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Petition to AG Sessions#StopTheHoaxNow

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The Special Counsel led by Robert Mueller must be shut down effective immediately.

The Russian/Collusion hoax that has been perpetrated on the public must end. Those who perpetrated the hoax should be brought to justice.

It has been 11 months and the Democrats and Republican Establishment have not found one ounce of collusion between  the Russians and then-Candidate Trump.

The current investigation is an appalling violation of President Trump’s civil liberties as well as a politically driven scheme to undermine his Presidency, his Administration, and the American voters.

It is a political stunt blowing through taxpayer money to interfere with our election. It’s also a noisy tool to detract from the multitude of crimes committed during the Obama administration.

The Counsel should be shut down for the following reasons:

Conflict of Interest:

  • Robert Mueller’s history of close friendship with disgraced  former FBI Director,  James Comey
  • Robert Mueller appointed a team for the Russia Probe of biased Pro-Hillary supporters.
  • Robert Mueller visited President Trump the day before he was appointed hoping to slip into his friend Comey’s seat as Director of the FBI.


  • The counsel has based the investigation on a dossier that has been debunked.
  • The FBI knew the dossier was trash but used it anyway as a “roadmap” to investigate  claims that the President ‘s campaign was colluding with the Russians.
  • The FBI also used the dossier to “bolster the investigation.” Comey even referred to the phony document during his hearing in front of Congess.
  • The FBI knew the dossier was phony, but the Obama administration’s corrupted FBI shelled out money to purchase another one to benefit the Clinton campaign.
  • James Comey admitted that he committed what may be the crime of espionage as well as  FBI policy by removing his memos, which were government property and by leaking classified information to the media for the sole purpose of spurring a special investigation.

Violation of Civil Liberties.

Mueller’s Special Counsel is investigating alleged ties that President Trump has to Russia. But the investigation being spearheaded by political opposition is worse than Russia did in the darkest days of the Soviet Union.

Renowned Constitutional and Civil Liberties lawyer Alan Dershowitz summed it up with the following statements:

“US investigation is Stalinist. Crimes should be investigated, not people.”

“I don’t like criminal investigations to start hoping that you have the target, maybe we’ll find the crime. Maybe we’ll find the statute. If we can’t find the statute we’ll stretch the statute to fit the person.”

“That sounds like Lavrentiy Beria and Joseph Stalin. ‘Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.’ I don’t want to ever see that come to America.”

Please know that Americans are waiting for Members of Congress, especially Republicans who now hold the majority, to have our President’s back. We are waiting for Members of Congress to protect the country from what is obviously an attempted coup. We are waiting for Members of Congress to protect this country from the aggressive attempt to undermine the will of the people and the integrity of our elections.

Our Veterans have lost their lives fighting wars  overseas- ostensibly to bring other countries “democracy” and “free elections.” Who will come to our defense?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said it best when she stated that those who refuse to accept the result of an election are a direct threat to Democracy.

We’re tired of the weakness of the Republican-led Congress. The silence is deafening. The lack of outrage and action is despicable.

Will you be for us or against us?

Stop the Hoax NOW.

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