Angela Merkel won. Globalists won. Germany lost.

So Angela Merkel wins  again. Surely the good people of Germany who have seen their country destroyed, been kicked out of their homes and had their daughters gang-raped did not vote for this blonde female Hitler.

You would think that the Hellish nightmare caused by  EU Queen Merkel’s  orchestrated “refugee crisis” would have been responsible for her losing the election. But it’s reached such a critical mass that it  actually secured her election.

Of course it was the “refugees” who  she pours into her country to destroy the citizens in her care that overwhelmingly voted for the tochter von Satan  to implement the will of Allah.  

Human bombs. Guilt bombs.

As we on the Right all know,  unsustainable immigration  is one of the  favorite weapons of the Globalists. It destroys existing cultures, implodes the economy and creates encampments for an invading army.

Merkel’s unlimited immigration was allowed to continue long after it wreaked havoc on the country for one simple reason. The good people of Germany are still reeling with guilt about the Holocaust. It’s the same suicidal guilt trip that is being imposed here and elsewhere.

People would rather die that be accused of being  a racist. Their remorse and shame over the sins of past generations eats them up.

Introspection and contrition are noble qualities.

For predator Globalists, those qualities present a  wonderful opportunity to exploit what they view as weaknesses.  Germany was already on the brink of destruction.

The votes for Merkel’s victory ring the death knell.

The blood votes were paid for by the citizens of Germany.

Hoards of unsustainable immigrants, voted for the death of Germany.

Terrorists posing as migrants who vow to destroy the German people voted for the death of Germany.

The Elite few who will cash in on Globalism voted for the death of Germany.

The idiot army of Germany’s Liberals” who “welcome rapefugees” voted for the death of Germany.

Germans who allowed name calling and guilt manipulation to push them into mass suicide laid the groundwork for the death of Germany.

Merkel says she will “vow to listen” to the peoples’ concerns.

Will “listening” stop the country and the women from being  gang-raped? Will “listening” restore the lifestyle of women who could at one time walk alone? Will ‘listening” revitalize the economy that is being purposely crushed by an infinite flow of migrants? Will “listening” create all the jobs that are needed?

Will Angela Merkel  hear as well as listen? Will she hear the cries of women being raped or having their faces melted with acid? Will she hear the cries of little girls having their genitals mutilated or being forced into marriage with pedophiles? Will she hear the last cry of a woman being ‘honor killed” or stoned to death?

The world will be watching-if it’s still allowed.

MSM, Facebook, Google, You Tube and Twitter will double down on efforts to keep Americans in the dark about the obliteration of Germany and other countries.

The Globalist enterprises will put the blinders on social media feeds to censor posts and that show the atrocities committed by the vile cult of Radical Islam.

They  will continue to close customers’  accounts and throw them in “facebook jail” for posting truthful and life saving information that they call “hate speech.”

As censorship and the war on free speech ramps up we can expect to see fewer posts about the realities of the invasion of radical Islamists and the destruction of Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Greece and other countries.

They warn us about blizzards or an oncoming tsunami but they refuse to warn citizens of the life threatening danger of our country being invaded.

If we were barraged by actual images of the EU-driven atrocities it’s possible that even programmed Libs might start to wake up.

Can’t have that. It’s all about their epic pay day. If once beautiful countries are destroyed and millions of people die, so be it.

RIP Germany.

One plus is that the AfD Party, which is an anti-immigration Party, gained more power in the  Bundestag, the German Parliament than they’ve had in 60 years.

Even so, do you think that Germany will survive another 4 years of Merkel? Comment below so it won’t get lost in the facebook feed.



But mostly an opinion piece based on common knowledge.