Atheists are oddly bothered by Christian religious themes.

“A humanist, atheist organization is demanding that a local Texas courthouse remove a Christmas nativity scene display, saying it unconstitutionally endorses Christianity.” reported Breitbart.

If they’re really atheists why does it bother them at all?

If there was a statue of Shiva there they probably wouldn’t give a damn. Makes you wonder. Does it tug on their conscience? Is it a hissing and recoiling from the cross kinda thing?

Throughout the years Jews have graciously tolerated Christmas and all its lights and music and jingle bells and glitter.

It was often a strain for them, especially if they lived in a less than insular environment. They worried about the impact on their children. But they never made a single peep.

It’s the “trendy” atheist faction of the snarling leftist bullies who are making a big stink. They are the ego-driven tools of the left who think they’re too “cool” to believe in G-d.

Sometimes it’s wise to make the best of things.

On the one hand, Christians are understandably thrilled that they’re being freed from the escalating persecution of the last 8 years. However, it might be a good idea to tread lightly. To see the bigger picture.

In response to the Trump victory there’s been a wild surge of enthusiasm for saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. And renewed talk of bringing the bible back to public schools.

But that could backfire by opening a Pandora’s Box.

By atheists clamping down on Christian themes in public places and forbidding them in our schools, they may actually be doing Christians and other religions a big solid.

Consider the “After School Satan” programs.

CBS News reports,

“The group says it hopes to counter the influence of Christian after-school programs, such as Good News Clubs, that have popped up at schools in the wake of a 2001 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that paved the way for religious organizations to establish after-school activities at public school facilities.”

In addition, we’ve seen many stories about our public education system pushing Islam on our kids. If we bring the bible back to public schools, there will be no recourse.

We’ve been appreciative, but exhausted by the light shining on so much corruption over the last year. Part of that corrupt web has infiltrated our schools and colleges.

We’ve seen the political and cultural impact schools have had in shaping our kids views. By the time they reach college, many have lost their ability to reason. They join their radical professors in denouncing their own country while unwittingly promoting communism and globalism. They’re even being taught to hate themselves through teaching that if you’re white your’re automatically a racist. 

Students who are still free and analytical thinkers are berated or assaulted for disagreeing or voting for whom they choose.

If schools were to remain as they are, parents would have two choices. One would be the convenience of sending their kids to these state sponsored indoctrination camps. The other would be to seek alternatives, such as home school, charter school or private school.

At any rate, the safest bet would be to keep religious studies in religious places, or pay the price of “equal time.”

The grinchy atheists may have actually blown some seedy opportunities for the globalist agenda.

In Los Angeles it’s common to see busy intersections being utilized for proselytizing Jesus. Passersby are rushed with well meaning devotees handing out pamphlets and blasting ear bleeding messages of salvation on megaphones.

But think about it.How would you feel if you or your impressionable sons or vulnerable daughters were being rushed by those who promote the “Religion of Peace” and shouting at infidels through megaphones?

Or if you were visually accosted by some Satanic BS in a public park or in front of the courthouse or town hall?

Maybe they’re doing us all a big favor.

So enjoy your nativities on your lawns and in front of your churches.

Have faith that some things are a gift, not a curse.