Are you sick of getting money grubbing emails from Trump-hating  environmental organizations?

I finally got a survey from one that made the mistake of asking for my feedback. I’m tweaking it a bit for this post. If I left anything out please add it in the comment section so your input isn’t lost in the Facebook feed. If you agree with this letter, please share it like crazy so these organizations get our message loud and clear.

Dear Trump-Hating Environmental Organizations,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give some feedback. Frankly, I’m completely turned off to environmental organizations like yours that have been weaponized to attack our fairly elected President.

Each email that attacks him is like opening up hate mail.

Greenpeace is the worst by far. Many environmental organizations receive a lot of money from George Soros, and we all know that his primary goal is to destroy this country with NGOs, as he is doing in Europe. He has polluted missions such as yours with his dirty money and his political agenda. Sincere environmental organizations have become extinct. 

See “When Green Goes Mean-Weaponizing Environmental Causes.”

So my trust for environmental organizations is now ZERO.

It is a big mistake to insult half the country in your emails. It’s true that wildlife, animal and environmental issues can only be resolved on a government level and policies that threaten these issues most often stem from the government. But half of America is so weary of the constant hateful attacks on our fairly elected President and all who support him, that you most certainly will lose our support.

It’s also a huge mistake for environmentalists to stereotype Parties other than the Democrats as being earth hating, animal killing barbarians. The filthy mess left behind at all Leftist demonstrations including Standing Rock highlights that hypocrisy and ignorance. 

We are pro-family. We want our environment preserved for our families now and for future generations. We want clean water and clean air. Just because many of us agree with President Trump that the Climate Change Accord is a Globalist money-grabbing hoax does not mean that the President and his supporters don’t want to make the earth a better place.

If Climate Change is due to man’s intervention, all that man can do to resolve it is to make sure that we have clean air, clean water, and industry that cleans up after itself.

President Trump has promised that he will work to ensure that we have clean air and water. But the media suppresses that information, which is typical.

I’m guessing that you’ve had a huge drop in donations.

If I am correct, one reason why might be your constant bashing of our President and by default, the very supporters that you are communicating with. You can’t ask people you’re insulting and smacking in the face for money. Well, you can, and you do. But it probably hasn’t  been a profitable approach for you.

It’s ironic that the one you supported and are still grieving over is a big part of the reason that many people will never, ever trust you again. Thanks to Hillary, another reason that your donations may be off is that so much corruption came to light regarding the Clinton Foundation and the Red Cross. Generous Americans will remain  leery about charities from now on.

You’ve done a lot of damage with your Trump-bashing. It’s going to be a long time before people that you have hurt and/or angered will ever trust you again.

I would be very interested in learning about how you intend to correct your attitude and approach, and if we can trust you in the fiscal sense. Naturally, you’ve already spilled the beans that you’re a Trump-hating organization, so any change in attitude will be attributed to your being phony for the sake of garnering donations. So maybe you’ve painted yourselves into a corner there.

Don’t worry. Your fellow Trump-haters will gladly pick up the slack. 

Your beloved Obama, who jet sets around the world and whose daughter took her own private jet to meet the family in Indonesia could be tapped. Hillary didn’t want to share a  fossil fuel-guzzling jet with Michelle to attend Betty Ford’s funeral, so they took two. No doubt they’ll all be happy to donate to your cause.

The DC, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and other Leftist elite have plenty of money to leave gargantuan carbon footprints with their private jets, multiple automobiles, and luxury yachts. Oh-and the A/C that cools off the hundreds of thousands of square feet in their homes. While we’re on the topic of carbon footprints, everyone should be conscious of this, as pretty much all of us are contributing to it in some way. These steps that can be taken to reduce carbon footprint could include driving less, doing some research into something like Xoom Energy rates, in the hopes of finding an affordable electricity plan or even switch off devices if they’re not being used, this could contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.

Don’t be fooled by their air and water-polluting multi-thousand dollar designer leather shoes and handbags. I’m sure they care deeply about the environment and the suffering of animals. Especially the ones who are still addicted to furs and estrogen replacement therapy.

They will readily open their wallets for you. 

BTW-and about your Hillary…

Please explain how she could threaten to throw our American coal miners out of work because coal is “so dirty,”  but then strike a back door deal with Putin to import coal from Russia?  Is Russian coal less dirty? Is that why she ignored sanctions on Russia?  What about the pollution caused by shipping it to America?  Just curious.

See “The Dirty Truth About Coal, Obama, Hillary and…Russia”

If only your core values represented love and concern for humanity.

It would be great to see you return to what your core values are supposed to represent. Love of the earth, love of the environment and love for our animals. Love for future generations-even when conservatives may be among them.

Instead your values embrace hatred toward our President, his supporters and for the country.

Hate for our country? Yes.

That is why President Trump is so vilified by the elite powers on the Left who are pushing for Globalism, dissolving our borders and instituting a single world government. You must know  that it’s not tin hat stuff-they’re all talking about it openly now. They even ridicule us for being “nationalists” because we don’t want to hand our country over to the UN on a silver platter.

It’s a shame that environmental organizations side with those initiatives whether intentional or not. But as long as you are aligned with the mission to destroy America, we the people who voted for President Trump will have to consider you to be a subversive organization, nothing more.

So if policies do pass under this administration that we might normally fight along with you, it’s on you. 


Diane from IMOwired

Please add your comments in the section below so they’re not lost on the facebook feed. If you know of an environmental and/or animal rights organization that remained a-political please give them a shout-out. They deserve recognition.