This Memorial Day is a solemn reminder that countless Americans died so that we could enjoy our freedom. It’s our turn to fight.

These veterans must not only be honored through memorial services, but with our pledge to ensure that they did not die for our country in vain.

We are at war. It’s unlike any war that has been waged before. It’s a war by stealth.

There’s a Civil War brewing.  And quietly, we’re under assault from the Globalists waging war against  America and other sovereign nations across the world.

We’re all too familiar with their stealthy weapons. Propaganda, radicalization of the Left, and an intent to import an invading army of Radical Islamists.

One of their bully tactics is to suppress our ability to judge reality and to express with words the evil we see unfolding before us.

The war on free speech and the press has been ramping up.

It’s reaching a head as Sean Hannity may lose his job for pursuing the truth about Seth Rich’s  murder. As others have posted today, Seth Rich also died for his country.

Google, Facebook, David Brock, and George Soros have all joined hands and anointed themselves the “truth police.” Only conservative voices are stifled.

The free flow of information is the Globalists’ worst nightmare. That’s how we won our election. That’s why they want to squash it.

We’re at war and we all have to do our part.  Everyone has something to offer.

For me, I’ve taken up the fight through IMOwired. I spend 10-12 hours a day researching, crafting arguments, editing, offering credible links, then passing the posts on to readers. They in turn, share and pass along the information.

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