Never in our nation’s history have we witnessed such unprecedented corruption in the Oval Office as we have with Barrack Hussein Obama.

Have we become numb to the outrageous lawlessness that became the norm under his watch? Are we paralyzed with shock? Are we suffering from learned helplessness where our only options seem to be voting (subject to fraud), calling our Congressmen (for what?)  or venting on Social Media? (censored)

Continued revelations prove that Obama’s FBI and DOJ were Hell-bent on exonerating Hillary Clinton for hijacking our State Department through her email servers. They aimed to prop her up on her throne to deal the final death blows to America and to destroy the man-Donald Trump-who stood in her way.

Now this:

It was astonishing enough that Obama had his FBI thugs spy on Trump. New evidence points to an FBI-appointed mole who burrowed his way into the Trump campaign. As reported on Fox:

“Tucker Carlson said Wall Street Journal reporter Kimberley Strassel published a story raising the possibility that a federal government “mole” was planted in the Trump presidential campaign in 2016.

…Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said that for the “sake of the Constitutional Republic, you pray this story isn’t true. …”A human intelligence asset may have been inserted in your political rival’s campaign. How this isn’t front-page news on every newspaper across the globe is stunning…”

Shock and Awe

Wikipedia def: Shock and Awe…is a campaign tactic…based on the use of overwhelming power and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight.”

Add the daily carpet bombing of orchestrated chaos and you’ve got citizens who are all trying to cope with the stress of a war waged from a ruthless, insidious enemy shrouded in blinding smoke.

World War lll by stealth.

Over the course of 8 long years we’ve witnessed our country and our laws being systematically dismantled. Many policies and issues appear to be random and even contradictory. But when viewed with the lens of pattern recognition it is clear that the goal has been to weaken and burn America to the ground and have her ashes swept up into the UN’s dustbin. The New World Order would relegate those ashes to the censored dustbin of history.

The last ones standing would salute the EU flag, forsaking all who gave life and limb for this country.

Are we so paralyzed and censored by the thought and word police that we still cannot call the Mueller investigation a “coup?” Or the #Resistance a Civil War? Or Obama, Hillary, and scores of elected officials and those who run “Sanctuary Cities” enemies of the state?

After one outlandish move after another, including aiding and giving comfort to the enemy, is there a shadow of a doubt that Obama deserves the gallows? Will this exposed mole be the last chink in Obama’s demigod armor? Will the Left ever have access to these facts? After being kept in the MSM dark for over a year, will the Left go ballistic when Obama,Hillary and the rest of the DC Swamp are held accountable for their crimes against America?

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