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Orchestrated Chaos: Twitter, Mueller and the Parkland Shooting


Recent “random” events are simply orchestrated chaos.

Orchestrated chaos has become our way of life during this WWlll by stealth.

The carpet bombing we’ve endured over the last year and a half can always be traced back to the same source-the enemy of all sovereign nations-the New World Order Globalists and their co-conspirators in our government.

The most powerful of the Luciferian elite lurk in the high shadows where they thrive and connive. A few recent events during the last week or so prove this theory again. 


Last week Twitter shut down conservative accounts and robbed users of a large percentage of their followers. 

This is by no means the first time Twitter has been exposed for censoring conservative voices. Facebook, Google and You Tube have also been guilty as charged. Yet due to their enjoying a once forbidden monopoly, we continue to clack away at our keyboards and enrich our enemies who seek to enslave and control us. 

George Soros has inexplicably been allowed to deputize himself as a national guardian of “fake news” along with David Brock, Mark Zuckerberg and other “Progressives.”

The war on free speech has become so blatant that ratings-starved CNN is openly lobbying to shut down Alex Jones’s Infowars channel on You Tube.  Like him or not, that is absolutely appalling. 

Perhaps more appalling is that it has become so typical. We’ve become conditioned to Face book throwing us in jail, Twitter locking us out and You Tube demonetizing and shutting down vloggers. The continued blatant attacks on free speech are always aimed at Conservative voices and especially aimed at those who dare sound the alarm on the New World Order agenda and Leftist corruption. 

Mueller blames the trolls. 

It is surely no coincidence that Twitter launched their recent attack on  free speech on the heels of Mueller’s indictments. 

Mueller’s indictment of Russian trolls-the pathetic fruit of his multi-million dollar witch hunt-provides more than just a few scalps to justify his paycheck. It provides a new reason to wage war on free speech expressed through social media.

Mueller handed a tool to the Left and to social media giants to attack our free speech on social media lest we be considered “Russian bots.”

Mueller’s announcement was an admission that his witch hunt did not yield the severed head of our fairly elected President for the bloodthirsty Left. Instead, he uncovered a few pesky face book trolls.

It was essentially an admission that the cries to burn President Trump at the stake for “Russian collusion” emanated from a crime engineered by Hillary and her camp and perpetrated upon the American public by our Mainstream Media. 

Unlike the Russian trolls who merely sought division rather than interfere with our national election, MSM, the DNC, Obama, Hillary and her camp were not indicted. 

Parkland. False Flag.  Or “don’t let a good crises go to waste.” 

The announcement  of the Great Russian Troll sting and the renewed attacks on America’s right to free speech was muted by the tragic Parkland shooting that rocked the nation. The Parkland shooting provided cover for the botched witch hunt and the ramped up war on our First Amendment.

Outrage was drowned out by the media’s focus on the shooting. Corporations punished the NRA for the incident and Lefties picked up some new signs to wave. 

In spite of overwhelming evidence that the responsibility for the shooting lies in the lap of Sheriff Scott Israel and the FBI, the Left quickly blamed the NRA to attack our Second Amendment and justify a gun grab. 

The Dems and their RINO pals could not be any more predictable. Every single time, without fail, they exploit violent incidents by going after the NRA and law abiding citizens who wish to protect themselves.

A thought…

Many on the Right believe that aside from staged reactions, actual tragedies in our nation were staged. “Truthers” have been attacked by their fellow Conservatives,  as though questioning that certain events might be traced to government corruption and Globalist infiltration is tantamount to blasphemy. 

It seems strangely convenient that the Parkland shooting provides cover for an attack on our entire nation, specifically attacks on both the First and Second Amendments. And it sustains the Left’s programmed outrage so they don’t suffer withdrawals from the Russian/Trump Collusion Hoax.

Maybe we’ve reached a point where we cannot put anything past the Globalist Powers That Be. 

The Dems are indebted to Nicolas Cruz. 

Aside from renewing arguments to tear up our Second Amendment, Cruz offered an opportunity to take the heat off issues that the Left wants to bury.

As the Parkland shooting and self righteous indignation hogs the headlines, Leftist zombies will slip into their programmed amnesia….

Forget DACA, now that Trump’s solution won’t guarantee votes for the Dems.

Forget the Russian Trump Collusion Hoax-a massive crime emanating from Obama, Hillary and her camp to interfere with our election and place their Queen of Corruption on her throne.

Forget that all evidence of Russian Collusion points to Hillary’s campaign.

Forget that Mainstream Media perpetrated this hoax 24/7, manipulating the emotions of the immature, under-informed  part of the population.  Given enough time, it’s likely that their wrath  would turn on Mueller who let them down and the MK Mind Control masters in MSM who lied to them and screwed with their heads. 

Forget that Cruz and his other mass-shooter peers were destroyed by drugs long before they concocted their plans and accumulated weapons to carry them out. If the Left were to acknowledge the role of Big Pharma-they might cry out to reform the Globalist  vampire industry.


Another benefit from the Parkland shooting for the Left is that it provides another means to attack our President.

If President Trump is seen as weakening his stand on the 2nd Amendment in response to public pressure, it could divide his base.

It also provides a  means to enliven their potential voters since it’s become crystal clear that they have no meaningful platform other than hating on Trump. With the Russian Trump Collusion Hoax shot to Hell, all they have left is the usual -torturous dismemberment and murder of the unborn, unsustainable migration, race-baiting, psycho-sexually abusing children and blaming white Conservatives and their guns for the woes of the world. 

A nation under attack

If nothing else we will no longer have to wonder why the Jews stayed too long in Germany or did not fight back. We live in the same murky soup of complacency and an inability to fully realize the extent of how evil our enemies are. 

Who would know better the effectiveness of Hitler’s techniques than Globalist Nazi Collaborator George Soros? While he is not at the top of the food chain, he is the most prominent orchestrator of discord, destruction and self enrichment. 


One of Hitler’s most powerful weapons was propaganda.It is surely no coincidence that the division in this nation is in large part thanks to Mainstream Media.

It is surely no coincidence that the vacuum of information and the libelous character assassination of our President that the Left has been inundated with is due to the complete abandonment of the press’s sacred duty to objectively inform the public in favor of swaying public opinion. 

The Left clings to MSM propaganda, but it’s important to remind them:

  • Obama legalized propaganda to be wielded against American citizens in 2012.
  • Obama revived Operation Mockingbird in 2016 shortly before leaving office.
  • The Washington Post received a $600 million dollar contract from the CIA.
  • Fact-Donna Brazile fed Hillary Clinton debate questions. 
  • Mainstream Media was exposed for colluding with Hillary’s campaign and perpetuating the myth of the Steele “Dossier” and Russian/Trump collusion while burying evidence of  the crimes committed by Hillary and the DNC.  
  • It was the MSM that fooled them with fake polls that Hillary had the election in the bag.
  • It was the MSM who lied to them about Trump/Russia collusion and had them frothing at the mouth for his quick impeachment. 

As attributed to Mark Twain, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Meanwhile, recent attacks on free speech drive home how vital propaganda is to the Globalist Left who are Hell bent on conquering America. 


Holocaust Survivor Rolf Gompertz observed that immediately following Kristallnacht the Nazis closed down all Jewish newspapers and shuttered Jewish Centers so that Jews could no longer congregate and communicate with each other.

Obviously Social Media has replaced our coffee shops and town halls. It was social media and the free flow of information-the Globalists’ worst nightmare-that played a huge role in our last election and continues to expose the ongoing coup and rampant corruption. 

The Powers That Be  would love nothing more than to shut down our ability to congregate and share information. 


Hitler instituted gun control in 1938 and threatened Jews with 20 years in concentration camps if they were found possessing a firearm.

Of course, Globalist Google’s search engines will show all the “Liberal” sites debunking that piece of history at the top of search results. 

Political Assassinations.

Political assassinations were commonplace  and provided a tool to instill fear and exert control in Hitler’s Germany.

While Hitler and his goons were more bold in carrying out  public executions, ours today are more under-the-radar,  but effective nonetheless. 

We have a long list of mysterious deaths that have been ignored by law enforcement and “debunked” without investigation by Mainstream Media.

It’s a truly bizarre “coincidence”  that those listed in the infamous body count all have ties to the Clintons and posed a threat to the Clinton Cartel. 

Like Seth Rich.

His cold blooded murder was preceded by John Podesta stating that he was all for making an example of a leaker.  Donna Brazil stated in her book that after Seth Rich’s death she was so frightened that she kept her curtains closed.  Brazile  stated that she was told by a spook– a CIA insider- to be careful.

That admission speaks volumes. She was fully aware that Seth’s murder was a political assassination, not a botched robbery. 

Should those who dare question the “body count”be allowed to live, they  are politically assassinated by other means:

  • Ridicule.
  • Character assassination
  • “Slap suits” that lead to financial ruin.
  • Demonetized by social media monopolies who don the deputy badge of  the “fake news” or “hate speech” police.
Know your enemy.

The Globalists who seek to create a One World Government by any means necessary have various armies and weapons: the ongoing Mueller-led coup, Democrats, RINOs, “Liberals,” BLM, feminazis, radical Islamists, “educators” in the schools system who psycho-sexually molest our children, Soros-funded NGOs, Antifa, White Supremacists, the radicalized FGBTQIs, Climate Change worshipers, mass shooters, school shooters, Big Pharma, the Mainstream Media and more.

The elite Globalist scum who thrive in the shadows bank on us falling into their trap of orchestrated chaos and belief in random events. But all random events point back to the same unholy source for the same unholy reason. 

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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  1. cc

    Hey, glad your back. I’ve missed your insightful articles. Some thoughts; it’s time to defund Mueller #defund Mueller would be great. He’s spent ten+ million to find Russian trolls who spent 1.2 million (RIDICULOUS)! Also this is “unreasonable search and seizure”. Lastly I just learned of the pernicious influence of the Tavistock Institute upon this country. You probably know of them already and their ties to MKUltra, CFR, and the trilaterals. Hope you can incorporate that knowledge into future articles. Keep it up.

    • Thank you so much for your kindness and support. You are so sweet and one in a gazillion! Been on a bit of a detour-life has a mind of its own sometimes.That said it sort of pushed me into a new project. I’ll keep you posted. The Tavistock tip sounds very interesting. I’ll be sure to look into it. There is no doubt that much of the population has been manipulated in a truly sinister way, coupled with the propaganda that Obama legalized to be used against Americans in 2012. If I can put something together about it I’ll be sure to give you a major shout out! Hope you’re doing great:)

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