The Department of Homeland Security in New Jersey declared Antifa a domestic terror organization

As the media focuses on President Trump’s tweets and Gov. Christie’s scandalous chubby sunbathing on his own private beach, lots of great strides are being made to MAGA. Some very good news that conveniently slipped through MSM cracks is that Gov. Christie’s state of New Jersey declared Antifa a domestic terror organization.

It’s official! To check out the document from DHS New Jersey click here…

New Jersey’s DHS is taking the ol’ “Be Prepared” boy scout motto to pound Antifa’s upcoming “Summer of Rage.”

“The Summer of Rage” offers a way to keep hateful, mindless kids busy this summer.

It’s good to know that law enforcement has been keeping an ear to the ground.

The #Resist [progress and fair elections] Left’s Antifa spawn has vowed widespread rioting that is sure to put a damper on everyone’s summer.

The insanely fascist self proclaimed anti-fascists have promised to keep up the hard work of arson, looting, vandalizing, blocking traffic and punching anyone in the face who doesn’t agree with them. Hopefully they’ll stop stabbing poor police horses.

The July 4th Weekend has started off with a fizzle.

Maybe Antifas are getting the memo that they’ve been played by their DNC handlers and the mainstream media. Or maybe they don’t want to spend the summer taking scenic day trips from the jail house to the courthouse.

Whatever the reason is, the July 2nd start date has been a bit lackluster. There have been impeachment marches from the #Resist [progress and fair elections] crowd.

But aside from a little scuffle in LA it’s pretty hard to find anything that lives up to the expectation of the usual Antifa Drama Queens’ standards.

The Left hates facts, but the’re gonna have to get used to them.

Hillary suffered a crushing defeat. Trump is their president no matter how many times they say he isn’t. The Russia/Trump/Collusion conspiracy is a proven hoax. The Democratic party has no leadership. Their Obamagod has been busted as a totalitarian criminal who makes Watergate look like a high school prank. Crooked Hillary may have to testify again because she knowingly mishandled classified information. The DNC is being sued because they rigged the election for Hillary and schtooped ol’ Bernie and his supporters in the process.

The list of facts that hurtles the Left into a shrieking freakout frenzy is endless.

Wonder if they’ll freak out when they get the memo that their after school Antifa club has been declared a domestic terror organization. The bloodthirsty gender-confused army can hide behind their little masks all they want. They don’t allow masks in lock-up. What they do like in lock-up are gender confused individuals and/or young people with chips on their shoulders-for no reason at all.

Luke, this is not the summer romance your looking for. 

Hey kids-It might be time to put something on your resume for this summer other than anarchy and a politically motivated crime spree.

If you wanna change the world how about teaching someone to read? Or maybe you should rebel against your Globalist handlers. Claim your precious young years. Hit the beach and pound some waves.

Do you think other states will follow NJ’s lead?  Comment below!


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