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Oregon Court Rules: Lesbian Rights Supersedes Bakery Owner’s Rights

oregon bakery fined

Bitter news for the “Sweet Cake” bakery in Oregon. Due to their religious beliefs they refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. They’ve been fined $135,000.

After much wrangling in court, the judge in the Liberal state of Oregon ruled against the owners of the bakery and  in favor of the vindictive lesbian love birds. 

Fox News reports,

“The Kleins, who owned Sweet Cakes By Melissa, made national headlines in 2013 when they declined to make a wedding cake for Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer. 

The Kleins were subjected to a homofascist mob that boycotted their business, threatened other wedding vendors and subjected their young children to death threats. 

The lesbian couple filed a complaint with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries – leading to a drawn-out court battle and tens of thousands of dollars in fines.”

The Kleins have placed the money into a government account pending appeal. They were forced to close down the business that they have spent years building up. 

Meanwhile, a similar case is being fought in the Supreme Court because Colorado baker Jack Phillips refused to bake a cake for 2 men who were tying the knot. He offered to sell them a pre-made cake. He just didn’t want to decorate one for them. 

Phillips explained, 

“The two men who came into my shop that day were living out their beliefs. All I did was attempt to live out mine. I respect their right to choose and hoped they would respect mine.

They did not. And, considering all of the hate mail, obscene calls and death threats my family has received since I was sued, a lot of other people don’t see tolerance as a two-way street, either.”

Art vs Food

The debate centers on the issue of whether or not a cake is an art form and is worthy of falling under freedom of expression or if it’s just plain ol’ food. 

However, an occasion cake IMO definitely bonds the maker with the occasion. Moreover, there are some instances in which decorating cakes can elicit an emotion that goes far beyond selling a bag of pasta to customers. 

For example, Wal-Mart made news last year when one of their employees refused to make a”blue lives matter” cake for an officer’s retirement party. A Louisiana man was irate when Walmart refused to make a cake with a Confederate flag but was able to get one with an ISIS flag frosted up at a different location. 

Cake decorators are generally supported when they refuse to make a cake with a swastika on it. Back in ’08 a couple was refused a customized birthday cake for their son at Shop-Rite because their child’s name is Adolph Hitler. 

Where do you draw the line? Will a nice little ol’lady be forced to draw an erect leather strapped  p*nis on a cake rather than send the people who are just exercising their right to their own sexual practices to the erotic cake bakery down the street? 

The gay card

“Liberals” don’t really want to be equal. That would imply others having rights too.

They don’t really want to be strong. The Left thrives on victimhood. 

Their minorities play the race card and their women play the gender card. Now the gay card  is part of the passive/aggressive/crybully arsenal. 

The strong, independent  females-or whatever they call themselves- had a meltdown and said they “felt raped” when the Christian couple refused to bake their wedding cake. Financially venge-raping the Kleins made them feel better. Nice.

Rainbow terrorism

The Christian bakers have begun homeschooling their kids due to cake-inspired bullying. They’ve been harassed, with “tolerant Liberals” Emailing things like, “People like you will burn in HELL, you racist pigs.” and “Maybe your god will send you some cat food to eat when you’re living on the street?”They’ve been subjected to an eerie break-in, harassment,  and hostile social media campaigns.

The Kleins tried to make a go of baking out of their home, but as a result of the campaign directed at destroying their business, Melissa is now struggling to earn income though making and selling wood-burnt art.

The radicalized LGBTQI community does not want this couple who disagrees with them to earn a penny to support their 5 children. They want them all to die. 

Gay is the new religion

Once upon a time people traveled a long distance at great personal risk to come to America to exercise religious beliefs. 

Yet the Left despises Christians and Jews. They aim to burn them all at the stake. 

To “Liberals” the only respectable or “allowed” traditional religions are Radical  Islam, atheism, paganism or Satanism.

Beyond that, they’ve even created their own new religions. They worship their Obamagod and Hill-goddess, and attend Rev. Al’s Church of Climate Change.

The newest religion that holds the record for most obnoxious efforts for conversion is the  LGBTQI movement. Oh sorry-it’s now the LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual) cult. They’re even imposing their own obnoxious vocabulary on the population. In some states there are criminal penalties for not cow-towing to the “proper” gender pronoun. No traditional religion ever had that much power. 

Catered events

It’s one thing to be tolerant but quite another to enable, encourage, partake in or cater to alternate religions or  lifestyles.

For the record-I don’t care if people are gay as long as they stay away from our children. But the LBGT movement has become aggressively politicized and is targeting and indoctrinating our youth at an alarming rate.   

LGBTQI’s portray themselves as being persecuted by the intolerant. However, the truth is that it’s gotten to this point where our civil liberties and our children are in danger because we’ve been so very tolerant. If the conservative gay community doesn’t speak up like Camille Paglia does, we will have to  re-think our tolerance. 

At any rate, there is nothing wrong with having businesses that cater to the needs of their own community, and sometimes that translates to their religious or lifestyle community. No one expects a Muslim or Orthodox Jew to bake a First Communion cake. No neighborhood has it all. Sometimes you have to travel a bit, or start a Gofundme campaign for a specialized bakery to open up. 

No accidents

Aside from going after our children, the radicalized movement is attacking our civil liberties. The “tolerance” as Phillips pointed out, is a one way street. 

It makes you wonder. This couple did not go to a bakery owned and operated by homosexuals or Liberals. They did not choose a Muslim bakery. 

They chose-no, targeted- a Christian bakery. 

It wouldn’t be a stretch to suspect that this vicious couple was Hell bent on waging war on this Christian couple and making a big stink out of it.  It’s a hate crime. 

The Left ruins everything

The Left has become emboldened with their success in having people fired for patting someone on the  a** 30 years ago. In doing so, they’ve made a mockery of actual workplace  harassment victims. 

When their “feminist” movement held the Clintons and women abuser-by-proxy Linda Sarsour in such high regard they made a mockery of women’s rights and rape victims. Some went so far as to carry “We welcome rapefugees” signs. 

They’re also making a mockery of the actual Civil Rights issues as they compare their imposing of sexual choices on the general population to the Civil Rights movement. The narrative that gay people are “born that way” and haven’t made a lifestyle choice offers a shield that still has not been proved and is often disproved. 


As President Ronald Reagan said, “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of Liberalism.”

Whatever happened to the “right to refuse service to anyone?” One of the joys of owning an independent business is that you get to carve out an income for yourself that is based on your own values and interests.

The decidedly un-gay gay couples aim to take that joy and those civil liberties away. 

The “peaceful tolerant” Left is viciously attacking livelihoods

There is no room for disagreement. If someone doesn’t bend to the will of the radicalized Left, they will destroy others and their families. They have no qualms about attacking  the children of adults with whom they disagree. 

Forcing people to choose between their livelihood and their soul is the ultimate fascist state. It’s frightening to think that America would become a country that forces a human being to paint an image that  contradicts their religious beliefs or that they find vile and disgusting.

Will Orthodox Jews and Muslims  be forced to lick the boots of the radicalized LGBTQI agenda? Will a Muslim baker will be forced to write “Christ is King” on an Easter cake? Will a black baker be forced to create a sweet edible masterpiece for the local KKK rally? 

Maybe we should storm all Liberal bakeries and have them make a “Hillary for Prison” or a “MAGA” cake for us. Of course it would be a symbolic purchase-we have to wonder why anyone would want a hostile food handler with hostile body fluids making a cake for them. 

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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  1. Kat

    This case started in January 2013. Gay Marriage was illegal in Oregon until 2014. Baking the cake for a Same Sex wedding in a state where it was illegal to wed. Hmmm. Can’t wait for this to get to the Supreme Court so they can overturn the opinion of the silly 9th Circuit Court.

  2. Kat

    To go even one step further, the Bakery sold them a cake and had no problem until they requested a cake for a same sex wedding. So they were not discriminating against gays, they were following the law and standing up for their own 1st amendment rights with their religious beliefs.

  3. Rich

    Queer judges helping queers, only in America!

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