Obama just reamed Israel.

The National Review reports,

“It is Islamist-leftist dogma that Israel’s millennia of attachment to its homeland count for nothing. Adding a final shameful chapter to a foreign-policy record that already runneth over with them, Barack Obama on Friday abandoned America’s commitment to Israel’s security, and to the vindication of democracy over sharia-supremacist aggression. In an act of cowardly venom, the president had the United States abstain from — and thereby effectively enact — a United Nations Security Council resolution that condemns Israeli settlement activity.”

As Benny Avni from the New York Post states, this  is the equivalent of “an act of diplomatic warfare against the Jewish state.”

Fox News explains the ramifications.

“..the treacherous resolution will greenlight the boycott, divestment, sanctions “BDS” master plan to devastate the Israeli economy and fast-track the effort to send Israel’s Prime Minister to the International Criminal Court to stand trial for war crimes.”

The UN has become an evil global entity.

This is the same Israel hating UN that through UNESCO earlier this year pushed an agenda that all Jewish and Christian claims to Jerusalem would be severed.

Instead they insisted that holy sites would be referred to by their Islamic names.Essentially, as Breitbart reported, “a diplomatic jihad.”

The UN agenda would even forbid Jews to pray at the Western Wall.

The UN move to de-legitimize the Jewish state of Israel is outrageous and sickening. Equally outrageous and sickening is the lack of coverage in the media who were too busy campaigning for their anti Israel, Islamic hugging Hillary.

Insane as it is, misinformed Jews were supporting Hillary as well. Hillary the career criminal “candidate” who like Obama, is anti-Israel and cozies up to the enemies of the Jews. But Israel has their fair share of psychotic “liberal” Jews as well.

Obama openly colludes with the enemy. In this case, the Palestinians.

He once again shows his true colors and whose side he’s on. He always works for the Islamic agenda rather than the American people, and is an open enemy of  Israel.

It took incredible gall for BHO and his and female counterpart Hillary to claim that Russia interfered with our elections, considering that Obama  tried to oust Netahyahu  Using our taxpayer dollars.

So PM Benjamin Netanyahu knew that he couldn’t count on Obama to side with anyone other than our common enemies.

The Washington Post reports,

“Israel knew even before the Egyptian draft resolution that the White House was planning an “ambush” and coordinating it with the Palestinians,” said another Israeli official, who requested anonymity to discuss internal diplomatic conversations.”

So Bibi reached out to our Pres-Elect. Trump sprang to action and contacted Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who agreed to postpone their vote.

The Washington Post continued,

“On Friday, Egypt said its president had received a call from Trump in which they both agreed to give the incoming U.S. administration a chance to try and resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The call came hours after Egypt indefinitely postponed the U.N. vote.

A statement from the Egyptian presidency said the two men spoke by phone early Friday and agreed on “the importance of giving a chance for the new American administration to deal in a comprehensive way with the different aspects of the Palestinian issue with the aim of achieving a comprehensive and a final resolution.”

But there’s hope for both America and Israel. For both Jews and Christians.

Trump has vowed to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. He has threatened to cut off funds to the globalist UN. He tweeted that “Things will be different after Jan.20th.”

Good Christians everywhere will rejoice because their religion and ties to the holy city are threatened by the UN as well. In addition, Christians honor the foundation of their religion. They acknowledge that the Jews are the chosen people and that by supporting the Jews they are, in turn blessed.