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Merkel Solution: Teach Migrants Not to Rape. Ingenious or No?

Angela Merkel imported rape and gang rape into her country. Imagine their #MeToo! (#IchAuch!) Twitter page. 

But no worries for Merkel. Her Migration Chief just came up with a solution for the rape and gang rape that has traumatized German women and children-Teach migrants not to rape!

Brilliant, no? However, Merkel and her Administration has some pretty stiff competition in the bright ideas to cope with imported rape and gang rape department.

European “leaders” have come up with some pretty outstanding solutions of their own. If Merkel is mulling a how-not-to-rape class should we assume these other ideas didn’t work out too well?

Here’s 10 of the silliest ideas to cope with “refugees.” 
What’s your favorite? Vote below!

1. Send the kids to sleepaway camp. Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris proposed buying a Mediterranean island to offer temporary shelter until a longer-term solution can be found.  Don’t forget the halal marshmallows!

2. Cater to their animal instincts. Sweden is building a camel park to acclimate migrants and create jobs for them. Must restrain from further comment.

3.  Accessorize! Sweden created the fabulous “don’t touch me bracelets.” Written in Swedish. No word yet on how well that’s worked out. SO cute though.

4. It’s the sneakers, stupid. German police told women to ditch their heels for sneakers. So they can run away from their rapist or gang of rapists.  Hopefully they suggested cardio classes too.

5. Bribery.  Globalist Angela Merkel knows that her days are numbered due to Buzzkill citizens who are angry about having their country destroyed. She did express regret about her push for unlimited migration. But now she’s willing to put taxpayers’ money where her mouth is. She’s setting aside millions of dollars to offer migrants a one way ticket outta Germany. 

6.Kill’em with Kindness. Oh wait…Yeah. Germany has libtards too. The German government has actually evicted some citizens from their homes to make room for refugees.  Some liberals made the mistake of willingly inviting them in. Not sure if they helped with the dishes or took out the trash. But it didn’t end well for one 20 year old woman who was raped by her guest. Another woman was raped and murdered. Another couple hosted a migrant who raped their four year old child.

7. Don’t ask for it.  Sluts. Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Rekerkeep, told women to keep “an arm’s length” away from refugees to avoid being raped.  But what if you have short arms?  Or no arms? Women have also been told not to dress provocatively. Cover arms and legs. Avoid eye contact.  And for Pete’s sake don’t smile at them!

8. So just don’t go out at night. Duh! How selfish of you women to want enjoy your former quality of life in your home town. Just because you’ve invested your life in your country doesn’t mean you shouldn’t happily throw it away to accommodate unappreciative  perpetrators of violence. Very selfish.

9. Charm school.  Aaaah! The softer approach. Pretty please remember that no means no. Be nice and don’t rape our women. Yes, someone already thought of offering classes that teach these basics to migrants. One problem-their “religious” ideology directs them to do whatever they want to nonbelievers, including rape. 

10. Channel your Jedi Master!  Finland fully disconnected from reality when police released this hilarious video…

The solution to buckle down and continue to import more “refugees” should help as well.

Although judging by her career nose-dive, not all Germans may agree. 

Check out the original article (here…) from IMOwired that also offers some other lists such as “6 silly ways President Trump deals with the refugee crisis” and “6 silly reasons why, thanks to  Obama  and Hillary, there’s a refugee crisis in the first place” and “10 of Obama and Hillary’s “successes” in dealing with the refugee crisis.”

So what’s your favorite solution? Do you have any others of your own? 

Comment below!

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