Now we know how Nigel Farage saved Britain and changed the world.

He fought long and hard to free Britain from globalist oppressors. And not a moment too soon, as London and the rest of Europe is being destroyed by the directives of the powers that be.

BREXIT was an historical victory that made our hearts soar with hope.

It happened because God blessed the world with an amazing hero.

Farage’s fiery speech at  CPAC demonstrated how he was able to wake up and inspire sleepy defeated Brits to take back their country.

His ability to articulate the menace of globalism is unmatched. Surely if any left leaning friend or family could hear this incredible speech they would understand why with all of his imperfections, we voted for President Donald Trump.

Because he is our Nigel Farage. He is our last hope.

Watch this entire speech as Nigel Farage rocked the house…

Please share this everywhere. It’s hard to believe that anyone who leans left could watch this and not have their eyes pried wide open.

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