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N’awlins 4th of July Celebration is Cancelled. Founder Protests President Trump

New Orleans 4th of July Celebration is Cancelled

A New Orleans 4th of July Celebration is cancelled because the founder doesn’t like President Trump.

Katrina Brees, the founder of an annual boat parade says that she’s “upset” by President Trump so she doesn’t feel patriotic. So, families and kids be damned,  the New Orleans 4th of July Celebration is cancelled.

Daily Mall UK reported,

“A Fourth of July celebration has been cancelled after the founder said she was upset by the election of President Donald Trump.

The July 4th Flotilla, an annual waterborne celebration in the Bayou St. John neighborhood of New Orleans, is called off this year, said parade founder Katrina Brees.

Brees has organized the annual celebration since 2012, but this year felt she just couldn’t put her heart into it.”

Yes. Think only of yourself. Not fellow Americans. Real patriotic.

The Daily Mall also mentioned that “The July 4th Flotilla has typically attracted an artsy, creative crowd, with funky costumes and homemade banners.”

She was quoted as saying, ‘I was thinking about the (July 4) parade and I’m not sure how bohemia fits into patriotism anymore.”

Artsy? Creative? Bohemian?  Hmmm. That kinda sounds like a  Hillary crowd. 

To explore that thought,  simply  visit the event organizer’s website. The Krew of Kolossos home page displays this image…

Maybe the  silver lining here is that kids won’t be exposed to the chronic glorification of drag queens and pride-porn-inspired holiday parades.

Anyway, it may have been a decidedly convenient way to protest.

Seems like Brees was pretty happy to wriggle her way outta the whole thing.

Turns out the event, heavily attended by artsy Liberals, shared the hallmark of other events that the environmentally concerned attend. They’re a buncha slobs.

Daily Mail mentioned the perk of her “patriotic protest.”

“Brees added that other issues had weighed on her decision, in particular the difficulty of managing litter from the Fourth of July event.

‘The kolossos growth of the crowds has become too much for me to manage,’ she said in a statement on her group’s website. 

‘Left boats and litter from people not associated with our krewe have made this event a kolossos chore.’

Woo hoo! Sleep in!

Lefist logic. An oxymoron.

Brees’s irrational thought process displays complete and utter disregard for  the fact that the 4th of July has nothing whatsoever to do with a sitting President.

If only we had known.

We wouldn’t have celebrated the 4th during the last 8 long years of Obama.

BHO was the most un-American and unpatriotic President in our nation’s history. He was laying the groundwork to hand our country to the Globalists on a silver platter. But not without destroying it first.

In fact all the civil unrest and cultural degradation that seems to have sprung up out of nowhere is thanks to 8 years of the radicalized Muslim plant in the White House.

Using taxpayers’ blood money, Barrack Hussein Obama sowed seeds of anti-American hatred, cultural degradation, division and fascist indoctrination in the school swamps. He corrupted  and weaponized branches of the government to  interfere with the 2016 election and to target political opponents. He waged war on our constitution and secretly funded our enemies.

That anti-American march down memory lane would not be complete with the re-run of his “wife” disparaging Americans for loving the flag that represents their country. A flag that represents the independence that many have died for.

The contempt on both their faces says it all.  All this for a damn flag.

It’s bizarre that anyone in LA would protest President Trump. Especially during a holiday that celebrates American independence.

By default that would mean that Brees is still wailing over Hillary’s crushing defeat.

Hillary would have driven the last nails through the Obama constructed American coffin. She would have followed the lead of Angela Merkel, her “favorite world leader.”  As with Germany, the US would have suffered an EU-driven holocaust utilizing radical Islamists as a genocidal sword.

Under her precious Hillary,  Americans would no longer be an independent country. Our history and hard-fought battles would have been for nothing. Our flag that the Left burns with such disdain would be replaced by the flag of the New World Order.

But Louisiana-of all places-should embrace President Trump.

Maybe they’ve forgotten that it was President Trump, not  Obama, and certainly not Hillary who visited Baton Rouge during the devastating flood in 2016 to cheer the residents up and offer hands-on assistance.

But it doesn’t fit the  Left’s narrative to appreciate anything he does. So they bury it in the headlines or trash his motives. Gotta keep the hate alive.

Hopefully there’s a couple of silver linings.

It’s a shame that this woman is being so small, ignorant and selfish. She’s punishing everyone who lives in the city of New Orleans, including  Democrats.

But on the bright side, the kids won’t be exposed to the usual suspects.

And not that we needed more proof, but it offers yet another example of just how petty, vengeful and un-American the Left has become. Maybe her stunt will wake up some local Democrats. We can only pray.

What do you think of her decision to cancel? Comment below!



  1. This story first aired nationally on fox news. The story is worthless, there are much more important things going on in the world. This explains why people who watch fox news are less informed then people who watch no news at all. Fox news literally wastes all your time on silly stories designed to divide, provoke and emotionally manipulate viewers with “news” that really serves no purpose other than to enrage viewers and deepen the partisan divide.


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