A video of Seth Rich questioning election integrity  has emerged. His question was in response to a voting scandal.

The  video of Seth Rich questioning the integrity of the ballots was filmed at the Election Data Summit in 2015. His question was in response to voter fraud discovered in New York.

The fraud involved a voter purge that disqualified more than 126,000 people from voting. Evidence pointed to a DNC scheme that would tip the vote to Hillary Clinton. Bernie supporters were outraged. Sanders called it a “national disgrace.”

Seth Rich was likely one of those outraged voters, since he was a Bernie supporter. Addressing the panel Rich seemed a bit nervous, but composed. He asked his question in a benign way. “How do we get better access to data that tells us why ballots are rejected — why ballots are cast as provisional — so we can analyze that and develop better training guides?”

Sadly, he had no idea how dangerous his search for truth and integrity was. Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas and Beranton Whiseant were all investigating DNC voter fraud. They all turned up dead.

Months after asking this question Seth Rich would be found brutally gunned down on a quiet DC Street. People who are seeking answers to the murder of this young man believe that mountains of evidence points to a DNC hit.

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Shawn Lucas’s death was suspicious, but ruled an “accident.” He was found in his bathroom. He died from a lethal cocktail of drugs after serving the DNC. Beranton Whiseneant was a Federal Prosecutor. He was investigating voter fraud in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s district. His body washed up on a beach in Florida. His death appeared to be due to a gunshot or other trauma to the head.

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Not only was Seth Rich investigating DNC voter fraud, it is highly likely that he was the DNC leaker.

It is widely believed that it was Seth Rich, not the Russians, who provided emails to Wikileaks exposing massive DNC corruption. Not only did it expose the DNC rigging the election for Hillary, but a slew of other dirty laundry surfaced as well.

Julian Assange, without revealing his source, hinted that Seth was the leaker.  He also put up a $20,000 reward to find his killers. Rod Wheeler, the family PI stated that Seth had contact with Wikileaks prior to his murder.

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In a new twist, it may have been Amy Dacy, CEO of the DNC who ratted out Seth Rich to John Podesta as the possible leaker. See #5 here for more info…

Seth Rich was on their tail.

It’s not that this video provides new evidence, but it does provide another piece.

Seth Rich was determined to uncover DNC voter fraud and corruption. 

The DNC knew that if it was revealed that Seth Rich, not Russia,  was responsible for the  leaks, their entire Russian/Trump conspiracy theory would be crushed, and their filthy political party and propaganda arm, the MSM along with it.

Bernie Sanders. A national disgrace.

Bernie Sanders stated that the election fraud in New York was a “national disgrace.”

IMO, political leanings aside, Bernie Sanders is a national disgrace. Sellout Sanders knew full well that career criminal Hillary Clinton stole the election from him.  Yet he conceded like a spineless old coot and even campaigned for her.

Considering that the young man may have lost his life on behalf of the old goat, why hasn’t Bernie Sanders shown one ounce of interest in finding out who murdered Seth Rich? Who would know better than Bernie how corrupt the DNC is?

Seth Rich had his whole life in front of him. For a party that vilifies Russia, the Dems represent the darkest times in Russian history. Rich’s death is likely a Stalin-esque political assassination. We will not forget him. Heads will roll.

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