“Merkel’s Dead.”

Yesterday a truck plowed though a Christmas Market killing 12 and injuring  dozens more.

“The Berlin victims were labeled “Merkel’s dead” by Marcus Pretzell, leader of the Alternative for Germany party in the country’s most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia.”  the New York Times reported.

But the “Merkel’s Dead” phrase may well apply to her political future as Germany’s Prime Minister.

While her citizens were being mowed down, by yet another deranged migrant, Angela was enjoying herself. At a celebration for “The International Day of Migrants!”

Germany is fed up with Angela Merkel and her mass immigration  policies. They’re sick of their country being destroyed by constant violence, sex crimes and being forced out of their jobs and homes. This could be the last straw.

Initially it seemed unclear who the perpetrator was. Berlin police had to release their first suspect.

People understandably assumed it was yet another terrorist attack. Aaaaand they were right.

The New York Times reported,

“The Islamic State released a statement on Tuesday through its Amaq news agency describing the driver of the truck as “a soldier” who had answered the call to wage attacks against countries fighting the group, which is also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh. But it offered no other details about the driver’s identity or whether he had directly interacted with the group or was just sympathetic to it.”

Law enforcement, German citizens and other countries quickly connected the dots.

Breitbart reports,

“Many Christmas markets are closed in Germany today and police in the UK, France, Norway, Austria, Denmark, Italy, and other European nations are tightening security at festive events, with the terror threat at its highest level across much of the continent.”

Hopefully this will put an end to this globalist hag’s reign over Germany. Unless the Germans suffer from political amnesia too. The 2017 elections aren’t until August of 2017.

Angela was trying to kiss up to voters by calling for a ban on the burqa. “wherever legally possible.” Sounds like she gave herself a loophole as she was trying to bait citizens to forget that she’s destroyed their country and ruined countless lives with her policies. And by “her policies,” it’s more like  “chust followink ohders” from the EU in Brussels.

Yet they expect her to win what would be  a “messy” election battle, an independent European Union expert told CNBC.

“Amid rising support for extremist parties and growing discontent for Merkel’s refugee policy, the 2017 general election is lining up to be an historic one for the EU’s largest economy.

“Of course, it’s going to be messy,” Nina Schick, an independent EU expert told CNBC on Monday.

 “I think the headline of the German election is going to be that the AfD (Alternative for Germany), the far-right populist party, is going to smash the threshold to get into the Bundestag. That in German politics is going to spook people – a far-right, populist, anti-migration party going into the Bundestag,” Shick added.

Like the US, Germany has its fair share of manipulated “liberals” who unwittingly vote for  their own destruction. Of course Germany is also home to self-interested elites.

But the irony of her celebrating migrants while a migrant mowed down innocent civilians  will not be lost on the rest of them. They just need to remember.