PAWS-The Pet and Women Safety Act

The PAWS bill was designed to help victims of domestic violence and their pets.  It was reintroduced in Congress by Nevada’s Senator Dean Heller, a Republican  and Michigan’s Senator Gary Peters, a Democrat.

Isn’t it great to see what can happen when the two parties work together? 

Women who are victims of domestic violence often suffer the additional trauma of having their pets abused and threatened.

The Santa Cruz Animal shelter addresses the issue on their website,

Researchers have found that a batterer’s first target is often an animal living in the home, the second-a spouse or child. Often, batterers are able to control their victims, such as a spouse, by threatening, torturing, and/or killing the victim’s animals.

National surveys conducted by various universities and the Humane Society of the United States show that about 74% of women who are victims of domestic violence have an animal. Nearly three-quarters of those women report their pet was threatened, harmed or killed by their partners.

World Animal News quoted both Senators.

Senator Heller stated, “I am committed to combating domestic violence and ensuring survivors are provided with the services they need to heal. No victim of this crime should have to choose between their safety and the safety of their pet, which is why I’m glad Nevada has facilities in both Reno and Las Vegas that serve victims of domestic violence, their children, and pets. I am proud to introduce this critical legislation with my colleagues to ensure domestic violence survivors across the country receive the assistance they need to leave an abusive environment.”

Senator Peters said, “Abusers often exploit the emotional attachment victims have with their pets, leaving victims of domestic violence stuck choosing between their own safety or leaving a beloved pet in harm’s way. I’m proud to join my colleagues in introducing this bipartisan legislation that will help empower victims to leave abusive situations, get a fresh start and keep their pets who are treasured members of their families.”

 #MAGA hats off to Sens Peter and Heller!

It’s great to see our members of Congress showing concern for domestic abuse victims and animal welfare. Greater still to see both parties working together on behalf of their constituents.

Imagine what we could be accomplish in this country if we could hold vengeful Dems accountable for their abuse of our fairly elected President! Oh wait-there are bills in place for that. Nevermind.

Would you like to see more done for domestic abuse victims? Animal welfare?

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