Well that’s odd. Paul Horner, a fake news writer-who hated Donald Trump-was found dead in his apartment.

38 year old Paul Horner, an infamous publisher of fake news, was found unresponsive in his Arizona home.  According to the Maricopa coroner there were no signs of foul play. Although family members  said that he abused prescription drugs there was no sign of an accidental overdose either. Hmmm.

During the 2016 election Paul Horner created websites that appeared to be news. They were designed to spread false information to turn people against Trump.

The New York Post reported, 

His Trump stories had the polar opposite effect of what he intended, he said.

“I thought I was messing with the campaign, maybe I wasn’t messing them up as much as I wanted — but I never thought he’d actually get elected,” he said. “I didn’t even think about it. In hindsight, everyone should’ve seen this coming — everyone assumed Hillary [Clinton] would just get in. But she didn’t, and Trump is president.”

Well that’s odd.

Actually there’s quite a few things that are odd…

  • Horner said that he was shocked that so many people fall for fake news because they don’t fact-check anything. His aim was to take down Trump to help Hillary Clinton win the election.
  • It’s odd that Paul Horner doesn’t fit the Left’s narrative that all fake news was designed to hurt Hillary and benefit Trump, which would deligitimize his election.
  • So odd that Paul Horner was trying his doggonedest to hurt the Trump campaign with his fake news but it backfired. He claims it ended up getting Trump elected.
  • If Horner was cajoled or sponsored by the Left, once again a young man who may have had inside dirt on the Hillary campaign turned up dead.
  • And once again a comedian who smeared Obama as gay wound up dead.
  • Once again we hear the phrase “no foul play suspected”  referring to the untimely death of a young man who may have posed a threat to the Left.
  • Horner’s death coincides with Mueller’s investigating  facebook ads purchased by Russia, supposedly to help Trump and hurt Hillary. Two things quickly became evident. 1)  Russia had purchased what is in Facebook-land, a minuscule amount of advertising  and 2) Russia purchased ads that benefited and/or hurt both candidates equally.
  • It’s odd that Paul Horner’s fake news designed to help Hillary and hurt Trump could put a dent in the justification to launch the aggressive war on free speech.  Google, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter claim that they must combat ‘fake news” because it supposedly interfered with the election, causing Hillary to lose.  The subterfuge shuts  down conservative voices that don’t suit the Globalist agenda. George Soros is also among the self appointed “fake news’ police. If Paul Horner could blow the whistle on the fake news investigators rather than the investigated,  that would have put him in a dangerous spot.
  • In a nauseating twist of irony CNN interviewed Paul Horner. Anderson Cooper grilled him-Gosh. Why he would create fake news?  Only idiots would believe that CNN would be shocked about someone creating fake news. But for those idiots, it provides a way to make CNN appear more legit, as if CNN does not condone fake news. But it may have backfired. During the interview Paul Horne threw Cooper off his game when he insinuated that CNN spreads fake news because “they have an agenda.”
The cause of death may not be visible on the coroner’s table.

The actual cause of death may be linked to whatever agenda he may have threatened. One  agenda could involve some of the biggest power players on earth who are waging war on free speech under the guise of cracking down on fake news. They cite fake news as having been a factor in the 2016 election.

There’s also a possibility that some shady characters may have been involved in Paul Horner’s fake news empire to benefit Hillary. If Paul Horner’s pro-Hillary news sponsors were traced back to DNC thugs, that could be problematic.

Paul Horner’s death is  one more “coincidence” that might benefit the Globalist Left.  It could be that 38 year old Paul Horner died of natural causes. Or it could have been an information overdose.

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