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Nuclear Explosion in France! (video) Come on Dems!

  • explosion at a nuclear plant in France

 Officials claim there is “no nuclear risk.”

A  horrific explosion at a nuclear plant in Farmanville France rocked the countryside.

BBC reported,

An explosion and fire have occurred at the Flamanville nuclear plant on France’s northern coast but there was no nuclear risk, officials say.

“It is a significant technical event but it is not a nuclear accident,” senior local official Olivier Marmion told AFP news agency.

Five people reported feeling unwell but none was seriously injured….

Operator EDF confirmed the blast at its Flamanville plant in northern France and said there was no radiation leak.

Reports vary but it seems that the blast started with a fire in one of the reactor engine rooms. What a nightmare! Check out the video below:

Of course officials claim there’s  “no nuclear risk.”  But when viewing this blast, that’s hard to believe. Let’s hope that it’s true.

At the very least the country air was choked with billowing black clouds of smoke.

If no radiation leaked, it was by the grace of God!

Come on Dems! Stop your BS and let’s work on common problems together!

Even those of us who want energy independence are probably still skeptical about pushing nuclear energy. The threat of a nuclear incident and the lingering radioactive aftermath is not worth pushing forward with that as an option. The Chernobyl disaster will be burnt in our memories forever.

But since the election “environmental groups” such as “Greenpeace” have been polluted by an infusion of dirty money from George Soros and have become weaponized. Inboxes are filled with  hateful anti-Trump “resist” e-mails rather than focusing on policies and solutions.  A total turn-off.

Wake TF up left-leaners!

Either re-claim your party or build a new one. Your drowning yourself in your own hate and pulling us all down with you.

Now your party is the party of hate, division, vulgarity and sabotage. It’s the party that’s been hijacked by globalists who seek to destroy this country.

Thanks to you no one will take any of your concerns seriously. Even if they’re valid concerns about Cabinet picks, Standing Rock or nuclear energy.

If you thought you’d make a change through your “Green Party” you can thank greedy Hill-Shill Jill Stein for destroying any credibility you had with that effort.

Meanwhile, let’s pray for the citizens of France that there was no radiation leaked. And that it will be a wake up call to stop their expansion of nuclear energy.

Oh and another big prayer for France-FREXIT!!!!

What are your thoughts about nuclear energy? Comment below!





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