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  • Trump Kushner White House Office of American Innovation

Good News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Trump Taps Kushner for “White House Office of American Innovation”

  • Montana moves to keep Sharia Law out of courts

Good News, Politics/OpEd

Montana Says NO to Sharia Law

  • Farage Calexit

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Calexit: Nigel Farage Takes Charge

  • Robert Reich fights Gorsuch nomination

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Reich Rolls Over Gorsuch Playing Trump/Russia Game

  • defund Planned Parenthood


Defunding Due to Planned Parenthood’s Own “Choices”

  • schools shorter 4 day week

Education, Good News, Politics/OpEd

Schools Get Smart-Switch to 4 Day Week

  • Trump Meets with Congressional Black Caucus

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Trump Met With Skeptical Congressional Black Caucus.

  • rasmeah yousef odeh deported

Good News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Feminazi Idol, Terrorist and Murderer Rasmeah Yousef Odeh is Outta Here!

  • Was the Ryancare failure really a failure?

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Crazy Like a Fox-Was Today’s Ryancare Fail Really a Fail?

  • Dr. Phil mainstreams pizzagate

Pizzagate, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Dr. Phil Mainstreams #Pizzagate! (video)

  • Chuck Schumer Russian ties
  • Schumer ties to Russia

Good News, Politics/OpEd

Chuck Schumer Next to Bend Over for Russian Probe?

  • Freedom Watch wants Comey to testify again

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Freedom Watch to Comey: Not So Fast!

Good News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Podesta Ties to Russia Could Face Probe

  • message Their Blood is on Your Hands

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

To the Radical Left: Their Blood Is On Your Hands (video)

  • London terror attack

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Had Enough? London Reels from Terror Attack

  • Nunes Evidence that Trump was wiretapped

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Backfire! Nunes Has New Evidence Pres. Trump Was Wiretapped

  • Bestiality OK Trudeau Supreme Court

Animals, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

PM Trudeau Says Yes to Bestiality-Ohio Says NO

  • Comey lied. There was wiretapping

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Comey Lies. Wikileaks Busts. Rand Paul Nukes!

  • Radicalized Left Domestic Terrorists


The Radicalized Left-The New Face of Terrorism

  • Comey says no evidence of President Trump wiretap

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Comey: No Evidence of Wiretap Gowdey: No Surprise

  • US interfered with foreign elections 81 times

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

“Glass House.” USA Interfered 81 Times in Foreign Elections!

  • Flint Michigan awarded 100 million to fix water

Environment, Good News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

5 Problems With President Trump’s Award of 100 Million to Fix Flint’s Water

  • Russia will investigate CNN and other US news sites operating in their country

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Payback’s a CYKA! Russia Will Investigate US News-CNN Included!

  • Linda Sarsour says feminists must be anti-zionists


Linda Sarsour Hails the Nazi in “Feminazi”

  • Most refugees do not meet definition of Geneva Convention
  • Geneva Convention abused by globalists to destroy US


Globalists TWIST Geneva Convention to Destroy US

  • President Trump is not Anti-Muslim

Good News, Politics/OpEd

3 More Crushing Blows to “Trump is Anti-Muslim” Bulloney

  • President Trump refused to shake hands with Angela Merkel

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Why It’s GREAT That President Trump Refused Angela Merkel’s Handshake

  • President Trump Angela Merkel press conference wiretapping

Good News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Comic Relief at President Trump Angela Merkel Press Conference

  • should families of 9/11 worry about President Trump and Saudi Prince?

Backstories, Politics/OpEd

Should Families of 9/11 Victims Worry About Peace in the Middle East?

  • Obamacare Insurance Fraud

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

The One Simple Reason Why It Doesn’t Matter That Millions Will Lose Health Insurance

  • President Trump and Saudi Prince Salman put us on the right track

Good News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy, Uncategorized

Saudi Prince Raves About President Trump!

  • Rex Tillerson to investigate Obama and Soros for interfering in foreign elections

Good News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Rex Tillerson Could Kill 2 Bad Birds With One Stone Cold Investigation!

  • Swedish Minister lied about rape stats

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Swedish Prime Minister Busted for Lying About Rape Stats

  • what if the "refugees" were white?


What If the Middle Eastern “Refugees” Were White?

  • Drain the Obamaswamp

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

More Muck from the Obamaswamp!

  • Geert Wilders hoping for a victory Dutch election

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Prayers for the Netherlands and a Victory for Geert Wilders

  • Soros behind ACLU and push for 17 year olds to vote

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Soros Rears His Ugly Head-Again. And Again.

  • Obama teamed with British spies to tap Trump

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Obama teamed with British spies to tap Trump

  • Phreet Bharara fired

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Buh-Bye Preet Bharara

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Dmitry Peskov: 7 Points To Shame “The Resistance”

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