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Mysterious Media Blackout-Pizzagate


Just typing #Pizzagate could get this blog shut down.

If you only watch Mainstream Media you may not even have heard about Pizzagate. If that’s the case,  just  type in “Pizzagate” on You Tube and you too will wonder why this enormous scandal is getting the hush-hush on MSM.

Flashback to the 80’s.

The 80’s brought to the forefront sick news about child abduction and child sexual abuse. We were constantly reminded by milk cartons printed with images of missing children. The first one featured 1 year old Johnny Gosch who is still missing.

The infamous McMartin School preschool case shocked the nation with tales of horrific sexual abuse of as many  as 360 children at the school.

John Walsh of  “America’s Most  Wanted” reminded us every time we watched the show. He endured the heart wrenching tragedy of having his little boy Adam abducted, assaulted and decapitated.

It opened a shocking Pandora’s Box. A  window into the minds of the most disgusting members of our society. We saw things we can’t unsee. We learned about things we wished we hadn’t, such as brutal sexual abuse  and torture of young children, and Hellish “snuff films.”

The media constantly covered these horrific events. We learned that children were being abducted and abused at an alarming rate. Some parents still sent kids off with nannies or to preschool, while others never let their kids out of sight.

Investigative journalists cracked wide open a sick pedo ring that involved the Washington elite. It became known as the Franklin Scandal or Boys Town Scandal. There was a concerted effort to cover it up.

Then it all went dark.

Aside from an occasional Amber Alert or an occasional story that could not be ignored,  the media pulled back their incessant coverage of this disturbing  and rampant epidemic.

It took a great deal of effort to convince media to take scandals seriously. One such case is the “Spotlight Team” at the Boston Globe when they broke the story about rampant child sex abuse in the Catholic Church in 2002.

Why has the media stopped covering the missing children epidemic? Did the problem go away? Not hardly.

ABC News reports,

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States -that’s roughly 2,000 per day. Of those, there are 115 child “stranger abduction” cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person.

Times sure have changed.

Once upon a time, investigative journalists were eager to do their job to uncover the truth and bring it to the attention of  the American people.

Now they’re the PR firm for government narratives. We’ve seen their complicit partnership during the election cycle when they campaigned for Hillary Clinton. Wikileaks proved those suspicions. They’re still at it, trying to topple our fairly elected President. Every day MSM is busted for “fake news” coverage, but they persist. Even at the cost of their ratings.

Pizzagate is quite possibly the scoop of the century.

But instead of investigating, they’re shutting down and suppressing  this disturbing pattern of events. This sick and highly suspicious pattern was exposed through Wikileaks and Anthony Weiners laptop.

Mainstream Media ridicules the possibility of Pizzagate, framing the term in quotes and declaring every incident as “fake news” without investigating. Even though it would not be the first time that an elite pedophile ring did exist. As with the Boys Town Scandal or the Jimmy Savile Scandal. Or the recent bust in Norway. 

But there is an enormous amount  of evidence that cries out for investigation. Evidence unearthed in  emails  that point to a dabbling in satanic occult practices and a  widespread pedophile ring involving scum at the highest levels of our government, such as John Podesta.

Even Hillary was linked due to her connection to convicted child trafficker Laura Silsby in Haiti. Later, Monica Peterson, an investigative  journalist  travelled to Haiti to investigate the connection. She was murdered. That case has gone dark and is ridiculed by MSM “fact checkers.”

The NYPD didn’t think it was silly nonsense. When they combed through  Weiner’s laptop what they found made them sick to their stomachs. They were eager to press charges. But the DOJ shut them down in what many feel was a move to protect Hillary’s candidacy,  which was in the last stretch before the election.

Could there actually be a huge pedophile ring involving the Washington elite?

It wouldn’t be the first time that the unthinkable was in fact, a reality. It could also be part of why the backlash against our President is so severe and vicious.

One reason for the violent treasonous behavior on the left is obviously the potential profits lost. The leftist elite and  their RINO  pals were set to make a tidy fortune for selling our country out to globalism.

But the possibility of  being  busted for operating and/or partaking in a pedophile and child trafficking ring , some of it involving Satanic Ritual Abuse, would have  them baring  their teeth like cornered rats!

So state sponsored media put the kabash on the story. 

Alternative media and independent journalist who care about children want answers. They’re being attacked and censored.

Pedo enabler Megan Kelly did one of the worst interviews in her career when she spoke to James Alefantis. He, as many readers know,  is in the forefront of the Pizzagate scandal. If you’re not familiar with it, please do some of your own investigating. You too will wonder why GQ listed this  pizza shop owner as one of 50 of the  most influential people in DC.  Anyway, her “interview”  portrayed him as a victim of ‘fake news.”  The narrative  was pushed that whacky alternative media outlets were to blame for the incident of a shooter who entered Comet Ping Pong. NBC reported that the shooter was inspired by  a “false internet rumor.”

There has been one exception to the mainsteam media blackout.

Anchorman Ben Swann  was allowed to make the daring move thanks to CBS channel 46 They actually  brought  the story to the public, albeit in a soft and safe way as possible, and outlined it as something that may just be credible. Certainly worth looking into, even if it proves to be false.

This was a brilliant move.

Because  if it is in fact true, the truth will come out about Pizzagate.  The wealthy and powerful scum of the earth that are involved will be brought to justice.

And if that happens,  Americans will demand answers as to why the media was complicit in partnering with the ring instead of exposing it. Ben Swann and CBS Channel 46 may be the only MSM left that will have one ounce of credibility left.

What are your thoughts? Have you been looking into Pizzagate? Comment below!









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  1. Terri

    Yes for weeks now, I had already known about the Clintons ties with trump he Occult. Then the #me too came about revealing Hollywood. Did not take much to put it all together. So anyone who is anybody is either a victim or a abuser and member of the Occult. A lot of victims become abusers or dead. Hope it is all revealed soon and ended.

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