It’s Memorial Day weekend. Will Dems and RINOs pretend to care about our Vets? Or will they openly p*ss on their graves?

President Trump stood for an hour and a half to shake the hand of every single graduate-that’s 1,042 midshipmen- at the Naval Academy last Tuesday. Then he went back to work for the American people.

President Trump has been hawkish on improving the lives of our Veterans who were treated miserably in past Administrations. We can fully expect that his  Memorial Day statements will sincerely honor our Veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

But what will Dems and RINOs have to say? 

•Will Dems and RINOs pretend to care about our men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice defending this country?

•What will Dems and RINOs say as their policies have created deplorable conditions in VA hospitals and offered little or no hope to Vets?

•What will Dems and RINOs say as they seek to destroy the country that our Veterans have fought for since its inception?

•What do Dems and RINOs have to say about George W. Bush badmouthing our President while aiming to convince citizens that ours in not a nation built on blood or soil or borders? How will they defend Bush’s bluster in October of 2017 that Globalism is inevitable, and if we don’t like it we’re a bunch of racists? 

•What will Dems and RINOs say to honor our Vets after they’ve betrayed them by partnering up to deny the very right to the land they fought to preserve?

McCain said, “We live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil.” 

Bush echoed. “Our identity as a nation, unlike many other nations, is not determined by geography or ethnicity, by soil or blood.”

•What will Dems and RINOs say as they’ve sought to destroy our country through open borders that invite unsustainable immigration, MS-13 thugs, and Radicalized Muslim terrorists?

•Will Dems and RINOs defend their brand of  “Democracy” that involves voter fraud and an ongoing coup to topple our fairly elected President?

•What will Dems and RINOs say as they assault everything our Vets fought for-our borders, our safety, our freedom of speech and our right to bear arms?

•How would Dems and RINOs respond if asked this question-if John McCain was actually a “war hero,” why did he use his time in office, not to help MIAs or POWs like himself, but to fight tooth and nail to stop searching for them?

•How  will Dems and RINOs pretend to care about our Veterans when they’ve been openly promoting (then denying it as a “conspiracy theory”) their plans to become part of a One World Government aka a New World Order?

McCain openly stated that the New World Order has been in the works for 70 years and President Trump is destroying all their well-laid plans. How this video hasn’t been plastered on every Right-leaning publication is a mystery.

Dems and RINOs have morphed into the American Globalist Party.

These elected traitors are guilty of treason and sedition as they seek to annihilate this country and break the contract with our Veterans who fought to preserve it. Our men and women in uniform did not risk it all to salute the flag of the UN or the EU.

How is Globalism not the ultimate p*ss on our Veterans’ graves?

Will Dems and RINOs pretend to care about our Veterans? Will we let them get away with it? Should we remind them how the Obamas felt about our country when our “First Lady” Michelle scoffed,”All this for a damn flag?”

Will you slam each and every last one of them for daring to utter one single word to feign honor to our Veterans?

Comment below-not just on Globalist Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook where they’ll get lost in the feed. Thx:)


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