Omar Navarro is hope for California. He vows to unseat the deranged hate-filled lunatic who currently resides over the 43rd District-Maxine Waters.

Combining a history as a businessman with a degree in Criminal Law, Omar Navarro has an understanding what it will take to get the job done as well as the personal experience and values that drive him to fight for Californians.

An “outsider,” Navarro wants to Drain the Swamp and Make the America Great Again by rescuing California’s 43rd district from the clutches of Democratic control.

Poverty Pimp Maxine Waters on the Run

He is unafraid to take on a conflict. When Mad Maxine threatened President Trump’s life with her infamous” I will go and take Trump out tonight!” Omar was all over it.  He reacted swiftly by calling for her arrest.

He tweeted, “I’m calling for the arrest of Maxine Waters. Let’s get ready for it.”

He added, The “Secret Service should call for Maxine Waters’ immediate resignation after these comments. We don’t need lip service.”

He’s constantly calling her out as a Poverty Pimp. Maxine’s 6,000 square foot $4.3 million dollar mansion is not in her own district, but in the elite neighborhood of Hancock Park. The plush mansion is a stark contrast to the lives of her constituents who are struggling to survive. Navarro announced his candidacy in front of her home and set the occasion to music with a mariachi band.

You can put lipstick on a swampmonster, but…

Maxine’s  past is laced with nepotism and exploiting her position in office to garner special favors for her family members. Her questionable practices regarding an arranged meeting between Treasury Officials and  Representatives of the OneUnited Bank resulted a judgement from the House Ethics committee.  Because her husband, who owned sizable stock in the bank would have benefited from a bailout, the Committee charged her with  3 counts of violating House Rules and the federal ethics code.

Navarro and those who are not spell-bound by Democratic Mind-Masters wonder how Maxine can afford a $4.3 million dollar mansion as well as other properties on a government salary. Just guessing  that it involves the lucrative art of race-baiting, divisiveness and cashing in on the flow of dirty money in the DC Swamp.

One  of the dirty cash streams was reported by Judicial Watch. She raked ” in big bucks by skirting federal elections rules with a shady fundraising gimmick that allows her to receive unlimited amounts of donations from certain contributors. For years the veteran Los Angeles lawmaker has raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars in short periods of time by selling her endorsement to other politicians and political causes for as much as $45,000 a pop instead of raising most of her campaign funds from individuals and political action committees.”

One example is straight out of the Clinton Cartel pay-for-playbook.

As reported in the Daily Wire, “”…A lobbyist known as one of California’s most successful power brokers while serving as a legislative leader in that state paid Rep. Maxine Waters’ husband $15,000 in consulting fees at a time she was co-sponsoring legislation that would help save the real-estate finance business of one of the lobbyist’s best-paying clients…Real-estate finance businesses,” such as the one helped by Waters’ influence, were labeled a “scam” by the IRS in a 2006 report.

It does get old.

Maxine’s  famous technique to exploit her constituents plays off the MSM-programmed hatred of our fairly elected President. Her obnoxious slogan “Impeach fohtty-fahv” is as predictable and insane as she is.

Like all Democrats, that’s all she’s got.

Their entire platform is based on Trump-bashing,  identity politics, hate, divisiveness and stirring up envy rather than inspiring growth.

They cling to lies such as the Russian/Trump Collusion Hoax and refuse to let go, despite mountains of evidence that all Russian Collusion roads lead to the Left. 

Watching over our children

Auntie Maxine represents “Liberals.” That spells trouble for our children. 

The Democrats’ stubborn #resistance to school choice is an unconscionable human rights violation. They would rather see children’s lives ruined by a lackluster education than give up control of the indoctrination camps we call public schools. 

The Left is psycho-sexually abusing our children in taxpayer funded schools and public libraries by pushing age-inappropriate sexual information and their radicalized LGBTQI agenda on young children. 

Navarro cares about our children and their God given right to innocence. 

When Omar saw a Satanic drag queen reading to innocent children in the Long Beach Public Library he was as horrified as any of us with a soul were. He sprang into action and confronted the library staff.

As reported last October on IMOwired,

Navarro, who is campaigning against witchy woman Maxine Waters tweeted,  “What are we teaching kids in school? Demonic teachings alive in Long Beach. I’m outraged they would allow this.”

He was so angry about it that he went to the Long Beach Mayor’s office but was dismissed and told to contact the Library. Their spin was that the event was shut down because of complaints that were “hateful” toward the LGBT community. This is how they turn concerns about our children upside down.

Navarro was targeted by Leftist terrorists.

Without fail, the Left professes to care about Latinos, the black community and women, but should any of them be a Conservative, they are vilified and in danger of being attacked by unhinged Leftist terrorists. 

As stated on his website,

“On February 28th Omar, a Latino Trump Supporter, was himself attacked, yelled at through a bullhorn and called an “immigrant cracker” by protesters at a Cudahy Town Hall calling for Cudahy to be a Sanctuary City.

Obviously Omar is fighting an uphill battle for all of us. The Globalist  Left is not about to sulk in a corner and plan for 2020 after Hillary’s crushing defeat. 

Smear Campaign

Navarro fights to unseat the Establishment’s “Auntie Maxine,” but the passionate labor of love is met with the typical headaches that Conservatives face. 

Last OctoberThe Daily Breeze did a hit piece on Omar. They reported that “they learned” that Navarro did a day in jail, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and is on probation because he illegally used a tracking device on his wife’s car. 

The hit piece reported all kinds of disparaging information that they “learned” from their source, Jeff Benson. They mentioned that Benson was a former spokesperson for the Navarro campaign. However, they either didn’t know-or neglected to mention- that their source is a former disgruntled volunteer for Navarro’s campaign who became embittered and vengeful when his demands for money for his volunteer efforts were turned down.

Jennifer, Navarro’s Deputy Campaign Manager, explained to IMOwired that Benson was not actually a campaign spokesperson, but a walker. 

Jennifer relayed some other disturbing details about the Daily Breeze’s source…

  • Jeff Benson threatened to turn against Oma Navarro unless he forked over some money. Sure sounds like blackmail to me.
  • Omar didn’t cave to the threat so the volunteer-who supposedly cared so much about California’s future that he would volunteer to support Navarro’s campaign-ran to The Daily Breeze to give them a juicy earful to take down Maxine’s opponent. 
  • Benson is so unhinged that Navarro’s family, friends and staff are all afraid of him. His pattern of stalking and harassment continues to this day. 
  • Omar Navarro’s wife Tory wrote a response to the Daily Breeze article but they refused to publish it. Navarro’s campaign has ample proof of Jeff Benson’s pattern of stalking and harassment, so in the interest of self preservation I will not be reaching out to him for comment. 
  • Fine print retractions and corrections won’t readily appear, even when actively searching for them.

Smear campaigns have become the go-to weapon in the Democrat arsenal. With the help of Globalist Google, it will always be swamp scum lies that rise to the top of search engines. 

Auntie Maxine can dish it out but….

Navarro posted a copy of a document on Twitter that was sent to him. It appeared to have been written on official House of Representatives stationary. The letter indicated that Maxine would resettle tens of thousands of refugees in her district.

Omar posted it as a way to elicit a response.

It got Maxine’s granny drawers in a bunch.

Rather than respond directly, Maxine unleashed her lawyers and filed a complaint. 

The Democratic art of deflection

Just as the Dems focused on how  their emails were leaked to Wikileaks to deflect attention away from their content, Maxine Waters is focusing attention on the validity of the document rather than clarifying her stand on the issue. 

Maybe it’s because Maxine Waters would  import tens of thousands of refugees into the 43rd district. After all, she has pushed for 100,000 “refugees” to be imported into the US. She signed a petition from George Soro’s MoveOn.org calling for the import of the invading army. 

Just as Maxine has pushed the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax, she pushes the fake “refugee” hoax. Even EU Commission VP Frans Timmerman admitted that these migrants are not actual refugees, but economic migrants.

Therefore, Geneva Convention rules do not apply.

No country is obligated to take in one single “refugee.” The Globalist Left hopes no one will understand this, so they continue to push countries to roll out the suicidal welcome mat. The goal is to implode the economy of host countries, destroy their culture and brutalize their own citizens through crime and terrorism. 

If Mad Auntie Maxine wasn’t so intoxicated with  Trump/Putin-hate she’d know there is no such thing as a Syrian “refugee” crisis anymore. Putin announced that with the help of Assad, Syria has been liberated. All the Syrian “refugees” can go home now to rebuild. All religions will be protected.

Is Maxine complicit in all these lies or is she just another programmed moron being exploited by her Globalist masters? 

At any rate, Omar Navarro has put her and her constituents on notice. 

His message is clear

“I’m running for Congress to represent you with unity and be your voice in Washington. I will work with anyone, regardless of party affiliation, to sustain and create jobs, invest in education and balance our budget – with a plan that stands up for the middle class, keeps taxes low and protects Medicare and Social Security.

Beyond the anyone-is-better-than-Maxine-Waters motive for showing up at the ballot box, Navarro represents Conservative values. The priorities listed on his website reflect his values and goals.

His priorities protect children. He is Pro-Life and pro school choice.  When he sprang into action to defend innocent children against the publicly funded Satanic Drag queen at the Long Beach Library, it showed the level of his sincerity. 

His history  in criminal law indicates a desire to protect all of us. He supports Veterans, the military, the Dept of Homeland Security, vetting immigrants and protecting our borders with The Wall. He does not support the idea of sanctuary cities which harm everyone but the criminals they protect and the corrupt politicians they enrich. 

He’s big on job and small business development. lowering taxes and balancing the budget. So for Trump supporters who want to MAGA, he’s the only choice. 

Words of wisdom from his Grandfather

Omar recalled, “Growing up, my grandpa told me that in Cuba, democracy was not an option. Citizenship in the United States requires us to do more than complain about our problems – we have to work together to fix them.”

Imagine how he felt when Maxine Waters shouted “Viva Fidel!” in praise of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during a speaking engagement featuring Castro in Harlem. 

Then again, she’s a history of siding with Castro and other criminals in Cuba.

Judicial Watch explains, 

“She has made worldwide headlines for her frequent trips to communist Cuba to visit her convicted cop-assassin friend, Joanne Chesimard, who is also known by her Black Panther name of Assata Shakur. Chesimard was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted by a jury of the 1979 murder of a New Jersey State Trooper. With the help of fellow cult members, she escaped from jail and fled to Cuba.

Outraged U.S. lawmakers insisted she be extradited but Waters always stood by her side, likening the cop-assassin to civil rights leader Martin Luther King. In fact, she wrote Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro a letter to assure him that she was not part of the group of U.S. legislators who voted for a resolution to extradite the cop murderer. Waters told Castro that she opposed extradition because Chesimard was “politically persecuted” in the U.S. and simply seeking political asylum in Havana, where she still lives.”

Appalling. Yet Democrats seem to get away with murder and/or supporting it. 

Impressive thumbs up

Some very influential people believe in Omar and his message. He has received endorsements from Herman Cain, Joe Arpaio, Barry Goldwater Jr, Sen. Joel Anderson, Pastor Darrell Scott, Larry Elder, Curt Schilling, Chuck Woolery and many more impressive public figures. 

Obviously he’s got my vote. Learn more, follow him on social media and show your support with a donation! Visit his website… omarnavarro.com

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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