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O’Reilly Scalpfest: 5 Ways This Could Backfire on the Dems…

Bill O'Reilly gone from Fox could backfire on Dems

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Dems are cheering! Fox booted their nemesis, Bill O’Reilly. They just don’t get it. All their plans backfire!

The Dems suffer from premature celebration. If the charges of sexual harassment against Bill O’Reilly are true, that is a separate matter. But it seems that having his scalp was their goal. The  harassment allegations were exploited as the means to that end. Cheering this as a victory is a big mistake.

5 ways that having O’Reilly fired will blow up in their face:

1) Do they really believe Fox will replace O’Reilly with Rachel Maddow?

Hell no. Wildly popular Tucker Carlson already took his slot. With conservatives hating on turncoats Megan Kelly and Shepard Smith, Fox will have to find someone for Tucker Carlson’s slot that will please their audience. Unless they want to just give it up and join the rest of the Liberal outlets.

2) Does silence on Fox mean silence forever?

His perspectives will still find a place in this world.  His fans will follow him wherever he goes. If he isn’t contracted by a regular cable network maybe he’ll join alt-right media and strengthen it. Now that he’s off Fox he’s free to become even more savage. Nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose.

3) It will remind the country that  they’re the the Party of Rape.

Sexual harassment isn’t good,  but rape and child molestation are worse. As they profess moral outrage they’ll be called out on their hypocrisy. Almost-First-Hubby Bill was a serial rapist and intern abuser. John Podesta is under scrutiny for his pedo-ish emails  that implicate most of Washington.  Both Bill and Hillary took multiple trips to “Pedophile Island.” Anthony Weiner sexted with a minor. Their Party’s alignment with the rape culture of Radical Islam is not cool either.

4) It  draws more attention to the Lefts’ war on freedom of speech and the press.

Their war on the first amendment has become increasingly more arrogant and bold, especially on college campuses. Hateful Antifas and Anti-Trumpers violently oppose diverse opinions. It’s not a smart move to be branding yourself as the Kristallnacht Party. In an ironic backfire, their move to strengthen their party by shutting down free speech could weaken them. If swing voters have a brain cell in their head it will be a big turn-off.

5) It will expose George Soros as the true head of the Democratic Party.  

The reasons for O’Reilly’s departure are based on allegations of sexual harassment. Whether he is guilty of that or not, it’s beside this particular point-the Left was out for his head. Exploiting the allegations were the means to that end.

The usual suspects, the orchestrators of the scalp campaign, will be exposed. No surprise- it’s  George Soros, Media Matters and a Hillary Super PAC.

The email below was published by Glenn Beck. It appears that the scheme to oust O’Reilly was engineered by The Bonner Group, which is a Super PAC and major fundraiser for Hillary’s campaign and the DNC. They partnered with Media Matters, a group founded by Hillary fan David Brock and heavily financed by George Soros.

This group is Hell Bent on silencing all conservative voices, including Breitbart.

Two can play at that game. They’re creating a precedent that could silence their “fake news” and seditious broadcasts.

But let’s face it-there’s probably no conservative group with the mindset or the money to orchestrate that level of sustained evil.

Even so, the end goal should be to allow ALL voices, no matter how obnoxious, to be able to assert their first amendment right. And ideally to do so without fear of being fired, banned, punched, pepper-sprayed, smeared or “suicided.”

What do you think about Bill O’Reilly’s departure? Comment below!

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  1. Linda

    It’s awful with what the liberals did to O’Reilly, If it was true these woman would of come out along time ago. Smear campaign because he is a conservative. soros is probably responsible for this. Just remember to all involved God sees everything, and you all will answer to him! Good luck.

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