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Putin ends crisis in Syria

Good News, media, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

“Villain” Vladimir Putin to Refugees: Syria is Liberated. Go Home Now.

California fires

Environment, media, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Reporting on CA Wildfires: AP News Just Set It’s Own Pants on Fire

Obama compared Trump to Hitler

Politics/OpEd, Racist Nazi Democrats, Today's Crazy

President Trump Moving Embassy to Jerusalem. Obama Says He’s Hitler.

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Special Limited Time Offer: Honor a Real Great American-for FREE

President Trump withdrew from Global Compact on Migration

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President Trump Withdrew US from the UN Suicide-by-Migrants Pact

Terry McCauliffe and Hillary's brother being sued

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

DC Swamp Scams’n’ Scandals: Chinese Sue McCauliffe & Hillary’s Brother

Did Flynn Flip

#StopTheHoaxNow, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Flynn to Cooperate With Mueller: Five Reasons Not to Freak


#StopTheHoaxNow, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

More Clinton Pay-to-Play: Billary and Obama Link to Iraq and Russia

Information., Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Is Repealing Net Neutrality a Clever Way to Repeal Media Bias?


How to Contact the White House and Your Representatives

inspiration, Politics/OpEd, Racist Nazi Democrats

Globalist War on White Men is a War on Black and Latino Men

Hillary's Satanic Christmas Tree

Holidays, Politics/OpEd

Holiday Flashback: Hillary’s Satanic Christmas Tree

Russian collusion points to Hillary Clinton

#StopTheHoaxNow, Politics/OpEd

Hillary Still Points to Trump But Russian Dotskis Point to Her

Crowdstrike cofounder Dmitri Alperovitch

#StopTheHoaxNow, Politics/OpEd

DNC Russian “Spy Catchers” Crowdstrike: Ties to the NWO Agenda

McCain's response to Roy Moore

Politics/OpEd, RINO John McCain, Today's Crazy

Cheater/Philanderer John McCain’s Response to Roy Moore

conspiracy, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Joseph Mifsud Linked to Hillary’s Missing Emails. Now He’s Missing.

Wikileaks and Donald Trump Jr Seth Rich

Politics/OpEd, Seth Rich, Today's Crazy

Whoa! Did Wikileaks and Donald Trump Jr Expose Seth Rich’s Killers?

Hollywood Weinstein hysteria

Pizzagate, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Roy Moore Caught Up in Hollywood Weinstein Hysteria

General Michael Flynn could take down

Backstories, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

General Flynn Could Fry Mueller-and 4 Treasonous US Presidents

media, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

WaPo Smear of Roy Moore Speaks Volumes About Its Agenda


Canada Could Pull the Clinton Foundation Off Life Support.

Clinton pay to play Laureate Education

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Laureate Education: Another Clinton Foundation Pay-to-Play Exposed

November 8th Happy MAGA Day

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Happy MAGA Day! Top 5 Bullets Dodged. Thank You God.

George Soros bet against MGM Mandalay Bay

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

What Are the Odds? George Soros Bet Against MGM/Mandalay Bay Hotel.

media, Politics/OpEd, Seth Rich, Today's Crazy

Seth Rich Justice: Between the Lines in Donna Brazile’s Book

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal las vegas

Las Vegas Shooting, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Arrested: Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. His Ties to Las Vegas

Donna Brazile haunted by Seth Rich

Politics/OpEd, Seth Rich, Today's Crazy

Donna Brazile Haunted by Seth Rich. Yeah. So Are We.

Joe Biden presidential run 2020

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Joe Biden Mulls a 2020 Run. Maybe Harvey Weinstein Can Be His Veep.

Seth Rich Amy Dacey connection

Politics/OpEd, Seth Rich, Today's Crazy

Hmmm. Amy Dacey. Sounds Familiar…Something About Seth Rich.

Donna Brazile

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Donna Brazile Just Spilled the Beans. Hillary Hijacked the DNC.

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

NYC Terror Attack: Lindsey Graham Responds With 3 Game Changers

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Ignored Imam’s Warning About Terrorists

Backstories, Luciferian Elites, media, Politics/OpEd

Attack of the Rabid Hillbots: The Epidemic Mind Control Virus

media, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Mueller Filed Charges-Indictments Pending. But Will The Charges Stick?

Celebrations as Catalonia declares independence

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Catalonia Sounds the Death Knell to Globalism. EU: NO Doesn’t Mean NO

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Eric Bolling’s Son: Official Cause of Death is Only Half the Story.

Sweden is dying

Politics/OpEd, Sweden

String of Bombings in Sweden: 7 Vital Signs Show Sweden Flatlining

Pizzagate, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Corey Feldman Going Through Hell. His New Game Plan. (video)

Las Vegas Shooting, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock’s Brother Arrested for Child Porn

shooter's hard drive is missing

Breaking News, Las Vegas Shooting, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

OK So Now Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock’s Hard Drive is Missing.

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