The White House just released the official portrait of our President and First Lady Melania. Two words. Stun-ning.

The Trump official Christmas portrait ignited the woman-bashing wrath of “Love-Trumps-Hate Liberal Feminists.”

Melania boils their blood because deep down, “Liberals”have to know that a side by side of her and their Michelle goddess is downright humiliating.

Granted, there may be some karma involved.

The Right was brutal in their attacks on the former First Lady.

She was called every name in the book. Her scowling mug and disheveled appearance was an embarrassment to our nation, especially when she traveled abroad, drawing disdain and ridicule from the Right.

With friends like Joan Rivers…

Anti-Globalists suspected that the only reason a woman could be so ugly and masculine is because Michelle is actually a pre-op transgender.

Conspiracy theorists claim that when Joan Rivers outed Obama for being gay and Michelle for being a tranny it was literally the kiss of death. Rivers died a few months later from a routine medical procedure.

Here’s the flashback. After officiating a same-sex wedding the obviously NOT homophobic comedienne blew the covers off the beard couple.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, what are videos worth?

There’s been plenty of pics showing a highly unusual bulge in Michelle’s groin area that give skeptics the silly idea that Michelle is not actually a woman. That, coupled with Barrack calling her “Michael” added fuel to the fire.

But the latest video really raised eyebrows…

Cellphone footage shows her exiting a building and rearranging her flyaway package. This video gets good at about 2:40 as Alex Jones prepares to show the footage that You Tube has censored. The actual footage starts at 7:28…

Someone dubbed proreason commented on the Breitbart article about the White House Christmas portrait. “It feels good to have a woman as the First Lady again.”

Perhaps Michelle’s long road trips during her husband’s campaigns inspired Obama’s greatest achievement as President-allowing the 1% of our population- transgenders- to use whatever bathroom they like, even though it endangers and invades the privacy of the 99%.

Truth bomb-we’re not actually going to stop trashing Michelle.

And it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with her attitude. (BTW-plenty of black conservatives posted videos of her and her bulge. One guy “The Doctor of Common Sense” aka ET Williams, went through a total recap of Michelle’s “free flowing” moves while dancing on Ellen. His channel has since been shut down.

If Michelle had America’s back we would have overlooked her appearance. Michelle was not First Lady of the White House, but First Lady of the New World Order. That’s why we don’t like her. Period.

Initially the people of Arkansas were quite horrified with Hillary’s slovenly commie-hippie look. For the most part America left Hillary’s appearance alone when she was FLOTUS. It was only after we realized that Hillary was a New World Order operative that we went after her pantsuits and before and after make up shots.

Had we known at the time that H.W. Bush was also a NWO President, Americans would have been far more brutal regarding his bug-eyed matronly spouse.

Yet even though most of us have come to grips with the fact that(like father like son) George W. is also a NWO puppet we don’t go after his wife for her appearance. Why? There’s no ammunition there. Laura is pretty. On the outside, anyway. It’s impossible to admire the true beauty of an agent of the Luciferian NWO doctrine.

So it’s kinda silly that the Left wants to keep pretending that Michelle is beautiful. She’s not. We don’t care if someone is black or white. If they hate our red white and blue, they’re ugly. But if it can’t be denied that someone is pretty-like Laura Bush, we’ll find something else to pick on.

Melania is a FLOTUS who helps to MAGA.

Michelle’s Soros-backed trolls are fuming and hating and spewing as Trumpicans kvell over the official White House Christmas portrait and our beautiful FLOTUS.

They’ve got to drown out all the noise noise noise noise!

Fight Michelle’s Grinchy groupie trolls with these truth bombs.

Sometimes you can end up spending too much time in the comments sections. That happened to me this morning on Breitbart. It was surprising to see so many of Michelle’s Grinchy groupie trolls so green with envy. However it wasn’t a total waste of time-some retorts were awesome and will be credited…

Melania is not embraced from the immigrant-loving Left.

Troll: “A green card immigrant who doesn’t work. We needs more like those.”

Truth: hmrhonda said, “You are getting all kinds or immigrants that don’t work–they just don’t have a green card, Meow…?”

Then again, “Liberals” are Russia-phobic, white-phobic, Slovenia-phobic bigots.

Bimbo conniptions

Trolls : They love to imply that Melania is a worthless bimbo who has nothing more important to do than selecting her nail polish shade du jour.

Truth: They neglect to hail any of Michelle’s accomplishments yet we can name two: 1) dividing the country and 2) ruining kids’ lunches.

Whole truth: Hillbots bristle when reminded that Melania speaks 5 languages and has a college degree. Melania initially stated that she had a bachelor’s degree from a college in Slovenia in architecture and design, but a biography later revealed that she hadn’t graduated but “paused” her studies. So they can have fun with that, although most of us feel it pales in comparison to the sketchy records of the Obamas, especially since unlike them, she did clarify it.

Nothin’ but the truth: They cannot deny that she speaks 5 languages.

Truthflash: Successful businesswomen are not bimbos.

Melania had put together a line of jewelry that was highly successful as well as another product line of caviar-based skin care.

She formulated the skin care products over the course of 10 years, designed the packaging and worked hard to promote it.

After all that hard work, her product was caught in the crossfires of a legal squabble between her investor and his investment firm. To recoup damages her investor turned his sights on Melania in order to void her contract. Their battle translated to her product not being ready to ship. As she stated in court records the business failed because “the damage was done.” She sued for $50 million dollars and ultimately settled out of court.

Truthflash:Michelle’s early career-not so pretty.

Tear down those walls…. where you earn a paycheck.

In 2007 LaJunta, Colorado was reeling from the financial devastation of having its pickle plant shut down. The small town lost 153 jobs that paid $11/hour. (Due to stagnant wages, that would still be considered a hefty payday).

Many of those workers were Hispanic. The owner of the pickle plant, Treehouse, Inc., was restructuring to cater to their biggest customer-Walmart.

Ironically, Barrack Obama had derided Walmart’s treatment of employees. Another bit of irony-Michelle was connected to TreeHouse.

The Denver Post reported, “…Michelle, sits on the board at TreeHouse, selling pickles to Wal-Mart. Last year, she received $64,000 in director’s fees, TreeHouse’s latest proxy statement says. She also received more than $37,000 worth of stock options in 2006.”

No patience for poor patients.

One of Michelle’s’ early gigs was a job that terrifying traitor Valerie Jarrett hooked her up with at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Her job was to “make better use of the emergency room” in the predominantly poor black neighborhood. Michelle hand picked patients for admittance who could afford pricier procedures. The less fortunate were kicked to the curb and sent elsewhere.

Yeah. Just gonna say that a caviar based skin line would leave a better taste in our mouths than someone who processed sick and injured patients Nuremburg-style.

Playing the “Mrs Trump’s a trollup” card

“The internet is forever.”

Of course the depraved porn-loving Left find some spare time from constantly looking at sites like https://www.porn-hd.xxx/ to always brings up Melania’s nude photos as a fashion model. Sure, we cringed too. But Melania was a young model who evolved past earning a living in a way that could cause regret.

At the same time we are all eternally grateful that although standing at 5’11”, Michelle was tall enough, but too homely for a similar career path.

It was hard on the Left when it was discovered that Obama’s Mom, Ann Dunham, also modeled in the nude. However, her pics were not as a fashion model, but for porn magazines. They’re still in deep denial that it was her. Maybe they won’t believe it until they see her in a https://www.maturesexmovies.xxx/ film, and even then they’d still try and deny.

And sorry, Snopes, but it was not vintage porn star Marcy Moore.

See the “it was Marcy Moore” claim brutally debunked in “Dems Would Hate It If This Video of Obama Showing His Junk Were Shared…”

The Escort label that won’t leave.

The Left still cites a report from The Daily Mail that implied Melania was an escort by coyly stating that Melania’s early career went beyond “simply modeling, and was more akin to the content you can get more info here about here.

The Left lapped it up and continues to promote those claims even though last April she won her lawsuit-and an apology-from The Daily Mail.

One typical troll made a particularly obscene remark.

(warning: scroll past if you’re easily offended)

Troll: Let’s keep in mind Michelle got a degree from Princeton and a law degree from Harvard while Melania just got her certificate of “I’ll suck your shriveled penis for a green card and millions of dollars”. Guess which one I think sets a better example for my daughter to follow?

That remark was riddled with Leftist urban myths that are easily dismantled and are best left for people to look at this website for their strange fantasies, rather than hurling them at a lady.

Truth: Yeah about Princeton...

Fox contributor Angela McGlowan called out Michelle for neglecting to mention that the likely reason she was accepted into Princeton was due to Affirmative Action and her gig as a law firm associate was because they needed “diversity.”

Odd benefits considering that according to Michelle and her twice-elected husband were compliments of our supposedly “racist” country.

Truth: About that law degree…

The mainstream narrative is that Michelle no longer has her license because she simply let her license expire. Reports that she did so in order to avoid disciplinary action are dismissed as “conspiracy.”

But this one could be filed under “unproven” based solely on common sense. Who would blow through years of personal investment to attain a license to practice law and let it expire?

Michelle claimed that the legal scene was too “corporate” and that she preferred working for good causes. However, renewing the license would only cost $280 a year. And just imagine all the “good” you could do as a licensed attorney rather than a private citizen? Offering pro bono legal services would be a lovely way to show how much you care about the underprivileged, no? Lots of licensed lawyers do that.

Truth: About that Green card…

The troll proved that MSM poisons minds knowing that Hillbots never read and/or believe corrections-even from their own outlets. CNN reported that again, the Trumps had to spend a lot of time and money to defend themselves from fake news.

CNN reported,

“I am pleased to enclose a letter from my immigration attorney which states that, with 100% certainty, I correctly went through the legal process when arriving in the USA,” Trump wrote in a post on Twitter, with a photo of the attorney’s letter attached.”

[Her attorney stated] “It has been suggested by various media outlets that in 1995, Mrs. Trump illegally worked as a model in the United States while on a visitor visa. Following a review of her relevant immigration paperwork, I can unequivocally state that these allegations are not supported by the record, and are therefore completely without merit.”

Truth: Yeah-about that great example for your daughter…

I hit back: “So like Michelle, your idea of a good example for your daughter is to surround her with vulgar rappers and singing porn stars that pop culture has labeled “vocalists?”

Or who would allow her daughter to intern on a graphic hard porn show that promotes S&M, threesomes and anal sex? A show that was directed by a self confessed incestuous child molester?

Your Leftist urban myth about Melania’s green card has been debunked. Melania made some bad choices when she was young but has evolved and became a wonderful Mom and the best FLOTUS ever.

As for good examples, you will not see Melania race-baiting or looking at our damn flag-as Michelle put it-with contempt and hatred.”

Commenter Chipsie busted the troll’s hypocrisy,

“Guess what we think of someone who refers to his daughter in the same post that he/she construed with an obscene image?
With a mind like that I pray you’re not a father, and if you are, then you are the one who needs to set a better example.”

Thumbs up Chipsie.

The Left brings new meaning to the term “bitter clingers.”

This is more about President Trump, but IMO it relates.

Troll: Called our President a “fat schlub.”

Truth: He may be overweight but I guarantee he won’t struggle with 3 pound girlie weights like your precious Obama.

Seems that Chipsie was on a roll…

Chipsie: “As a troll, you’d have said the same of Winston Churchill, no doubt, one of the greatest leaders in human history. Hitler probably looked nice and trim however when going to swim.
You liberals are all about the exterior in all things: skin color, zip code, gender, etc.

Isn’t the “left” motto “Love Trumps Hate”? It’s amazing how bitter you all are. I had to put up with Barry for 8 years. I didn’t need a safe space or a teddy bear to cuddle for emotional support either. Sad lot you are.”

A double thumbs up for Chipsie.

Moms’ lives don’t matter.

Of course the Left will attack Melania as they do any other woman, who chooses to put her child above personal ambitions.

Melania has been very involved in their son Barron’s upbringing and guards him fiercely. Ignoring vicious rumors, she ensured that his life would remain centered and stable. After Hillary’s crushing defeat, she kept him in his own school in New York before heading off to join President Trump in the White House.

She fought back against child abusing cyber-bully Rosie O’Donnell who pointed to a You Tube video that begged the question “Is Barron Trump Autistic?”

Melania filed a suit against You Tuber James Hunter who freaked out, apologized and took it down.

The Satanic publication Teen Vogue that promotes the transgender agenda and teaches minors how to have anal sex relished “Liberal” backlash to the Christmas portrait. They wanted to know where Barron was. Why was he missing? How ’bout to protect him from “Liberals,” such as the ones Teen Vogue felt were quote-worthy who would surely find something to bully him about.

Yes the Left is indeed bitter as they cling to fake news.

They pray to their god Lucifer that an exposed, corrupted FBI will still be able to overturn the results of the election through the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax.

They pray to their Lord of Darkness that the Pink Hat Coup will not be dissolved due to double standards , zero legal precedent and Lisa Bloom being busted for bribing wannabe accusers with Democrat donor mega-bucks.

Sadly the Left bitterly clings to MSM-programmed nonsense. They’re so hopelessly addicted to outrage and hate that their hearts are two hundred times too small (metaphor adjusted for inflation)

In fairness we’ve all been a bit Grinchy toward each other.

But it’s only because we want America to survive the takeover of a One Global government. If the exploited idiot army of “Liberals” would lay off the MSM Holiday punch their bitter love-starved hearts could plump up three hundred times bigger.

We could join hands in song. Enjoy the holidays together. We could celebrate the record breaking stock market, the lower unemployment that also benefits minorities and the ongoing defeat of ISIS.

Just hope we can ditch that dah-hoo-doray chorus for something less bizarre. Sorry.

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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