Don’t be fooled-the wall is in the works!

People were outraged that the budget seemed to fall flat on President Trump’s campaign promises. Many concessions were made, including no funding for the wall, and the continued funding of Planned Parenthood and Sanctuary Cities.

The budget passed to avoid a government shutdown. Much of his base felt betrayed. They felt that it would have been more desirable to shut the government down and blame the Dems. It’s true that it would have been understandable. In fact, he’s warning them that unless more Republicans are elected or the rules change to a 51% rather than 60% necessary, there will be a shutdown in September.

Much like the Dems, his disgruntled base just doesn’t understand how President Trump strategizes.  Advice-step back. Watch. Learn.

Now if he doesn’t deliver after about  a year in office, then yeah. Be pissed.

The so-called “losses.”

Sanctuary City de-funding.

Thanks to a rogue Judge in San Francisco, the  option to de-fund Sanctuary Cities was off the table-for now. President Trump has vowed to take that case to the Supreme Court. So there’s no need to include that issue in this round.

Planned Parenthood.

PP was  never “funded” directly anyway, but through medicaid and Title X.

Some of Title X’s funding is direct government funding, the rest is from Medicaid reimbursements. However, Title X already prohibits use of funds for abortion, except under extreme circumstances.

Medicaid, while separate from Obamacare, is run by and funded by the government.

It’s entirely possible that the repeal and replace could impact Medicaid funding of abortion, because  the “replace” involves the government’s increasing role in insurance coverage.

So even if Planned Parenthood still receives funding for health services through Medicaid, it may not be able to remain in the lucrative drive-thru abortion biz. At least not on the taxpayers’ dime.

Paul Ryan explained it even further-chillax.

PP funding wasn’t even a part of this round. Why? Because this is called the “Omnibus Reconciliation Bill.” Whatever is included in it requires 60 votes.

The way to get the PP defunding into law is to introduce it in the next round- “The Budget Reconciliation Bill. And that requires only 51 votes.

The bill reaffirms the Hyde amendment and prohibits federal funding of abortions,” Ryan’s office asserts. The Family Research Council  validated his statement.

Deep Breath.

So the Sanctuary City de-funding needs to go before the Supreme Court.The Obamacare “repeal and replace” has not been finalized, and the complete defunding of PP will be in the Budget Reconciliation Bill.

So  it doesn’t really pay to subject the nation to another round of snarling, baby-hating pink hat feminazis marching with duct tape on their nipples and vaginas on their heads.

 The Wall.
The Liberal media pounced on the budget with gloating headlines.

The Los Angeles Times’ blared, “Trump’s Big Beautiful Wall is Not in the Spending Plan-Will it Ever Get Built?” Vanity Fair’s crowed, “How Trump’s Wall Failure Will Forever Doom His Presidency.”

These headlines will join the cringeworthy ranks of  Hillary polls and 80’s prom photos.

It’s just common sense. It doesn’t pay to tie up funds right now.

The Wall is not ready to be built. It’s still in the design process. 

Here’s where it stands:

  • On January 25th President Trump signed an Executive Order-“Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements” that lays the groundwork for the wall as well as for increased law enforcement.
  • Designs from 450 companies were submitted to the DHS by the extended April 4th deadline. Some designs incorporated a monorail on the wall. Others included a nuclear waste processing “booby trap” and construction utilizing solar panels.
  • The site to build prototypes from design finalists was chosen in the San Diego area. Twenty of the 450 designs submitted will be selected to build a prototype.  The construction of the prototypes will begin in June.
  • The bids from contractors are rolling in. It will take a lot of time to sort through those as well.
  • They need to plan for push-back. There will undoubtedly be demonstrations so there may need to be  increased law enforcement and a barrier protecting the construction site.

All of that takes quite a bit of time. The final costs can be argued during  the next fiscal budget meetings in October. Sean Spicer said, “Make no mistake, the wall is going to be built,” adding that funding for the wall will be a “major priority” in October, the start of the 2018 fiscal year.

So we have the gift of time.

And not just for discussing the wall budget, but also for Swampmonsters to be flushed out.

The Democrats have already proven themselves to be worthless outside of being obstructionists. As long as President Trump keeps the spotlight on RINOS who are sabotaging his presidency, they’ll  fall in line.

Unless they don’t want to be reelected.

Again-the Dems suffer from Premature Celebration.

The Dems are doing a childish in-your-face victory dance claiming that  President Trump “lost” and caved on some  of his major campaign promises.

That’s because they think like greedy politicians, not business people.

In their Swampwater world they’d allocate money and sit on it for a later date. Like they did at HUD. President Trump has chosen to avoid a government shutdown and keep the country moving forward.

Meanwhile, funds can be used to prosper our country instead of growing greener with mold waiting for their purpose to be fulfilled.

Progress with a bonus-Congress had to admit something.

A biggie that slipped under the radar is that he pushed Congress into essentially admitting that illegal entry at the border is a huge problem. And that President Trump has had huge success.

Otherwise they wouldn’t have funded 1.5 Billion  for increased security and border patrol. President Trump’s aggressive stance on illegal immigration has already cut down on illegal border crossings. AG Jeff Sessions stated that crossings have decreased by 60%.   His tough talk has even  cut down on  17% of flights from terrorist countries in spite of the other rogue Judges halting his travel ban.

The media’s been silent about the stats. Trump’s successes are Obama’s failures.

The Dems and RINOs used his success against him. The implication is that now that he’s reduced illegal entry into the US by that much, we won’t need the wall. Wrong.

On the fence?

When  President Trump voiced interest in building a fence rather than a wall, a lot of his base was ticked off about that too.

But they need to understand that it’s not a fence in the conventional sense. It’s just a different type of wall-one that  you can see through.

Many border patrol agents like the idea of being able to see through the fence. It does make sense and would allow for more natural air circulation.

There was a bit of a wrinkle earlier today. Sean Spicer tweeted a pic of a  pathetic wire fence that wouldn’t hold a pit bull and said “We have negotiated funding for this.” What? Weird. Let’s not expend energy on a reaction just yet.

 “Mexico will be very happy to pay for the border wall.”

Hmmm. Budget schmudget.

President Trump  confirmed, once again, that Mexico will pay for the Wall.

He just announced last Wednesday that he will no longer drop out of NAFTA but will negotiate with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau instead. He said, ” I believe that the end result will make all three countries stronger and better.”

Flip flopping on NAFTA? Hardly. It he hadn’t threatened to drop out of NAFTA altogether, these leaders would never have been interested in negotiating at all.

That’s just the way he rolls.

So maybe-just maybe-he didn’t press Congress on funding because he’ll get a pledge from Mexico to pay. That would fulfill two of his promises about the wall.

Or Maybe it’s already paid for!*

A reader heard on WMAL 105.9 FM Radio that The Department of Homeland Security can take it out of their budget which enjoyed a substantial increase.

Jeff Sessions promised, “We’ll get the border wall paid for one way or another.” Could he be referring to this?

President Trump confounds everyone.

That’s how he won the election. He’s crazy like a fox and anything but weak.

He listens to everyone, but he makes his own mind up. Maybe we’re all just afraid to relax and have faith in our fairly elected President. We learned  the hard way not to let our guard down again. And that’s a good idea.

But some humility, faith and patience for the President would go a long way. He ripped up his entire life and put himself and his family through a living Hell for all of us. He deserves some loyalty and a little benefit of the doubt.

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*This post was updated on May 3rd thanks to a tip from Scott Greeno!

Thanks Scott!