Call the FBI! Better yet-an investigative agency not compromised by James Comey! Dems’ hot button issues have gone missing from the media!

Where the Hell did these issues go? It’s time to file a Missing Headlines Report on behalf of our beloved media.

Many things have disappeared in our country and warrants a serious investigation. It’s like a cultural Bermuda Triangle for cryin’ out loud. It all started with Mayor Bradley’s eyebrows. Left unchecked, it’s accelerated to the point of a national crisis.

The Left lost their minds. Comedians lost their sense of humor. the Dems lost their Party. Even vaginas, penises and chromosomes are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Now headlines are disappearing. Headlines that have dominated the news for at least 6 months. This is terrifying!

We must demand an investigation.

6 Issues that have gone missing in the media…

1.The Trump/Russia Narrative

Might want to check under Susan Rice’s bed for this one. Once it was exposed that she unmasked the names of the Trump campaign team,  this issue took a nose dive into the nearest dumpster.

Another culprit was the Wikileaks dump of Vault 7 showing that the CIA could mask their hacking fingerprints to make it appear that a hack emanated from another country-like Russia.

Oh-and uncovering the origin of the Dirty Dossier put a gag on the fairly tale.  Not only is the dossier a useless piece of trash that Obama’s DOJ used to gain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump, it was bought and paid for by a Hillary PAC.  It also links back to a Russian agent who wound up dead under mysterious circumstances.

These headlines are in serious danger.

2.The Leaks

As The Hill reported last February, “Barely a day goes by without some unusual tale emerging from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

Then it all went silent. The sudden hush could have been because blabbermouth Katie Walsh  was dismissed. Sean Spicer’s crackdown on the staff’s cellphones could have been a factor. President Trump’s vow to hunt them down might have given leakers and “journalists” who worked with them the jitters.

President Trump also  implied that the leaks were from Obama holdovers. That could’ve resulted in orders from the Shadow Master to plug ’em up.

3.Black Lives Matter Unless You’re a Conservative Black Person or a Victimized Haitian or Moderate Muslim.

Thank God, and hate to speak too soon, but headlines regarding this group’s murderous rampages have come to a screeching halt.

Not that they haven’t been trying to get some coverage. The organization that Sheriff David Clarke refers to as ‘Black Lies Matter,” is shifting from “protesting” to policy making. Other radicalized groups won’t be inspired to constructive action because BLM headlines disappeared along with their bloodshed.

Not that they haven’t been trying, but BLM claims that the media is overly focused on Trump. But it’s obvious that the media prefers to cover BLM violence directed at President Trump and his administration. Working with the system to make changes through policy won’t fit the narrative.

BLM can be so silly sometimes.

4.Hillary’s overwhelming popularity.

Aside from bitter baby-hating feminazis, Hillary’s popularity is losing air faster than a leaky whoopie cushion.

Immediately after the election Hillary lost 4% of her Democratic supporters. But headlines still pushed the narrative that the entire free world was homicidal because the Queen was not propped up on her throne.

When it appeared that Hills was still eyeballing a political future Bill Maher b*tchslapped Hillary Clinton, “Stay in the woods, OK? You had your shot.” Ouch.

Democrat Kristen Powers recently spoke out about Hillary’s embarrassing interview at the women-to women conference where she was still whining and blaming everyone but herself for her loss.

While there haven’t been a lot of headlines about Dems shying away from her like a TB infected “refugee,” there haven’t been many sightings of lavish praise and support for her sorry excuses either.

5.Obama’s god-like status.

Dems are getting damn sick of Obama’s evil shenanigans. Like Hillary, his lavish praise is disappearing. It’s been thrown in a trunk and muzzled with duct tape.

As mentioned in a previous post, Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party reacted to OFA’s  post-election retooling as  “…some GRADE A Bullshit” and that it was “tone deaf.”

When reached by The Daily Beast for this story, two Democratic operatives independently referred to OFA as “The Devil.

When asked if there was much confidence in the newly rebooted OFA, an operative simply said, “It’s like seeing an ex-girlfriend show up.”

In a total shocker, Fauxcahontas Liz Warren expressed her disgust for Obama’s 400,000 Wall Street speaking engagement. She said he’s “out of touch” with Americans. Even a cuckoo clock is right twice a day.

6.The Media itself.

Another thing that was lost a long time ago was media objectivity.  As the public is catching on that mainstream media is propaganda, polls show that only 32% of Americans trust the media. Of course most of us don’t trust polls either, but…

At any rate, approval ratings will not get better. The more the Powers That Be try to shut down conservative voices and independent journalists, the more people will distrust mainstream media.

Sometimes the elite hooligans just don’t know when to switch gears.

The objectivity and reliability of the media have been sucked into the vortex of the cultural Bermuda Triangle. Will this mystery ever be solved? Since Obama signed Operation Mockingbird allowing the FBI to impersonate the media you’d think we’d get to the bottom of it pretty quickly.

Is anything else missing from this list? Comment below! 

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