Robert Mueller is investigating Russian ties to John Podesta’s brother, Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta.

It would be great to cheer the news that the Mueller investigation is beginning to show some integrity by tracing actual ties to Russia instead of Dem-inspired fantasies. Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta had some questionable ties due to his business interests. Maybe John’ll be up next.  For now we should be happy that Tony Podesta is in the crosshairs. Should be,  but…

There’s 5 simple reasons to suspect this could be a ploy:

1) Mueller might get the idea that we’re so excited that we’ll let him continue his multi million dollar witch-hunt to take down our fairly elected President.

2) Robert Mueller may hope we’ll suddenly believe he’s a good cop  so we’ll  just go ahead and ignore evidence that he delivered uranium to the Russians on a secret side-by-side plane tarmac exchange, essentially acting as Hillary’s mule.

3) Maybe he also figures that we won’t find out that he bought hedge funds linked to Russia and George Soros.  Oops-wrong.

4) Pretty sure Mueller won’t go after Hillary. He may actually think we’ll be happy with one high ranking Democratic scalp. It sure seems that his judgement is off.

5) He might think this good news will make us forget all about his own Russian collusion.  Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey and McCabe were all supervising an extensive investigation of  a Russian uranium racketeering  organization. Then they all (with the help of Obama’s DOJ) buried the outstanding results of the investigation so Hillary’s uranium deal could go through.

See “Nuclear Bombshell! Russia Collusion Involved Hillary, Obama, Comey. Mueller, Rosenstein and McCabe

Too little too late. Clear off your desk and as Skippy sez, “Get lost!”

Conspiracy-bashers brush off people who ask questions as tin-hat kooks. Yet the Left has succeeded in launching a coup masked as an investigation based solely on an Alt-Left conspiracy theory and a debunked dossier.

Meanwhile, the  Left’s collusion with Russia, exposed by mountains of  actual evidence, is blatantly ignored.

#StopTheHoaxNow. (sign the petition to the right) and demand a special counsel to investigate Mueller, Obama, Hillary and the other Obama Administration criminals.

It’s also time to insist that if the Russian-obsessed Mainstream Media wants to keep their license they MUST report on Hillary’s uranium scandal.

Has anyone seen Jeff Sessions?

PS-Totally off topic, but… you know what else would be cheer-worthy? If Mueller could find out why Tony Podesta attends Satanic “Spirit Cooking” ceremonies and  collects art with such strong overtones of Satanism, cannibalism and pedophilia.

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