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MGM Stock Selloff and Saudi Connections to Mandalay Bay Hotel

MGM Stock Selloff and Saudi Connections to Mandalay Bay

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Bombshell! There is new evidence of a major MGM stock selloff and Saudi connections to Mandalay Bay Hotel

The plot sickens. New suspicions are aroused due to an advance massive MGM stock selloff and Saudi connections to Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Jim Murren, the CEO of MGM who owns Mandalay Bay Hotel, supports pro-Islamic organizations. The shooter’s possible ties to Islam  could further explain the use of the Mandalay Bay  Hotel.  See”Bombshell! Mandalay Bay CEO and Vegas Shooter’s Ties to Islam”  But another eye opener is that Murren dumped a massive amount of his MGM stocks in the weeks leading up to the attack.

Note~There is not much hard evidence that proves anything about the Las Vegas Massacre or the shooter Stephen Paddock. We don’t know the motives of the shooter or if there were any masterminds behind it. This is simply evidence presented as it arises.  

There’s also a newly revealed tie to Saudi Arabia-a country that is no stranger to exporting terrorism and carrying out massive terror attacks….

Inside Stories.

Peeling off the layers reveals  a hotel within a hotel.

  • The Four Seasons Hotel operates within the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
  • The top 5 floors-35-59 are actually the Four Seasons Hotel.
  • The Four Seasons Hotel is owned by Bill Gates and Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.
  • The MGM website boasts” a separate entrance and accessed by private express elevators” for those floors.

While none of that proves anything regarding a Saudi connection to the massacre it must  be mentioned. Hopefully the FBI finds it interesting as well.

Insider Trading?

James Murren is the CEO of MGM that owns Mandalay Bay. Although a lifelong Republican he’s a rabid anti-Trumper who supported and raised funds for both Hillary and pro-Islamic organizations, including CAIR, a terrorist organization.

Get this-Murren sold off his MGM stock in the weeks leading up to the attack.

The Hal Turner Radio Show uncovered evidence of the stock sell-off. The transactions are tracked as follows:

  • MGM Resorts International (NYSE:MGM) CEO James Murren sold 294,150 shares of the stock in a transaction on Friday, September 8th. The shares were sold at an average price of $34.08, for a total transaction of $10,024,632.00.
  • Following the transaction, the chief executive officer now directly owns 71,442 shares in the company, valued at $2,434,743.36.
  • On Thursday, September 7th, James Murren sold 259,760 shares of MGM Resorts International stock. The stock was sold at an average price of $34.19, for a total transaction of $8,881,194.40.
  • On Wednesday, August 9th, James Murren sold 57,269 shares of MGM Resorts International stock. The shares were sold at an average price of $31.54, for a total transaction of $1,806,264.26.
  • On Monday, July 31st, James Murren sold 57,269 shares of MGM Resorts International stock. The shares were sold at an average price of $33.05, for a total transaction of $1,892,740.45.

These images show the stock selloff but to view them up close and personal this link will take you directly to the New York Securities and Exchange website. Click here…

Now tell me-is “alternative news” and indie investigation getting a bad rap or what?

Stay inside.

The Mandalay Bay Massacre is just one more indication that we are under attack. It’s not as though this type of activity hasn’t been brewing right under our noses.

For example, it may or may not be “routine,” but during the month of August, from the 5th to the 28th, the Saudi Air Force booked an entire tower of “SLS,”  a beleaguered Las Vegas hotel. They didn’t stay there to ogle scantily clad Las Vegas women. Arrangements were made to keep all female staff away from them. Some areas were closed to the public and pictures of females were yanked from the walls.

The purpose was for “realistic combat training” and they’re planning on making a habit of it. The Las Vegas Review Journal reported,

“Saudi Arabia’s 10th Squadron Royal Saudi Air Force will be taking part in Red Flag 17-4 at Nellis Air Force Base, according to, a site dedicated to military aviation photography and spotting. Red Flag, combat training involving the air, space and cyberforces of the United States and its allies, will be held Aug. 14-25.

“Depending on the year, the Royal Saudi Air Force will bring 175-210 members to these realistic combat exercises,” S&K said in the 2014 post.”

Who needs a military base when you can rent a hotel? Food’s better too.

Inside our borders.

Hotels can only hold so many terrorists at once. We currently have more than 22 jihadist military training camps set up within our borders that are no-go zones. This was enabled under the Obama regime and would have flourished under Hillary.

It has flourished under the leadership of both Democrats and Republicans alike.

There’s been little mention of these radical communities in the Leftstream Media.

There’s also the open secret that we’re not allowed to talk about-that mosques are often a breeding ground for Radical Islamists.

ISIS  leaders  have recruited troops from within the various idiot armies of the radicalized Left, such as Antifa and the Feminazis.

Inside job?

It could be argued that members of Congress, elected government officials and “Liberal” judges have all been radicalized. They loudly and continually support the interests of radical extremists who want to destroy us.

After 9/11 we swore to over 3,000 victims, their families, and traumatized Americans that we will  “never forget.”

The Saudi connection doesn’t prove a thing, but it should be a red flag. After all, the Saudis were allegedly responsible for the attack on the Twin Towers.

Osama Bin Laden was the alleged mastermind of the WTC attack. We should never forget George W. Bush ushered Bin Laden’s family out of the country on private jets immediately following the disaster-even though our skies were closed.

We should never forget that Building 7 was not hit by the planes, but imploded on it’s own that day. Well, not quite on its own. Larry Silverstein, the owner of WTC Building 7,  gave the orders to “pull” aka demolish it in a controlled demolition. That would have meant that the building had been prepared for demolition  well in advance. He also took out a massive terrorist insurance policy on his buildings just months before the attack. That is all on record.

So when we find out that the CEO of Mandalay Bay dumped his MGM stocks in the weeks leading up to the event that is not proof that he is complicit in any way. But it is a huge red flag that all but the most willfully ignorant will not ignore.

We the people.

“We will never forget.”

Yet somehow, Radical Islam has gained a stronghold in our communities, and a chokehold on our government, our free speech and even our DHS and FBI records.

Maybe the slogan should be “We will recognize.” 

We will recognize that there has always been evil in this world.

We will recognize that history offers ample evidence of tyrannical governments and ideologies that have led to the annihilation of their own citizens.

We will recognize that the EU is purposely destroying European nations from within in order to control them through an unelected One World Government.

We will recognize that they are attempting to do the same to us. They had already chosen a name for the planned merge of Canada, The United States and Mexico-“The North American Union.” Our election interfered with their plans.

We will recognize that we are in the midst of an ongoing coup to topple our fairly elected President and interfere with our 2016 elections.

We will recognize that we are in the midst of WWlll by stealth.

We will recognize the power of propaganda and ample proof that America’s propaganda laws were repealed.

We will recognize that some of the most powerful people in this country have already been exposed for committing unspeakable crimes that have spilled the blood of Americans and citizens of other countries.

We will recognize our enemies even when told we’re being phobic.

We will recognize patterns and be pragmatic. We will tirelessly search for the truth even when being accused of being  conspiracy theorists.

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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    We better Damn Well Recognize ……to be aware is to be alive

    • Diane Bohall Gray

      I so agree with you. We have to be aware. This is a good article.

  2. Michael McDaniel

    We’ve been Sleepwalking for 8 years,…..and we’ve bumped our collective shin on the Election of Donald Trump. The Liberal Media (Hollyweed Celebrities, TV Talk Hosts, Democrats “ALL”) want us to just –“Go back to sleep”….( while they “Prepare the Hypo” and “Make Fun of The Incident” as if President Trump is an “ACCIDENT” THAT “THEY” ARE GOING TO FIX.) It would make a great movie script if wasn’t REAL. The “Finely Tuned” and “Totally Under Control Election” that “All The Insiders” KNEW—was “In The Bag”…..and then a “Long Suffering and Overly Patient Supreme Deity” said, “REALLY???…WATCH THIS-!!”……

  3. Tin Foil Hat

    More tin foil all around!!!! Look – a chem trail!!! LOL!!!

    • hahahahaha!! Oh my! How original. Yah don’t support your argument with facts or a mature dialogue.Just jump to name calling. And to say that an actual printout from the New York Stock Exchange is “tin foil hat” proves that either you didn’t bother to read the post or you’re just hopelessly addicted to your little programmed buzzwords. Another possibility-perhaps probability- is that you’re just spamming my site to promote your pathetic looking “Tin Foil Hat Web Design” business. Between your ugly graphics and the inanity of this comment I don’t know how you’ll manage to stay in business. Maybe you should spend less time trashing my business and more time improving your own. Note that I wished you no harm. But I will treat further comments as SPAM/garbage.

      • Nancy Allen

        Thanks for these extremely important connections – especially the Saudi information. Have you seen the document showing that a plane belonging to Steven Paddock ended up being owned by Volant LLC – an intelligence and defense contractor? The FAA site had been scrubbed of this info, but it was still up on
        I would very much appreciate you taking a look at the California fires. Obviously some kind of directed Energy type weapon. One video showed waves of very unusual sparks – hard to extinguish – similar to sparks put off by thermitic reactions.
        Thanks again. Scary times on Planet Earth.

        • Thank you for that really great input!I’m sure others will appreciate it too. I will definitely check all that out. I meant to look into the weather engineering with the hurricanes. Yes these are scary times. It’s an epic battle of good vs evil it seems. We’ve got to keep fighting and praying. Thanks again and God bless:)

Comments appreciated!

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