Hillary’s keepin’ busy in her involuntary retirement. Aside from promoting treason, Hillary is hawking t-shirts to fund abortion! Go Granny go!

Well good for her! It’s so nice when seniors find something meaningful to do. Of course “meaningful” means something different to everyone.

In Hillary’s case it means joyfully serving her god-Lucifer.

What better way to keep busy in your golden years than to hawk “nasty woman” T-shirts for Planned Parenthood?

The Washington Times reported,

Hillary Clinton sent out a tweet…encouraging followers to support Planned Parenthood by buying a “Nasty Woman” T-shirt from TBS host Samantha Bee.

Mrs. Clinton tweeted a smiling photo of herself holding up a black-and-white “Nasty Woman” shirt, writing, “Support Samantha Bee & Planned Parenthood & buy a Nasty Woman t-shirt.”…

“This is such an incredible time in our country’s history. Don’t you want to look back on it with pride, knowing that you helped make a difference? We do! Join us and let’s make it happen.

Bless her empty chest cavity. She really wants to make a difference.

The Left has managed to suck all the humor out of comedy.

They’ve been rendered utterly incapable of understanding the concept of irony and sarcasm or even the all important concept of comedic timing.

When the Russians  stuck their hand up Hillary’s durable adult diaper, forcing her to utter the campaign-crushing words “You can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,” we jumped on it!

Yes, it was outrageous and offensive. But we turned it into something funny and wore it like a badge of honor. It wasn’t all that hard.

When a career criminal, war mongering, baby killing, serial killer calls patriotic Americans deplorables, that’s pretty funny stuff. It was almost too  easy.

Our mocking laughter got under the Left’s thin skin.

They desperately wanted to steal our thunder.

So when Candidate Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton  a “nasty woman,” the snarling feminazis snatched it up to use as their own  hilarious battle cry.

Elizabeth Warren, arguably one of the least funny Native American women on the planet, has pounded it to death. She recently threatened President Trump. “Donald, you aint seen nasty yet.”  She is such a hoot.

The Left was once the go-to side for creative comedy.

Now all they have is bitter washed-up hacks who claim to be comedians but don’t understand that unbridled hatred and calls to violence is not fodder for comedy.

The new side-splitting comedic line up includes talent such as child berating gay basher Alex Baldwin, wannabe ISIS assassin Kathy Griffin, child bullying beached whale Rosie O’Donnell,  pudgy one-trick porno pony Amy Schumer, snarky seditionist Bill Mahr, sadistic psycho Seth Rogen,  and the entire cast of SNL.

Yeah I never heard of Seth Rogen either, so  here you go….

Wannabe deplorables.

What the Left fails to recognize is that Hillary and the rest of the feminazis really and truly are nasty women. It’s no joke. There’s no irony there.

  • It’s nasty to want to kill, dismember and illegally harvest the organs of the unborn or about-to-be born.
  • It’s nasty to hate men and boys and to call for their death.
  • It’s nasty to be vulgar and inappropriate around children.
  • It’s nasty to call for the assassination of our fairly elected President.
  • It’s nasty for grown women to cyberbully an 11 year old boy.
  • It’s nasty to attempt to subvert your own country.
  • It’s nasty to gossip and slander people about having nefarious ties to a foreign government and abuse them with a criminal investigation without evidence.
  • It’s nasty to take bribes and payoffs while holding public office.
  • It’s nasty to steal and cheat in the name of charity.

Oops-just capped out on my daily Worpress bullet quota.

But yeah. They are nasty. And not in a funny way.

The Leftist audience sure doesn’t seem uplifted by all their high school brand of humor. Have y’ever seen a more miserable bunch?

The only ones enjoying a belly laugh is Lucifer and his favorite daughter, Hillary.

Hillary inherited his sense of humor. When Hillary got a child rapist off back in the 80’s she got a real kick out of her sick pedo client passing a lie detector test.

Ordering the murder and torture of Ghaddafi was a real crack up. Who can forget those contagious cackles?  We came. We saw. He died.  Oh Hillary!

A beacon of hope for seniors everywhere.

Just the same it’s nice to see that  ol’ Granny Cankles has taken up a new career, doing what she does best. Promoting eugenics and the mass murder of the black community by torturing and killing defenseless babies. Or as her Master likes to call them-human sacrifices.

Another plus-this should also strengthen her skill sets so she can get some work duty in lock-up. Maybe they oughtta offer those T-shirts in orange.

What do you think of Hillary’s new career in the schmatta business?

Comment below!


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