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MK Mind Control Pt 2: Where the H*ll is Lt. Col. Michael Aquino?

Michael Aquino is a highly decorated U.S. Army officer. He is also a PSYOP Master. And a devout Satanist. 

Since the Presidio Scandal broke in the 80’s, Michael Aquino slithered back into the Hellhole of obscurity.

Or did he? Within the last couple of years, Google searches on Aquino have dried up considerably.  Coincidence?

There are, however, an abundance of posts about Aquino from fringe sources that most of us would consider too out there to waste our time on.

One fringe article painted Hillary Clinton as someone who was able to rise to power after she was fired from the Watergate Commission because she stole a little black book from DNC Headquarters that contained the names of high level pedophiles. Yet another fringe publication (not satire) painted her as a misunderstood savior-devoted to busting Satanic influences within our government. 

So finding credible sources is difficult, while finding loony sources is easy. Coincidence? 

 The face of the “Liberal” mob-mass hysteria and violence.

Are “Liberals” under a toxic mind-spell of Obama-legalized propaganda and charismatic “leaders” who openly incite violence and anarchy? Or is it more sinister than that?

Could “Liberals” be victims of MK Mind Control? 

Are MK Mind Control and demonic possession 2 separate issues?

It seems impossible to delve into the issue of MK Mind Control without uncovering pervasive links to Satanism. 

The implanted mind, body and soul virus 

The virus of Satanic influence has been running its course for decades, but it has reached a feverish pitch.

Symptoms are busting through the surface in festering, oozing, blistering  pockets of radical “Liberals” across this country and other sovereign nations.

Triggered and egged on by their Luciferian leaders, symptoms include an inability to reason, control violent impulses or base emotions and to craft meaningful sentences without dissolving into profanity.

The Left’s “Leaders” justify and encourage open aggression and acts of terrorism while accusing President Trump and Kanye West of being insane. 

Satanic influence operates in plain sight:

•Atheism is considered “intelligent.”

•After school Satan Clubs are gaining ground.

•Witchcraft, “Wicca,” and paganism has been normalized and considered trendy for years. Modern Witches have been casting hexes on President Trump and are planning a public hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Proceeds will feed their source for child sacrifice-Planned Parenthood. 

•Baroness Phillippine W.P Rothschild sports Baphomet jewelry.

•The EU’s Strasbourg Parliament building is modeled after the Tower of Babel, which according to the Bible was built to defy God.  The Tower of Babel is also linked to Babylon, known for wealth, corruption and idolatry.

•Chelsea Clinton wears an inverted cross.

•Chelsea Clinton’s Mommy Hillary used to attend  a “Witch’s Church,” according to Larry Nichols, a former green beret and Clinton hit-man. In her 512 page meltdown/markdown book “What Happened,” she confessed her fantasy of making Voodoo dolls of lawmakers and reporters. And sticking them with pins.

•DC Gatekeeper Sally Quinn was married to Ben Bradlee, Executive Editor and Vice President  of the Washington Post. She openly confessed  in her memoir “Finding Magic” to being a lifelong practitioner of the Dark Arts. She believes her sorcery was so powerful that she killed people with hexes.

•Replicas of the Arch of Baal have been erected in major cities. Baal is synonymous with Moloch and Satan. The Baal cult is synonymous with child sacrifice, child abuse, and wild perversity. 

•Detroit and Little Rock, Arkansas have erected statues of Baphomet.

•Scientists performed a “prank” Satanic ritual involving mock human sacrifice at CERN, home of “the God Particle.”

•EU elites were entertained by an eerie Satanic ritual when the Gotthard Tunnel was officially unveiled. 

•For decades the Powers That Be have met in Bohemian Grove, enjoying a homoerotic, orgiastic romp in the California woods. The world’s power players hail the giant owl statue called “Care” and offer the massive owl idol (“mock?”) human sacrifices. 

•”Musicians” such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce captivate young audiences with Satanic dress, props and sexually graphic antics.

•Contemporary “Art” involves imagery designed to downgrade society. “Piss Christ” and images created with feces, vomit, and sperm are hailed by “art critics.” Most notorious is Marina Abromovic who is adored by celebrities and high powered politicians such as the Podestas. Her “art,” as you recall involves mock human sacrifice and Satanic rituals. She creates her “art” with blood, sperm and images of child sacrifice. She said when it’s done in public it’s art, but when done in private(such as the dinner that the Podestas were invited to) it’s the real deal. And speaking of vile, Satanic art, the Podestas collect highly disturbing “art” that portrays cannibalism and reeks of child molestation and murder. 

The war on the weak

Our School Swamps psycho-sexually abuse children through promoting the transgender agenda to students as young as kindergarten age. Libraries have given the agenda a boost by offering “Drag Queen reading hours to young children. 

“Sex Ed” has become increasingly more graphic and inappropriate, essentially grooming children for pedophilia and encouraging self destructive behavior. 

Children and mentally vulnerable adults are being convinced that they may have been born with the wrong set of genitals and that they ought to mutilate their bodies (and their futures) surgically to mimic the gender they should have had.  Their minds are further confused by the idea that there are over 58 genders, even though (aside from wannabe sexless alien boy) surgery only offers the 2 options. God and His will for us is reviled. Coincidence? 

Does all this point to evil forces run amok in this world or could it be a massive military PSYOP pointing back to U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino?

Do Aquino’s many talents as a military PSYOP master, mind control expert and a Satanic Priest explain why he was on the Army’s payroll?


U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino was a Satanic force in our military from 1968-1990. His specialty is psychological warfare. “Mindwars” is one of the books he’s written. He and his wife Lilith (yes, Lilith, as in the female demon who steals babies in the darkness)  are open about their Satan worship and have appeared on Oprah  and Geraldo.

Once an official of Anton LeVey’s Church of Satan, he became disgruntled and went out on his own. He founded the Temple of Set and was responsible for getting Satanism accepted in the military as a valid religious option.

His intelligence and accomplishments are astounding.

Aside from his “accomplishments” in the Satanic order, he’s made quite a mark in the  mainstream world as well. He’s a highly decorated officer and was a Green Beret. He’s earned multiple degrees,including a doctorate in Political Science. He attended many government schools as well. Aquino has been an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University and has authored at least 14 books.

For a full list of his accomplishments, see “Sources” below.

Michael Aquino has all the hallmarks of the smooth talking serpent.

Using his intellect as bait, he pitches the notion that Satan worship is both noble and intelligent. That anything other than that is quaint, ignorant or misunderstood.

Much like Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca, he paints a rosy picture that Satanism is nothing more than a way to be at one with nature.  He validates it historically by tracing its roots to ancient Egypt.

It’s easy to see how his crafty tongue, his impressive accomplishments and his imposing appearance could lure in vulnerable college students or enlisted men. Or not-so-vulnerable enlisted men who were trained to be psychotic killers and/or torturers. Aquino wasn’t an expert in psychological warfare for nothing.

And no one is better at psychological warfare than Aquino’s Master, Satan.


  • Satanism is practiced within our military.
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is a tool used by our military.
  • Michael Aquino is a decorated army officer and a Satan worshiper
Ties, patterns and suspicions.

Headsup-everything from this point forward in this post is backed up by what most would term as “credible resources.” If none are available there is transparency. Sources are listed at the bottom of the post.

The only doubt that may linger (for those who want doubt to prevail) is the Presidio scandal-only because Aquino wasn’t charged. He was however, discharged from the army because of it.

Phoenix Program

It may be hard to tie Aquino directly to the Phoenix Program because it is still mired in secrecy. Currently the only information about the Phoenix Program is available through books that offer firsthand accounts of men who served in Vietnam.

The CIA website acknowledges the existence of the program. However the CIA debunks theories about the darker side of their operation by referring to it as “arguably the most misunderstood  and controversial program undertaken by the governments of the United States.”

The Phoenix Program involved assassinations, mass murder and horrific torture.  It targeted the civilian population in Vietnam rather than the military forces. The program also involved PSYOP (Psychological Operations- Aquino’s specialty) utilizing propaganda, terrorism and playing on the superstitions of civilians, such as the locals’ belief in vampires.

The explains,

“The forms of torture used to extract information during interrogation at PICs included rape, gang rape, rape using snakes, eels and other hard objects, rape followed by murder.

Some reports revealed that the interrogation process also featured the use of electric shocks (“the Bell Telephone Hour”) which was rendered by attaching military field telephone wires to the genitals and other sensitive organs of the body.”

Michael Aquino was stationed in Vietnam.  According to his own published BIO he was assigned to the 6th PSYOP Battalion, 4th Group, Vietnam.

At this point there is no way to know  exactly what Aquino’s  involvement was in the Phoenix Program.  However, the timing, location and nature of his Tour of Duty and are links that must be mentioned, especially given his mastery of PSYOP.

Military Mind Control Operations involving sexual abuse.

Lincoln Park

As reported previously in IMOwired, it was discovered that Lincoln Park in Canada was a military base engaging in cooperative efforts through Canada and the US CIA to experiment on abducted children using  MKULTRA mind control. The purpose was to develop “super spies and assassins.”

It is being repeated here because the sources were easily validated and it lays the groundwork for some other scandals that will follow because it proves that these evil military programs do exist.

MKULTRA was a  CIA program that ran from 1953 to 1973. This is a fact.

Documentation can even be accessed on the CIA website. I’m too paranoid to offer a link. Copy & Paste

A common technique in the MKULTRA mind control program is the sexual abuse and torture of children.  

The concept of utilizing sexual abuse and the torture of children is that the abuse forces their young minds to splinter into multiple personalities (like in the movie Sybil) The personalities become distinctly compartmentalized and can be easily accessed, triggered and  manipulated through the victim’s handler. Thus,  creating the perfect spy or assassin.

Is it a coincidence that Democrat “leaders,” such as politicians, celebrities and “comedians” have been calling for the assassinatin of President Trump,other members of his Administration, and members of Congress? And that they’ve even gone so far as to encourage the kidnapping and beheading of President Trump’s young son Barron? 

Back to Lincoln Park-children there were  sexually abused. Many were put to death due to unsustainable injuries.

The Child Abuse Recovery website explains.

“Children in the mind control program at the Canadian base known as  Lincoln Park in Calgary Alberta, were allegedly victimized by a former Nazi SS doctor. According to a survivor, the Nazi mind control expert and three Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult members were working undercover as Canadian military personnel.”

The government would have to call in Satanic specialists to be able to harm vulnerable children in such evil ways. What does that say about our government? Or rather, the Deep State that has controlled our government until the 2016 election?

More tools in the MK Ultra toolbox

In addition to Satanic Ritual Abuse used to program assassins, MK Ultra used hypnosis and drugs.

Techniques used in hypnosis are easily spotted in the media, owned by the same 6 large corporations. Many videos have spliced together news anchors repetitively spitting out identical phrases and talking points at roughly the same times when reporting the same events. Coincidence? 

It has been proven that the passive, yet focused  state of viewing television coupled with the “flicker effect” of the screen triggers the brain from a beta to an alpha state, making the mind more receptive to subconscious programming. 

In 1969 Herbert  E. Krugman monitored brainwaves in subjects to study the effects of television advertising. He discovered that television can alter the brain waves in less than one minute. Yet there are not an abundance of sources that are considered “credible” on this issue.

The Powers That Be aim to “protect us” from viewing political memes, and yet they’ve done nothing to protect us from this. Coincidence?  

Has the widespread use of anti-depressants and drugs given to “unruly”children also had an impact? Why is it that with all the restrictions in place on approving new drugs, prescribed medications that alter brain function-often permanently-get the green light? They are then prescribed like candy, and only after years of studies of tragic consequences are taken off the market.

Is there a link between the Democrats’ call for Open Borders and rampant drug trafficking? Are drug-addled minds easier to manipulate? Nothing makes a better Democrat than a citizen whose life has been so derailed through drug abuse that they become hopelessly dependent on the baited hook of government programs.    

Project Monarch, Cathy O’Brien, Michael Aquino…and many more

Project Monarch was another mind control program. It differs from MK Ultra in that it exploited children who had been abused through incest. The more multi generational the incest, the better the candidate for recruitment in the program.

Michael Aquino has been linked to Project Monarch by the first hand account of victim and government whistle blower Cathy O’Brien.

Cathy O’Brien testified before the US Senate.

Rosanne Barr, actress, patriot and activist posted on her website,

“On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th US Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA’s TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK-Ultra.”

Cathy O’Brien was rescued from Project Monarch by Mark Phillips, who was an Intelligence insider for the government. The two have joined forces to expose this vile program. O’Brien testified about her experiences as a  Project Monarch victim.  Among her claims was that she was molested by Hillary Clinton. Why didn’t Hillary Clinton fight back against those charges? 

O’Brien and Phillips have tried to get the records released, but they’re all sealed in the interest of National Security. 

A blog , The Event Chronicle explains her link to Michael Aquino

“According to sworn testimony given before a US Senate in later years, MKULTRA mind-control victim Cathy O’Brien claimed that she was programmed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, in 1980 by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino of the US Army. She stated that Aquino used barbaric trauma techniques on both her daughter Kelly and herself that involved NASA technology.

 Cathy O’Brien claimed that she was a ‘presidential model’ Monarch sex slave, meaning that she was specially programmed to cater to the sexual perversions of the highest-ranking politicians in the USA.

She stated that during her time as a sex slave (which started as a child), she serviced a number of well-known politicians, including both Bill and Hilary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, George H.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Governors Lamar Alexander and Richard Thornburgh, Bill Bennett, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Robert Byrd (who she says was her handler) and Arlen Spector.”

The final bombshell from that post….

“O’Brien eventually gave testimony before the US Senate regarding the events she was forced to go through, and although she named her perpetrators, not one of them dared to challenge her or accuse her of slander.”

Why is it that with all the “outrage” about Kavanaugh and that women must be believed with no evidence that “Liberals” are mute about believing Cathy O’Brien? She was believed enough to be invited to testify before Congress. Why would they consider her to be part of the “tin foil hat, conspiracy theorist”  brigade? Why has Demstream media buried this story? 

*The Presidio Scandal took Aquino down

In the late 1980’s there was a rash of incidents in the Day Care Centers of Army Naval bases. They included Fort Dix in New Jersey and the US Military Academy, West Point. The one that involved Michael Aquino was at Presidio.

Aquino was implicated as a little girl exposed him (Mikey) and his wife (Shamby) as her abusers. In addition, parts of the army base where abuse was said to have occurred had all the earmarks of Satanic abuse. Walls were painted black. Painted on the front wall was a pentagram. Another wall had “Prince of Darkness” and “DIE” painted in red. Other walls had Satanic drawings and the numerals 666. In the center of the concrete floor were remnants of logs and burnt wood. There was also an altar with burnt out candles.

The Presidio  Army Base scandal involved the alleged abuse of as many as 60 children. Some children were found to have venereal disease. What links the testimony of the children to common testimony of children who have been victims of SRA are the following claims:

  • Being taken off site without parental permission.
  • Interaction with abusers that involves urine and feces as well as being forced to eat feces.

Ultimately only one man, Gary Willard Hambright, was charged. However, the army discharged Aquino.

Naturally Aquino portrayed himself as the victim of a witch  hunt simply because he’s a Satanist. He wrote a book ridiculing the Satanic Panic and denying any part of the abuse that occurred at Presidio. His book  is entitled  “Extreme Prejudice: The Presidio “Satanic Abuse” Scam.”

Johnny Gosch links to Aquino

Johnny Gosch was the first missing child to be featured on a milk carton.

The Event Chronicles explains,

“1982 “Twelve-year-old Johnny Gosch was abducted…in West Des Moines, Iowa, while doing his early-morning paper route, never to be seen again.

Years later, during an interview with private investigator Ted Gunderson, child abductee and sex slave victim Paul Bonacci revealed that, as a child, he was directly involved in Gosch’s abduction, having acted as a lure to draw Gosch into the hands of his pedophile abductors.

According to Bonacci, the abduction was ordered by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, who later picked Gosch up at a farmhouse he was being held at and delivered him to a buyer in Colorado. For years, both boys were used for the pedophiliac pleasures of high-ranking government officials.”

Bonacci’s story was discredited by FBI and local police.  However, his credibility  as a sex slave survivor was eventually validated by an Omaha judge in another high profile elite pedo-ring case known as the “Franklin Cover Up.” The judge awarded Bonacci one million dollars that he will likely never collect.

Johnny’s Mother, Noreen Gosch, filed a FOIA request asking for a document written by Aquino about his mind control techniques entitled “From Psyops to Mind War, the Success of Victory.”  The  NSA turned her request down, stating that it would be a risk to national security. Oddly enough, an old girlfriend of Aquino’s, Linda Blood, caught wind of her request and mailed her a copy.

(note-it has been said that Aquino currently works with the NSA but I am not able to find any credible source to back that up)

The document she requested detailed the process of mind controlling techniques. Noreen describes Aquino’s procurement of  victims for Project Monarch,

“Yes, the mind control techniques were to be used on Americans, most all of it was of military purposes… they experimented on prisoners, service men, and branched out to runaway children, then finally kidnapping children for this purpose.”

The “Satanic Panic”

The phrase “Satanic Panic,” was much like the CIA phrase “conspiracy  theory,” in that it was both brilliant and effective.

These phrases shut down anyone who finds information and/or connections troubling. Once upon a time that was the media’s role. But now the media is complicit in suppressing  stories about child abductions, elite pedo-rings and Satanic abuse.

MSM will cover child abductions when they’re linked to some meth-head trailor trash garden variety perv who may or may not be a relative. But child abductions and abuse linked to the political elite, such as Pizzagate, are off limits.

They push the narrative that elite pedo rings are an urban myth, In spite of ample historical evidence to back up these incidents. Examples include:

  • The Catholic Church
  • Jimmy Savile (UK)
  • The Elm Guest House scandal (UK)
  • The Franklin cover up
  • Boy’s Town abuses
  • ‘Mr. Bubbles” case involving Australian PMs
  • Dennis Hastert-House Speaker and serial child molester-arrested
  • Haitian child sex trafficking-Clinton ties

What also points to the media as being complicit is that when massive busts of pedophile rings are discovered, they often involve the rescue of missing children. But where was the media when they all went missing?

At one time the media was quite open about the epidemic. When the missing kids on milk cartons program was rolled out, the New York Times reported in 1985, “With so many children missing, the milk-carton program could continue for years.”

The San Jose Mercury News ran an article on July 24,1988 by Linda Goldston entitled, “Army of the Night” that detailed the abuse at Presidio.

The Ukaih Daily Journal  ran and article in October of 2015 entitled “looking back at 30 years of lies.” That very same newspaper ran  many  stories of satanic ritual abuse in the 80’s. The list is endless, no doubt.

CBS was perfectly willing to call attention to rampant child abuse with a 1989 fictional drama called “Do You Know the Muffin Man?” The movie was in response to current scandals such as the Presidio and McMarton Preschool. The movie told the story of typical ritualized child abuse that would occur at a typical Day care center. Aquino felt the drama hit too close to home. He wrote CBS  a scathing letter that can be viewed here…

Another problem with the media’s silence on this issue is that when abductions and child molestation cases disappeared from the headlines  it was generally assumed by the public that the problem was behind us, when in fact, it has grown to a sickening, out of control epidemic.

Side note~The public may have  also been lulled into a false sense of security withAmber Alerts that sound the alarm when children go missing. Laura Silsby, was caught red handed and arrested for kidnapping children in Haiti. Hillary Clinton bailed her out. Silsby has since changed her name to Laura Galyer and works for AlertSense, a company that provides technology to Amber Alert. Coincidence?

The Max Spiers Murder.

Max Spiers was a 39 year old father of two and a British investigative journalist aka “conspiracy theorist.”  He  was  in Poland Investigating some “dark things,” according to friends. The dark things he was investigating involved Michael Aquino’s possible ties to the  Presidio Scandal.

His Mother said that 2 days before he died, he  told her, “Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.”

Two days later he died after vomiting a “black liquid.”

Without performing an autopsy officials found that he died of natural causes.

His Mother pointed out that his laptop had been wiped clean.

The Daily Mail UK reported,

“[Max Spiers] “was conducting an investigation into alleged pedophilia that took place in a US Army-run facility in San Francisco nearly 30 years ago. …

Spiers was inquiring about allegations of widespread sexual abuse against children that was committed at a military base in California by employees acting under the influence of a satanic cult.

In 1987, the US Army demolished a child care center at its Presidio base in Northern California just one year after as many as 60 children were sexually abused there, according to the Associated Press. …

One US Army officer at the base, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, was alleged to have taken part in the abuse, according to The San Jose Mercury News.

Aquino was known as the self-confessed founder of a Satanic movement known as The Temple of Set….

Spiers was looking into the Presidio affair and Aquino’s role, which he believed to be part of a larger underground movement that entailed ritual sexual abuse of children in San Francisco in the late 1980s, according to the UK Daily Express

Shortly before his death, Spiers told Polish YouTube channel PorozmawiajmyTV that he was digging into the story and that his life may be in danger as a result.”

Once upon a time the FBI and our media investigated murders-especially murders that had common ties. Now their top concern is to shut down public interest, theories and “debunk” without investigating. 

The Satanic Monument makes perfect sense.

Americans were shocked when a Satanic monument was erected in a Veterans Park in Minnesota. However, the use of Satanic forces in our military and military ops is nothing new.

At the same time that terms such as Satanic Panicconspiracy theory and fake news has shut down concerned citizens, practitioners shove their Satanic worship in our face-mocking us, daring us, operating in plain sight.

We are not only engaged in the epic money and power grab that is Globalism vs. Sovereign nations. We’re embroiled in the war of Good vs Evil.

It’s ironic that the best quote to sum this up is from The Usual Suspects…

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

The world is waking up to the evil forces that are seeking control of the United States and other sovereign nations.

We’re bombarded with images of deranged “Liberals” and their “leaders” who call them to violence. We see but don’t quite believe. 

The issue of military sponsored Mind Control is strongly tied to the Luciferian elite who seek world domination through a One World Government. It is also interconnected with Satanic Ritual Abuse, rampant child sex trafficking and pornography that’s child pornography I’m referring to not adult pornography like because adult porn is legal in the USA and many other countries throughout the world.

It has been pointed out that abortion-now cheered by the lovely women on the Left-is a form of Satanic child sacrifice. It would make sense, since rather than birth control, abortion is what the Left promotes. Even High Priestess Hillary stood before the world and firmly asserted that a child who was just days from birth could be killed on demand. That Caesarians are performed routinely during the same time period to welcome newborns into the world is lost on those who champion infanticide. How did we get to this point? 

There used to be a seemingly infinite amount of Google images of high powered individuals such as Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton oozing pure evil. Now those too, have all but dried up. Coincidence? 

So where is Michael Aquino now?

As mentioned before-thanks to Globalist Google-it is almost impossible to find out any information regarding his current whereabouts. 

Fringe radio host Michael Decon recently did an on-air interview with Aquino where he pitched his book  “MindWar” and used the platform to wow his groupies. 

Even if Aquino has retreated from military service and his minding his own (literally) damned business, that doesn’t mean that the toxic fruits of his labor are not being felt today.

What is truly chilling-and must be remembered- is that Michael Aquino did not work alone. He was hired help. Who were the Military Mind Masters who tapped Aquino to run these programs?

Are these mind control programs now operating in plain sight?

Is it possible that missing children and the problem of rampant child sex trafficking are linked to these types of programs?

Even so, that would not explain how “Liberals,” who were not physically kidnapped, seem to be infected with this devastating mind-grip.

Could it be that our society has become infested with the mind control techniques utilized in Linkin Park and other programs?

Is demonic possession a tech virus? 

Has propaganda, programming through repetitious buzzwords, college indoctrination, psycho-sexual abuse in our schools, the degradation of our pop culture, the dismantling of our laws, the trend to reject God and embrace atheism, and Democrats’ calls for violence fried “Liberals” brains to mush? 

Has encouraging deviant behavior and cheering the murder of the pre-born and the about-to-be-born opened a gaping demonic portal in our world? 

To get the hairs standing on the back of your neck, read about how the suicides of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell may be linked to these mind control programs. (links below) 

Did decorated US Army Officer Michael Aquino ever disappear? Is he still active? Or are we suffering from the fruit of his Satanic PSYOP labor?

Did you know about Michael Aquino? Do you have more info to add?  Comment below so your input won’t be lost in the facebook feed.

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  2. Comments lost during transfer on 11/23//18 GoldBucket wrote,”I know about Michael A. My mother was trying to become part of his cult in SF in the 80’s. I’m happy to talk but would need to do it anonymously because I don’t want that f-er to come after me.” For the record I replied and offered to relay the story anonymously but understandably-never heard back.

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  4. Reilly G

    My wife was a victim of Aquino and a satanic cult from 94 to 97 at a preschool in Richardson TX. Continuing to build the case but have run into several obstacles.

    • Very interesting! I’m so sorry she went through that. Praying that you will have success in building your case against these monsters.

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