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Obama’s Hanukkah Gift of Hate to the Jews

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Have a Trumpastic Christmas and Chanukah!

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Putin’s Christmas Card to Trump

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Democrats Keep Makin’ Damn Fools of Themselves

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Trump’s Magic Wand is on Fire!

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When Green Goes Mean-Weaponizing Environmental Causes

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Now Hiring: US AIR FORCE

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Elitist Celebrity Snobs. Boycott Time!

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“Merkel’s Dead.” Reaction to Christmas Market Terrorist Attack

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Backfired-Hillary Lost Electors!

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CIA-Masters of Deception

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Trump Wins. Again. Hillary Loses. Again.

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The Hillarycamp Turns on Huma


Sellout! Michael Moore’s Big Fat About Face

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Atheist Smackdown! Renowned Physicist Proves That God Exists

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Historic Crossroads for Electors

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Resumes-A Word of Caution

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Bunker Police Know How to Drain a Swamp

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