Jack Burkman of zero fame just inspired Mueller to exploit Seth Rich to keep the Russia conspiracy alive.

The NSA just killed the entire Russia/Trump collusion hoax. There was NO Russian hack. It was a local download. A leak. An inside job. The Left has got to be freaking out. Their Russian/Trump Collusion Hoax is crashing and burning to Hell from whence it came. Now Jack Burkman appears just in time to coax  Mueller to exploit Seth Rich in order to keep the Russia/Trump  Conspiracy alive and well.

If the Dems thought that Burkman’s report held water they would have scooped it up last March. Fox5 reported that Jack Burkman  Said that the “murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich is linked to Russian operatives.”

But the flimsy University report may be all they have left.

Who the Hell is Jack Burkman?

Jack Burkman is a Republican lobbyist who led the charge of some George Washington University students who published a  report called “The Profiling Project.” They  analyzed Seth Rich’s murder. The press took the ball and ran with it, which is a red flag. However, the “Profiling Project” fizzled. But Jack’s back.

See “BS ALert! Media loves “Profiling Project” Report About Seth Rich”

One more thing-according to The Publicity Agency he is “a leader and organizer of the anti-Trump movement.” He’s also a DC insider. He’s founder and president of JM Burkman & Associates, LLC  (the #1 lobbying firm in DC).

Unnamed sources and a friend of a friend of a friend told me…

Newsweek reported,

“Burkman says that in January, a former U.S. intelligence agent who’d worked in the Middle East “heard from credible sources” that Rich, who was working on voter outreach for the DNC, discovered evidence of Russian hacking.”

Or as it’s also known in the real world-baseless gossip. 

“Burkman also says that about a month ago, a source at the DNC told him…

Doesn’t anyone have a name anymore?

“…that in the early summer of 2016, Rich met with Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Kremlin-affiliated lawyer* whom Donald Trump Jr. hosted at Trump Tower on June 9 of that year.”

Oops! They forgot  to mention that while Natalia Veselnitskaya was affiliated with the Kremlin, she was also affiliated with the Democrats and Fusion GPS-the company that Dems paid for fake intel on Trump. Oh-and that she  was likely put in place to set Don Jr. up!

“Burkman believes that Rich angrily “presented her with a lot of emails” that were subsequently published by WikiLeaks on July 22, just days before Rich was murdered.”

Oh well. As long as this guy said it and it supports the  ongoing attempted coup… 

“We have other leads,” Burkman tells Newsweek, declining to elaborate. He is, however, “fairly certain there’s a Russia connection.”

Of course he does. Of course he doesn’t. Of course he does.

“He could say little more than that…”

That’s all he needed to say. Gotta go make up some more stuff now. Bye.

“..not even if Rich—depicted by some as a disenchanted Sanders supporter upset by the DNC’s staunch pro-Clinton stance—

Yeah that must be a it-a depiction. No one else who worked at the DNC  gave a cr*p that Hillary rigged the primaries-so why, as  Bernie supporter,  should he?”

..was collaborating with Russian agents or attempting to thwart them.”

So Seth Rich can be tied to Russia either way!

Whew! That was close.

More Fake News for Robert Mueller to “investigate.”

The Fake News Pee-Pee Dossier is a worthless piece of trash. It has been debunked and discredited-yet the Mueller investigation clings to it as the basis of the Trump/Russia collusion witch hunt.

Lyin’ Comey’s input that drove the investigation can also be considered fake news, since he clearly has no problem committing perjury and covering for Hillary.

Jack Burman’s “Profiling Project” is a report compiled by students and faculty at a not-even-Harvard University. His “findings” are no more credible than any that professional Private Investigator Rod Wheeler came up with.

The FBI and DHS “weren’t allowed” to inspect the DNC computers, but were forced to rely on an outside source, Crowdstrike,” to reach their conclusions. So the DNC “Russian hack” was always fake news.

Mueller muells it over.

There has been no decision made by the Mueller team as to whether or not they’ll follow up on Jack Burkman’s conspiracy theory.

Joshua Stueve who handles the media for Mueller wouldn’t comment or confirm receipt of Burkman’s communication with them.

It will be interesting to see if a private citizen can push Mueller into doing anything at all. If so, there’s a whole lot of private citizens that want him to stop this hoax-a Stalin-esque coup masquerading as an investigation.

Russia Russia Russia!

Credit where credit is due-the Left has one amazing talent remaining in their arsenal-the uncanny ability to tie  anyone, anything and everything to Russia.

Except themselves of course.

They’ll be tapping into that superpower now more than ever since  the NSA  confirmed that the DNC was never hacked!

Double trouble

»The NSA has proven that there was no hack. Therefore the  light is shining on who the leaker might be.  Attention will return to Seth Rich.

»Not only would that scenario unearth the possibility that he was assassinated by DNC thugs, it would cut the cord of Russian collusion.


There’s a way to tie Seth Rich to the Russians! Woo hoo!

Double standard

Interesting how when a theory based on viable dots is considered a “conspiracy theory” when it comes from the Right, but when it comes from the Left it warrants MSM cred and a full  blown investigation?

Double Hit

This is a perfect opportunity to take down Sean Hannity at the same time.

Newsweek reported, ” As far as Burkman is concerned, that a writer for FoxNews.com may have invented a story about Rich doesn’t render every other theory about his murder a fiction.”

Such chypocrital chutzpah! Sean Hannity’s story is “invented” but Burkman’s is not.

Double Dip for Debbie, the DNC and Obama

This farce would protect the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Obama.

Making a lot of noise by “investigating” the Seth Rich murder would be a perfect opportunity to divert attention away from a bombshell story that MSM refuses to cover-the Awan family scandal.

The Awans are the Muslim Pakistani family who infiltrated the computers of the DNC and Democratic members of Congress.

The Awans were overpaid and rarely showed up. Imran Awan was caught fleeing back to Pakistan after wiring close to 300K to his wife.

Debbie W-S covered her buddy Imran.. She threatened the DC police to give her back his laptop that they had seized. D W-S wasn’t the least bit concerned about the outlandish breach of National Security. Instead, she  kept him on the payroll even after DC police informed her that he and his family were under investigation. She even intended to pay him once he arrived back home.

All the Dems have been crickets on the Awan scandal. One theory for the Dems zealously protecting the Awans is that due to having unfettered access to their computers, the Awans had plenty of dirt and were blackmailing them.

There many have been an additional factor…

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer revealed that the Pakistani IT staffers were sending sensitive information to the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Obviously that could connect straight to Obama.

Double duty-hot potato and hand grenade

Whether or not Burkman is working as a Globalist ally to launch a coup against our fairly elected President is something we can only guess.

For sure the Dems and their PR firm, the Mainstream Media, have been handling the Seth Rich story like a hot potato. The Newsweek story implies that the Seth Rich story is about to be revived, restructured and embraced.

By turning the “conspiracy” upside down, Seth Rich offers a ludicrous, preemptive strike. They’ll turn the narrative to imply that Trump and Russia were tied to Seth Rich’s murder rather than wait for the leak vs a hack revelation to  point the spotlight  squarely back to DNC thugs.

It also keeps the Russia/Trump collusion hoax alive. It also offers much-needed ground cover for the Awan family scandal.

It’s also carries the risk of personal injury as it will surely backfire. 

The Seth Rich case is a hot potato that the DNC and their PR operation, MSM has tried to bury since day one. If they try to breathe new life in the Seth Rich case to bring  our fairly elected President down, it will not end well for the Democrats.

But they just never seem to learn. All their efforts have backfired, thanks to the God that they booed at the DNC Convention.


Special thanks to JoAnn Zitelman-Gordy for sending this story along!



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