Major blooper! Nancy Pelosi just let it slip that Mexicans are a bunch of criminals and rapists. 

Yup. In a recent El Paso Press Conference Pelosi encouraged Democrats to vote for their Party’s candidates because a Democrat win will “give leverage” to illegal immigrants. Did she just say that out loud?

She didn’t stop there. She ratcheted up the “Trump-ish racism” with this remark…

“And why is that important? Because it gives leverage to every family, to every mom who courageously brought her child across the desert to escape — to escape death, rape, gang violence, and the rest.”

Well. That’s that then. Case closed.

Either Democrats will have to stop pointing to our President’s past racist remarks about why we need to build the Wall or they’ll have to disavow Nancy Pelosi as a racist. Which poison do you think they’ll pick? 

Today’s love letter to Democrats:

Dear Democrats,

If you’re concerned that illegals are running from their bankrupt country for better opportunities, and to escape death, rape, gang violence and the rest, why do you want to turn this country into the spitting image of the one they’re desperately “running” from?

Yours truly, Diane

Oh wait-here’s another one.

Dear Democrats,

Why are you so racist against Black people?  You let illegals go to the DMV to get a driver’s licence in CA so they can vote. So why do you think Black people are too stupid and downtrodden to make their way to a local DMV to get a voter ID? And if they can’t make it there, how do you expect them to make it to the polls to vote for all you racists? 

Sincerely, Diane

Seriously. Could anyone be more racist than the sanctimonious Democrats?

Political Parties garner votes by appealing to what they truly believe is their voter base. So obviously,Democrats truly believe that Hispanic-American citizens appreciate illegals pushing their way in front of the line. That they want their hard earned tax dollars to pay for illegals. That they want their children endangered by drug smugglers, gang-bangers, child sex traffickers and terrorists leaking through an open border. 

Could the Democrats possibly insult the Latino community any more than that? 

Any letters you’d like to send to the Party of the KKK? Do you think the press will run with this blooper? If not, share the H*ll outta this and stop with the foolish racist smears against our President and his supporters. 

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Breitbart-Pelosi presser

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