Cell phone video captured 17 ambulances carrying bodies out of Hooters during the Las Vegas Massacre.

Note-this post about video capturing a scene at Las Vegas Hooters has just been totally re-vamped due to sharp readers and their input. This is why we all have to work together! I’m not deleting it because it’s necessary, IMO, to let people know that this video is not necessarily as it appears. 

My original post read: Any remaining shred of trust in the FBI narrative has just been shot to Hell as more truth has surfaced about the Las Vegas shooting.  A newly uploaded cell phone video shows a separate shooting in the Las Vegas Hooters with at least 17 ambulances arriving on the scene and carrying out bodies.

This is still accurate:The video was shot and uploaded by You Tuber Benjamin Franks who was in Vegas with his friend.  He said, “We had just gotten tacos when we finally reached Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd is when we saw everyone running and all the police. We were lucky to get to the MGM parking garage and into our room about 15 minutes later and that’s when this video starts. We had no idea what was going on.”

note~This breaking video has not been picked up by MSM yet. But IMO the video speaks for itself.  It seemed like new worth posting so you can decide. 

Well thanks to sharp readers they answered the question about why MSM and the FBI hadn’t broken this video-they said that Hooters was actually used as a triage site to treat victims. Another reader mentioned that some people ran in there for cover. Now, until they’re takes on the matter are confirmed by the MSM and FBI this post will be fluid and updated as needed. 

Watch these videos before they’re deleted!

The FBI confiscated as many cell phones and laptops as they could. When they returned them to their owners they had been wiped clean.

You Tube is censoring the truth as fast as it gets out there.

The first video is a short 3:46 edited clip …

This is the full video shot by Benjamin Franks…

Another video taken inside Hooters after the shooting shows the floor strewn with what appear to be bodies covered with towels. (can be viewed on  Intellihub.)

Just think. The video simultaneously captures the Hooters shooting and one of the biggest FBI cover ups in US history. 

Update: That sub-heading may not be true if in fact, Hooters was simply used as a triage. However, until the FBI is completely forthcoming, most Americans will feel that there is some kind of cover-up  about the Las Vegas massacre going on.  Granted, the FBI generally doesn’t disclose all details of ongoing investigations. 

No wonder Sheriff Lombardo looks like he’s about to have a nervous breakdown as it seems he’s being coerced into lying to the public. FBI Special Agent Aaron Rouse* glares at him, watching every word that comes out of his mouth.

And what is he lying about exactly? Was it a botched FBI sting? Or is it in fact, a terrorist attack? Was Stephen Paddock “radicalized” as Sheriff Lombardo said?

They lied about the lone wolf theory and had to admit that Paddock “must have had some help.” Paddock’s check in-date was changed. The timeline has been changed 3 times. Eyewitness “hero” Jesus Campos went missing for close to a week and popped up on the Ellen show, of all places. In a town that is notorious for security cameras everywhere, there is no footage available.

They ridicule us for being suspicious, but we’d have to be fools not to be.

The FBI can forget about crowd control.

The FBI is scrambling to squash videos and eyewitness accounts.

Many witnesses in Vegas heard and saw multiple shooters. Initial reports and police scanners indicated multiple shooters and multiple locations.

That was denied, but the Hooters video confirms (correction-would make it appear) that multiple locations were involved. This indicates makes it appear-that there were not only multiple shooters and locations, but that it was a was  a highly complicated and orchestrated city-wide event.

ISIS took credit for the Las Vegas shooting. 

It has been said that ISIS generally speaks the truth when it comes to taking credit for terrorist attacks. If that is true, they may be the only honest players in this mess.

Jim Murren is the CEO of MGM that owns Mandalay Bay Hotel. Murren solicited funds for Muslim terrorist organizations. He  dumped his stock in the weeks leading up to the massacre. It would be nice to know if the FBI finds that interesting.

Antifa could be involved.

Given the amount of lies from law enforcement and Mainstream Media regarding this event it’s time for people to have a lot more respect for indie journalists and investigators-and that includes Alex Jones.

Alex Jones has been saying for weeks that his inside sources confirm that Stephen Paddock’s room was littered with both ISIS and Antifa materials.

It makes sense because  those two entities clearly have more in common than just masking their ugly faces. They share the same goals and ideology-an unbridled hatred of America and the desire to  destroy it using violence and terror.

On the other hand…those materials could have been staged.

The truth will come out… eventually.

Let’s hope it’s in our lifetime. None of the unprecedented amount of corruption that we’ve witnessed from our DC Establishment has been met with swift justice.

A lot of what the elite criminals have gotten away with is due to their connections in Mainstream Media that twist and bury the truth from the American public.

They may have overplayed their hand in Vegas. We’re not children anymore who lap up their narrative without asking questions-especially on the heels of James Comey and Loretta Lynch. And shutting us down by calling us names is getting really old.

Thanks to cell phones, indie journalists and indie investigators what happened in Vegas on October 1st will not stay in Vegas.


Given the input of sharp readers who clarified that this video could represent a triage or a safe haven, we have to question ourselves as well. When I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I apologize and correct. When MSM and the government take that approach I’ll be a lot less skeptical. Thank you for bearing with me! 

Your thoughts? Comment below!

*The rumor that John Podesta’s daughter Megan is married to FBI agent Aaron Rouse is false. 


Intellihub-full account and more videos

Infowars-Alex Jones

Daily Caller-Podesta’s daughter not married to Aaron Rouse

Gateway Pundit-Soros funds Antifa

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