When did this hygiene-challenged bigmouth become such a sellout?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to check out his political 180!

Then: “Bowling for Columbine”

His push for gun control was wrapped in the narrative of this famous documentary about  the Columbine High School Massacre.  He was aaaaall up in our faces about how bad guns are. Oh-and violence too.


He’s pulling his weight around to call for violence. Maybe even an assassination on our Pres-Elect. His statement to Seth Myers  that “something crazy could happen to stop Trump” sure sounded like a call to action.

His goddess Hillary also hates guns. That is, when they’re in the hands of law abiding American citizens. But she LOVES ’em when there’s personal profit or political agenda involved. Fast and Furious, Arms to ISIS, gunrunning in Libya. WooHoo!

Hey big Mike, what the Hell did special ops plant in that schmutzy baseball cap of yours?

Then: “Canadian Bacon”

Not just a movie about his favorite mouthwash. It was a satire about a US President engineering a fake war with Canada. The sophomoric message drove home the idea that the US has a penchant for picking on other countries, even one as benign as Canada. Propaganda, mass media and mob hysteria were other scorned issues woven into the film.


He’s promoting false flag waving Hillary who pushed unnecessary wars with Libya and Syria. She’s been itching to start a nuclear holocaust with Russia. The leftist government controlled media has been outed for being a PR firm for the government and Hillary’s campaign. Mob hysteria is exactly what he’s trying to elicit through perpetuating propaganda inspired fear and rage.

Dude. You’ve become an unhinged globalist puppet.

Then:  “Roger and Me”

He expressed his arterial clogged heart -felt sympathy for the displaced auto workers in Flint, Michigan.


He could give a methane powered ozone melting crap. You cannot say you care about the working man or displaced auto workers while simultaneously supporting the H-1B hiring, open borders dreaming, TPP profiteering, job outsourcing Queen Hillary. And what about Bill’s hair brained proposal to screw (not in a fun way)  Detroit autoworkers and replace them with Muslim “refugees?”

Man. Lay off the GMO laced cheeseburgers. Your ability to reason has tanked. 

Then: “The Big One”                                     

While on a book tour, he finds factories closing, and corporations shipping jobs overseas. His concern for displaced hard working Americans is expressed through criticizing greedy corporations such as Nike. Then he hated massive layoffs and utilizing other countries’ slave labor.


He’s fighting for Hillary and her globalist agenda.  Apparently financial suffering is bad. But complete annihilation is good.  Again-Hillary’s leftist agenda would have opened our borders, flooding our nation with mass migration, lowered wages, outsourced jobs and increased H-1B migrants. Take the “Magic of Disney”  experience, for example. Laid off workers actually had to  train their foreign replacements.”Fun for all, all for fun” touting Carnival Cruise line had a similar soul crushing party for their employees.

Seriously dude. You must be in the grips of a raging diabetic diatribe.

Then: Farenheight 911

This award winning film bashes election fraud, vote rigging, bias journalism,  the media pushing a war, Bush’s conflicts of interests with the Saudis, and ulterior motives for war.


His sugar addled mind supports all of the above. No need to rehash headlines about the laundry list of election fraud and vote rigging on the dem side. As for bias journalism, mainstream media has been outed as being more than bias. They’ve risen to the level of complicity through promoting  government narrative. It’d be great if they could be held accountable for their crimes against the public, but our propaganda laws were conveniently repealed in 2013. Bush’s conflicts of interests with the Saudis are apparently only outrageous because it was Bush who wears the R badge. But Hillary with a D‘s biggest supporters were the Saudis. Anyway, it’s obvious to most of us by now that the Bushes and the Clintons are on the same side. Ulterior motives for war are likewise whitewashed if it’s from the Hillary camp. Many surmise that she refused to accept Gaddafi’s peace agreement because of the wealth of gold in Libya.

Foreign Policy Journal states,

“Newly disclosed emails show that Libya’s plan to create a gold-backed currency to compete with the euro and dollar was a motive for NATO’s intervention”

Another theory is that she was being vindictive because he had supported Obama instead of her. Either way she thought Gaddafi’s murder was hilarious! She famously  cackled” We came. We saw. He died.”

Michael WTF! Have they got you hooked on baby’s blood too? ‘Cause that can mess with your head.

 Then: “Sicko”

In this film he interviews Americans who have been denied treatment by our health care insurance companies, causing death and bankruptcy.

IMBD states:

 “Moore soundly condemns American health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, as well as the politicians who have been paid millions to do their bidding.”

Now: He’s kissing the puckered rings of the 2 designers of the worst healthcare debacles in our nation’s history. Obamacare and Hillarycare. Ironically he demonizes big pharma, yet Hillary is in their pockets big time. And let’s not forget that Obama had 8 years to show us how “cool” he is by legalizing big pharma’s long suppressed competition-marijuana. And thanks to HC, many young people in underprivileged communities are rotting in prison thanks to her and hubby’s 3 strikes law.  (not that it applies to her. She’s lost 3 times now and still won’t STFU)

Michael. It’s time to take a freakin’ shower. Your cover is blown.

It’s mind boggling that this sanctimonious slob has gone from condemning violence and corruption in all its forms to promoting all the policies that he claimed to hate.

Then  again, comb-hating Bernie  and moneygrubbing  Jill Stein were both guilty of the same mind bending U-turn.


MM had the backs of the average working Joe and was passionate about upholding American values


He hatefully spews an all- you- can- eat buffet of leftist hypocritical rhetoric.

Michael Moore. The latest Hollywood casualty in the series of “Whatever Happened To…”