Sweden is rapidly becoming a cash free society as they’ve rolled out their Satanic welcome mat for the “Mark of the Beast.” 

Thousands of Swedish citizens sold their soul for the price of convenience when they clamored to implant themselves with microchips, which many people view as the “Mark of the Beast.” 

According to the New York Times, about half the nation’s retailers predict they will stop accepting bills at some point before 2025. 

Cash transactions have become increasingly rare in the country.

All a good zombie Swede has to do is flash their handy Hellhand and här är!  Commute, dine out, shop, park your car or even take a whizz at a public pay toilet!

How cool is that? 

Could Sweden be any more suicidal?

Those who don’t depend on censored news have been watching in horror as the Powers That Be are destroying Sweden’s culture and their citizens’ safety by welcoming EU-mandated hoards of Radical Islamist invaders.

Precious, innocent Swedish children are under assault as they fall prey to the country’s transgender agenda. 

Are Swedes proud that they’re also Satan’s launchpad for the Mark of the Beast?

What happened to common sense?

Even if Swedes don’t believe in Biblical prophesy, or that this is indeed what’s meant by the Mark of the Beast, what are they thinking? 

Why are they so willing to hand their lives over to the unseen forces that control their data, their finances and their whereabouts? Is that what they want for their children? Have they never heard of hacking? 

Globalist forces on the Left are attacking other sovereign nations in the same ways: psycho-sexually abusing children through the transgender agenda, overthrowing their countries through weaponized migration and seducing consumers with the microchip sales pitch.

Why is it that “Liberals” in all countries decry any leader who goes up against the Globalists as “dictators,” yet fight on behalf of the most evil, tyrannical entities that seek to rule the earth?  

Is Sweden the canary in Satan’s coal mine?

Will we allow ourselves to accept the Mark of the Beast? Or did we already start decades ago through other means? 

If society becomes cashless and there’s no other way to buy food and pay for life’s basic necessities, will we not be forced to accept it or die? Will those who believe it is the Mark of the Beast choose an earthly life or an Eternal one? 

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