Montana has wisely decided not to submit to Sharia Law.

12 other states also do not wish to be overthrown by a foreign entity.

As reported in US News and  World Report,

The Montana Legislature was poised to pass a measure to ban Shariah and other foreign laws from being used in courtrooms after it passed a key vote in the state House on Monday.

Lawmakers endorsed the measure 56-44 after a floor debate, and it must pass a final, procedural vote before it is sent to Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock…”

Montana is one of 13 states, including Idaho, considering legislation this year that would prohibit the use of foreign law in state courts. Nine states already have similar laws, according to the National Conference on State Legislatures.

Montana’s bill, like most of the others, does not single out Shariah law, which is used in some parts of the Islamic world, though it has been the focus of nearly everyone who testified about it.

Not surprisingly Leftist critics were quick to cry xenophobiaaaa!

But why would any state in the USA want to implement foreign laws in our courts? Especially laws that absolutely are forbidden in our constitution and by all standards of common decency.

Sharia Law dictates involve child marriage, honor killing, murdering homosexuals, beheading infidels and a host of other barbaric practices. Most of them well outside the 10 commandments, BTW.

This is America. Our courts uphold American law. Pure and simple.

The Muslims are free to practice their own law in their community, no?

The Orthodox Jewish community has its own court system, the Beit Din. It is Jewish tradition to acclimate to the host country as well as to be beholden to its laws. But there are some instances where Jews would prefer to use the Beit Din, since it’s frowned upon to sue another Jew in court. There are also other reasons that fall outside our court’s jurisdiction.

So, it stands to reason that  if the Muslims have religion-sensitive  issues they can take them up with the Sharia Council.

Again, Jews follow the host country’s laws.  But many Muslims adhere not to an Islam that is peaceful, but a hijacked politicized Islam. They believe that Sharia Law supercedes our  constitution. The Sharia Law of radicals justifies practices such as polygamy, child rape, wife beating, female genital mutilation and murder.

So that’s where it gets a bit dicey.

Very important to note…

Many Muslims feel that  Radical Islam has hijacked their religion. They too, are afraid of Sharia Law. They too, need America to be America.

America has a little thing called “division of church and state.”

What if the Orthodox Jews wanted to impose their 631 Mitzvot on Americans?

OY! How the feminazis and “liberals” would cry foul! Not just because they hate Jews, but because they’d think it was just so not cool.  All that exhibitionism would have to go. They’d have to cover up. ditch the tatts, the piercings, the vulgar slogans on their Tees. They’d have to go to the Mikveh every Friday night, drop the texting on Shabbat. And say goodbye to pork shrimp, and lobster. The list goes on and on.

What if the Big Bad Russians demanded their laws in our court? Most of us sure as Hell have no clue what Russian laws are, but considering the baseless and insanely racist, xenophobic animosity the Left has towards Russia, they would not approve.

Perhaps we should institute Singapore’s laws.Nothing like a good public caning.

The Amish aren’t even foreigners. But what if they demanded that climate believers  ditch their fatass SUV  in favor of a horse and buggy?

OK the point has been officially belabored.

Those are all benign compared to the fave of the Left,  Sharia Law.

But what’s more absurd is that we even debate the idea.

Lefties you’re going to have to fess up. Either you really are that stupid, or you really are a Globalist who is Hell bent on destroying this country. One or the other.

Do you think we ought to follow the lead of these 13 states and keep foreign laws out of our courts? Comment Below!