And it’s driving me crazy! The dirty dossier has provided the entire foundation for the Mueller witch hunt.

Tom Cotton announced that the dossier doesn’t have any credibility. The dossier claiming that Trump was  peed on by prostitutes in Russia and is being blackmailed by the Russian government has been debunked repeatedly.

The newest wrinkle involves Fusion GPS-the firm who contracted British spy Christopher Steele. When called on to testify in front of congress two partners in Fusion GPS, Thomas Catan and Peter Fritsch, repeatedly took the fifth so they wouldn’t’ have to reveal the name of who had contracted them to dig up dirt on then-candidate Trump. When Congress went after Fusion’s bank records to get to the bottom of it, they fought the move aggressively.

It has long been held  that the dossier was paid for by a Hillary PAC. Recent allegations suggest that it was paid for by Russian operatives. Given that RINO John McCain delivered the salacious document and that his virulent hatred of President Trump knows no bounds, some are suggesting that the old tumor-ridden traitor may have financed it as well.

Breaking news!

Hillary’s campaign and the DNC paid for the dossier!

Fox News reports, 

“The controversial dossier containing salacious allegations about President Donald Trump and his possible connections to Russia, including coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, resulted from funding by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee to the firm Fusion GPS, a source familiar with the situation confirmed to Fox News.

Fusion GPS was retained by Marc E. Elias, an attorney representing the DNC and the Clinton campaign, The Washington Post first reported Tuesday. Fusion GPS then reportedly hired former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to write the now-infamous dossier.”

“…Prior to the firm being retained in April 2016 by Elias and his law firm, Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS’s research had been subsidized by an unidentified Republican during the GOP primary.

But the Clinton campaign – and the DNC – saw the research through, funding the firm through the end of October 2016, just days before Trump defeated Clinton in the general election, according to The Post’s reporting.”

Still no word on who the ‘unidentified Republican” is.

Here’s what they keep forgetting and it’s driving me crazy!

This is from an April 1st post…

Former KGB Chief, Oleg Erovinkin was likely Christopher Steele’s key source.  And died under suspicious circumstances. 

More dots connecting surrounding his death:

  • Oleg Erovinkin was  likely Christopher Steele’s key source.
  • The report was first contracted by Trump’s Republican enemies, then Dems.
  • McCain handed  the dirty dossier to the FBI “sometime late last year.”
  • Oleg Erovinkin’s body was discovered on Boxing Day-December 26th.
  • 15 days later Buzzfeed published the story January 10th-just 10 days before the Inauguration.
  • The dossier had been circulated for months before Buzzfeed published it.

Foul play was suspected in the death of Oleg Erovinkin. But the official cause of death was eventually ruled a heart attack. Why he’d be dead of a heart attack in the back seat of his own Lexus is anyone’s guess

Mainstream media almost always assumes who his killers were.

Most stories covering Erovinkin’s death finish with finger pointing at the Kremlin.

But the insane links between Hillary supporters, the FBI and RINO McCain should not be dismissed. Their ties to contracting the misinformation campaign known as the “dirty dossier ” should be investigated. It’s also blame-Russia-reckless to assume that their hands are clean.

They had motive.

Wouldn’t Erovinkin’s death be extremely convenient for the Anti-Trumpers? After all, had he lived he could possibly have been a witness to the crafting of the dubious dossier.  Since he was Steele’s likely source, he could have discredited some or all of the dossier. Any information said to have been provided by him could have been refuted.

Maybe they just “got lucky.” So how convenient is that? The guy who could testify about his input and any pertinent information was a former Russian spy who was arkancided in his vehicle.

The dirty dossier was a product of Democrat Russian collusion.

The information was allegedly obtained with the partnership of a former Russian spy. Some contend that the information was funded by the Kremlin to dig up dirt on then-candidate Trump. Obama’s DOJ and FBI pounced on the dossier without investigating its orgin-or choosing to ignore it.

The dossier and the Alt-Left Trump/Russia collusion hoax has caused immeasurable damage to this country.

Tom Cotton is right. The dossier has no credibility-at least as far as implicating President Trump. It may however, prove to be a credible document in uncovering a multitude of crimes on the Democrat side of the aisle. #StopTheHoaxNow


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