s not OK for Sean Hannity to voice any opinions of his own because they do not align with David Brock’s and George Soros’s opinions.
  • It’s not OK that Sean Hannity should have a job to support his family because of his personal opinions and world view.
  • It’s not OK for Fox to exist as a media outlet that supports a conservative viewpoint even though it is the only main cable network available to balance out the Leftstream media majority.
  • It’s not OK that Americans should have a choice of news outlets.
  • It’s most definitely not OK for the Right to present news with a bias tilt. Only the Left is allowed to do that.

Totally OK

  • It’s OK  to flood our airwaves with the incessant radicalized LGBTQI agenda and aim it toward our children.
  • It’s OK for anyone, celebrity or otherwise to call out for the assasination of our fairly elected President.
  • It’s OK for CNN and other Leftstream media  to operate even when they’ve been repeatedly busted for peddling fake news.
  • It’s OK to pump out 24/7 anti-Trump propaganda, promoting a baseless Russian collusion hoax and burying accomplishments.
  • It’s OK for David Brock’s Ex, James Alefantis, to  “express” himself though his creepy pedo-laced Instagrams, hard core porn disguised as “art” and by hiring music groups that sing the praises of child sexual exploitation.
  • It’s OK for “artists” and “musicians” to exercise their rights to free speech even when it promotes heinous crimes against children and animals.
What’s not OK is to assassinate journalists for voicing their opinion.

It’s funny how the Left loves to demonize Putin for allegedly assassinating journalists who disagreed with him. Yet they do it all the time.

They’re a dangerous and subversive organization that assassinates political opponents by destroying them financially and removing their platform.

Media Matters already claimed Bill O’Reilly’s scalp. According to Activist Facts they are also credited with Glenn Beck’s demise. These conservative journalists lost their jobs because of MM attacks.

We can’t let this happen with Hannity. They won’t rest until they’ve shut down Fox entirely or steered it hopelessly to the Left.

The last time Media Matters went after Sean Hannity due to his Seth Rich story our voice was loud and clear. We boycotted, insurer ACAA and others who, under tremendous pressure from Media Matters, pulled advertising from his show.

It’s time to push back again.

Please share this to  fight back by getting the word out. And as you find companies that support Media Matters please mention them directly in the comments section below so they won’t get lost in the facebook feed.


Daily Caller-MM coming after Sean Hannity

Activist Facts-Overview of Media Matters

The Daily Beast–Dems want Brock to go away

Fox News-Media Matters coordinates with Obama WH



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  1. Media Matters is noth but a BULLY!!!! This is becoming pure evil! Media Matters likes to spew hate towards others and try to take them down without looking at their own corrupt behavior to squelch speech that does not agree with theirs. Well, it is THEIR TURN to SIT IN THE BACK OF THE BUS! They were fine when their guy was in charge. Now that they have lost, they are lying spoiled brats acting like the bullies they say they hate. They are hypocrites and THEIR SITE SHOULD BE REMOVED FOR THE EVIL IT PERPETRATES!!!!!!

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