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Pizzagate Wake Up Call! Rampant Pedophilia Destroys Microsoft Employees


Two Microsoft employees are filing a lawsuit against the company.

Their suit is based on a claim that they’re suffering from PSTD after being forced to filter through images of child pornography, murder, and bestiality, I mean it’s one thing watching adult movies on websites like in your spare time for your own benefit, but to sit and watch child pornography, beastiality and murder videos or look at graphic pictures of these sickening things too on a daily basis is bound to be traumatic.

Breitbart reports,

Two members of Microsoft’s Online Safety Team are suing the company, citing post-traumatic stress and auditory hallucinations after being made to filter through and remove videos and pictures of child porn, murder, and bestiality as part of their job. Members of Microsoft’s Online Safety Team had ‘God-like’ status, former employees Henry Soto and Greg Blauert allege in a lawsuit filed on Dec. 30. They ‘could literally view any customer’s communications at any time,’” reported the Daily Beast. “Specifically, they were asked to screen Microsoft users’ communications for child pornography and evidence of other crimes.”

They allege that Microsoft did not have a health plan that offered adequate psychotherapy to deal with their distress. In addition,they were denied worker’s compensation for their psychological injuries.

Breitbart continues,

Soto was also forced to remain in the position for at least a year and a half before being able to request another transfer– the usual practice for any position at Microsoft.

As part of the job, Soto claimed that he had to watch and filter through “horrible brutality, murder, indescribable sexual assaults, videos of humans dying and, in general, videos and photographs designed to entertain the most twisted and sick-minded people in the world.”

“Many people simply cannot imagine what Mr. Soto had to view on a daily basis as most people do not understand how horrible and inhumane the worst people in the world can be,” proclaimed the lawsuit, adding, “He had trouble with sleep disturbance, [and] nightmares.”

…Greg Blauert, who is also currently suing Microsoft, cited similar concerns about the job, declaring that he had to sift through “thousands of images of child pornography, adult pornography and bestiality that graphically depicted the violence and depravity of the perpetrators.”

…Both men have been diagnosed with PTSD and are currently on leave from work.

Microsoft defends the surveillance.

When images that exploit children are discovered, it’s reported to The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and ban the user. No one can argue that protecting our children is top priority.

Microsoft claims to have a wellness plan in place to support employees. However, the quality of the plan is part of what is up for debate. Soto and Blauert claim that their counselors were under trained. Employees on Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit are offered a more comprehensive mental health program.

No wonder this job has taken its toll on them. It would for anyone with a heart or a conscience or a soul. But why would Microsoft place techies in that job and then train them to do this type of surveillance? Why not hire FBI field agents and offer them the specific tech training that they’d need?

Another takeaway from this story is that pedophilia has become rampant to the point of an epidemic.

SO many questions…

Pedophilia has been a growing problem and yet is somehow never addressed politically. It makes a person wonder. Is it because the Washington elite do not see it as a problem at all? Are they trying to protect their own- or blackmail their own? Because maybe there is, in fact, an enormous pedophile ring that caters to the Washington elite? Is that why so many journalists who report on “Pizzagate” are shut down? Why has the politically planted media suppressed what should be the scoop of the century instead of practicing investigative journalism? Why do they slam all investigations as being “fake news?” Why has John Podesta not been hauled in for questioning?

What are the Clintons’ ties to Laura Silsby, who was convicted of child trafficking in Haiti? Where’s the follow up about the murder of Monica Peterson who was in Haiti investigating Clinton ties to Laura Silsby and child trafficking? Why did the Washington Post and other media slam similar questions as being “fake news” instead of investigating the eerily coincidental ties? If there’s no connection, fine. But why not investigate it?

These questions need answers.

That these Microsoft employees were inundated with so much depravity proves that pedophilia and other depraved crimes is rampant . It’s a very real problem and not at all “fake news.”

How many victims could have been saved from a lifetime of suffering had people been more willing to accept the idea that child abusing Catholic priests are not in fact God and nothing more than sick pervs masquerading as holy men?

People want to dismiss these possibilities.

Because they cherish their own comfort. They choose to worship their political, religious and celebrity idols and turn their backs on innocent children.

The left chose (feels so good to use the past tense!) to align themselves with Hillary and Bill- both of whom have some serious questions to answer about their involvement with Jeffrey Epstein and Laura Silsby.

Many have no problem applauding convicted child rapist Roman Polanski. They chose to throw Bill Cosby’s victims under the bus until the evidence was so overwhelming that they had to cave. In other words, it’s idols before victims for the radical left.

There’s a lot of people who need to wake up. Unless they just don’t care.

Elite pedophile rings are nothing new. Examples include Jimmy Savile, the Elm Guest House and the government sponsored Franklin Scandal. It’s nothing new for such degenerate scum elites to exploit innocent children for their own gratification. What is new perhaps the enormity of what’s going on.

Also disgusting is how it’s being “normalized” by radical lefties who are now trying to elicit sympathy for perpetrators. The New York Times published and article by an “expert” who claims that pedophilia is not a crime. Governor Gerry Brown of California recently decriminalized underage prostitution. Michelle Obama was “shaken to the core” when she heard Donald Trump’s 11 year old locker room banter but allows her daughter to intern with self-confessed incestuous child molester, Lena Dunham.

Radical lefties are more likely to lend a sympathetic ear to a twisto from the “Man Boy Love Association” than to anyone with a different political point of view. Especially if the conservative is a celebrity, someone from a minority community or a member of the LGBQT community, as we’ve seen with Milo.

The vicious and unrelenting war against the new administration was and will continue to be unprecedented.

The elites have everything to lose if they can’t complete and capitalize on the destruction of the US, Israel and European countries.

They will lose even more if this massive pedophile ring is proven to exist. The panic to cover their tracks could very well be the fuel on the fire. Enough to start a nuclear war with Russia.

This is what the left, whether consciously or not, aligns themselves with.

Awesome update!

Before hitting the “publish” button, IMOwired came across some great news! Mainstream CBS grew a pair and allowed Ben Swan to report on Pizzagate. This video is well worth the watch. Bear in mind he had to pull back quite a bit, but it finally offers an introduction to the public that presents some information while asking the all important question-why hasn’t this been investigated?

Well today, thank God is January 20th! Maybe our new sheriff in town-President Trump can get these questions answered once and for all!

Please share this so people can demand answers. If it is true, we don’t want these children’s suffering and exploitation to be on our conscience!



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