Aw Jeez. Soros-fueled environmental activists stroked their egos and polluted Sacred Standing Rock for nothing.

The first ego death-blow…

Turned out that not all the Dakota Sioux were against the pipeline. Whaaat?

CNN got a statement from Fool Bear Sr.

…more than two years ago, when members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe could have attended hearings to make their concerns known, they didn’t care. Now, suddenly, the crowds are out of control, and he fears it’s just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

“Go down to the camps, “he says, “and you won’t see many Standing Rock Sioux.”

“It irks me. People are here from all over the world…If they could come from other planets, I think they would.”

Man. Fool Bear Sr. is such a buzzkill. His statement just didn’t fit in with their sophomoric stereotypes at all:(  Head hurts. Must. find. safe. space.

Now-insult to injury-the Navajo LOVE President Trump’s support of the coal industry!

Breitbart reports,

Former President Barack Obama’s efforts to shut down the coal industry in the United States have threatened the well-being of generations of coal plant and mine workers, including those of the Navajo Nation.

Russell Begaye, president of the Navajo Nation, is counting on the Trump administration’s resolve…For decades, clean coal power has been a critical economic engine for the Navajo Nation by creating thousands of jobs and substantial revenue for our people. The expedited closure of the Navajo Generating Station, the largest clean coal fired coal plant in the western United States, would create an economic disaster that would devastate Navajo families and our entire economy.

President Trump ran on a pledge to ‘bring back coal’ and we believe that he will keep his word and stand up for coal workers on the Navajo Nation and across the United States.

We are also optimistic about working with the Trump Administration to help our people given the President’s unwavering support for coal jobs and mine workers.”

This is such great news for the Navajo nation!

But not so much for the Jill Stein-y pipeline protesters.

They like to think they’re “down” with the Native Americans. Even though they were clueless that they were unwanted guests. They were so “down” with the Sioux that they crashed their homeland, disrupted their community and left a filthy disaster in their wake.

They view Native Americans through the crusty lens of (not so new anymore) New-Agers who feel entitled to Native Americans’ secrets to enlightenment. Whether it’s burnt sage, chants, totems, or a weekend at the Sweat Lodge, they’re all over it. They pass their second hand knowledge along and look really, really cool. Sometimes they can even make a coupla bucks in the process. In typical hypocritical fashion, their howls about cultural misappropriation do not apply here.

But wait-it gets worse.

At about :32 of this video President Trump promises that we’ll have clean air and clean water too! Aw Jeez.

Soros’s  weaponized Greenies must be going outta their programmed minds!

What if they have to stop theTrump-hate?  What if it turns out he’s good for the environment?

Just because he doesn’t want to fall for the time and money-sucking trap of “climate change” doesn’t mean he’ll ruin the earth. If climate change is man made, the only solution will be clean air, water and earth. So there you go. President Trump  flies over the “Climate Change debate”  trap and straight to the solution. Just like he does with mainstream media.

BTW-another thing the Alt-Left fake newsters like to claim is that the environment- killing  Koch brothers are cozy with President Trump. Fact-they hate him! He won’t be bought.  Hillary tried to distance herself from them, but took their money in a roundabout way.

As always, the Left fosters elitist, racist stereotypes about everyone.

When Obama and Hillary  were looking to shut down the coal industry, they painted a picture that all coal miners were a bunch of white scrubby rednecks. The last people you’d want to care about, right? Let them and their families die.  Forget that they’re part of the 99% that they claim to care so much about.

No one ever mentioned black coal miners. Not Obama. Not Hillary.

But the fact is, there are many coal miners in the black community.

Al Jazeera America brings some American truth to light. They visited one such  coal mining community in West Virginia. One of the miners they interviewed is Buck Wade, a black coal miner.

Wade, like others here, harbors particular resentment for the Obama administration. “He hasn’t done anything for us,” says the 88-year-old, leaning back on a couch in his living room overlooking the mountains. “If he were running again, I just couldn’t vote for him. And I’ve been a Democrat my whole life.”

And they sure as Hell never mentioned Native American coal miners.

Yes Lefties, there is such a thing as Native American coal miners. They depend on our coal industry. They don’t just walk around burning sage and crafting Talking Sticks all day. They want jobs. They want to feed their families and educate their children.  They want to survive and thrive.

Russell Begaye, President of the Navajo Nation was again quoted in Breitbart.

We are … optimistic about working with the Trump Administration on this issue given the president’s unwavering support for coal jobs and mine workers. President Trump ran on a pledge to ‘bring back coal’ and provide economic opportunities for workers who have been left behind by coal’s declining fortunes.

The dirty truth about coal, Obama and Hillary.

It was so easy to shut down domestic energy production and the coal mining industry. All they had to do was vilify the stereotypical white face of coal mining  and fossil fuel energy. Then cloak their energy killing policies in green.

Lefties sucked it right up.

Once again, Americans were abandoned, the economy was weaker,  and foreign countries prospered.

Environmental issues impact us all.

It’s important to remain diligent while striking a balance. A footnote here is that while the Navajo are hoping to keep the mines open for another 10 years, they will be exploring alternative streams of revenue.

But progress will be stifled as long as Soros and the Globalist Left  continue to weaponize  and politicize environmental causes. These organizations need to shake off Soro’s filthy financial influence. Until then, they cannot be trusted.

Are you happy that we will be an energy independent nation? Comment below!