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“She Plagiarized.” Writer Sues Chelsea for Ripping Off His Book


Chelsea made her debut as a children’s book author with “She Persisted.” It’s on the New York Times bestseller list.

Its’ a darling way to indoctrinate little girls from 4-8 years old into the feminazi penis-envying victim mentality. If they only just persist  they can get what all the horrible boys and men have handed to them on a silver platter.

As explained on Allen West’s website,

“…“She Persisted,” a title borrowed from a feminist rallying cry attributable to Elizabeth Warren’s opposition to the appointment of Jeff Sessions. 

The book is aimed at kids (mainly girls) aged four to eight, and profiles 13 American women (among them including Helen Keller, Oprah, and Sonia Sotomayor). Throughout the book, it documents the adversity that each woman faced, all with the dictum “nevertheless, she persisted.”

As explained on IMOwired

Leftie parents want their little girls (is it still OK to call them that? ) to look up to some seriously questionable role models. Not just Chelsea and her Mom, but the feminazis in the children’s book. Like Fauxcahontas Warren, Oprah who said all white people must die, and Sonia Sotomayor who said she “would have bashed [Justice Antonin] Scalia with a baseball bat.” 


She persisted. She plagiarized. She lawyered up.

Turns out that one children’s author’s nose is bent out of shape worse  than Arthur’s was before his addiction to plastic surgery. Thanks to Arthur’s  comical cosmetic nose jobs he has been rendered  virtually unrecognizable as an anteater.  OK that was a tangent. But can you blame me? Come on! Here’s the before and after pics:

Arthur’s transition was gradual Michael Jackson type process.


Christopher Janes Kimberly claims that Chelsea ripped off his idea and he’s takin’ the  bi*ch to court. 

The New York Post reported,

An upstate author is suing Chelsea Clinton for allegedly ripping off his idea when she published her best-selling feminist kids book, “She Persisted,” federal court documents reveal.

Christopher Janes Kimberley, 56, of Albany, is seeking up to $150,000 from the former first daughter and Penguin Random House for copyright infringement. …

The little-known writer claims his 2013 illustrated kids book, “A Heart is the Part That Makes Boys And Girls Smart,” features quotes from at least three of the same inspiring women that Clinton uses in the book, according to the court documents.

Kimberly claims he sent the president of Penguin Young Readers US, Jennifer Loja, a book pitch via Facebook in May 2013 and she passed off his idea to Clinton. …

In “She Persisted,” Clinton cites Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman and Nellie Bly in the “Quotable Questionnaire” section of the book— a concept she swiped from Kimberly, the suit states.

Clinton’s book also features 13 historical women “front and center on the book cover,” which is “an unauthorized reproduction of [Kimberly’s] own work.” …

“The appearance of impropriety is striking,” he says in the lawsuit.

The writer filed a cease and desist order in April to stop Clinton from publishing the book on May 30.

If Chelsea persists and the Judge is a Hillbot, perhaps she will “win.”

Hopefully she’ll “win” because this could open up a Pandora’s Box. Word has it that Juanitta Brodderick might sue because Chelsea ripped off the title of her upcoming work called “She Resisted.” (just kidding there)

No doubt Chelsea got her very first children’s book published because of her persistence, rather than her family name.  Aaah. Now there’s a  fairy tale.

She persisted all right. Just ask the people of Haiti.

It makes sense that Chelsea would foray into the children’s book arena. Her concern for children would melt your heart. Just ask all the kids in Haiti.

Her fairy tale wedding to her Prince Charming was paid for with Clinton Foundation funds that should have been used to rebuild their lives.

But hey, they just need to persist.

Her wicked biological Mom persisted in front of Congress.

Chelsea will do just fine in court. Her Mom can give her lots of tips from her big black book of spells. No public figure has persisted  in Congressional hearings more than Hillary Clinton.

Did Chelsea inherit the spellbinding teflon gene?

She persisted in her run for office.

Chelsea’s wicked biological mother will show ‘er how it’s done.

In spite of insurmountable evidence for her crimes, Hillary persisted. That bejewelled crown and Oval Office swivel throne was rightfully hers, doggone it.

The  Mystical Powers That Be  had it all lined up!

Plus, she had her Fairy FBI godfather on her side!

But uh-oh. It did not end happily ever after  for Hills as we all know. 

Chelsea’s Mother’s Goose got cooked. Bigly.

The big bad monster with the orange skin and funny golden hair snatched the crown from her with his allegedly small claws!

And hey-no fairsies! He had a whole army of magical Russian  IT trolls to help him defeat her. Because Russian  trolls wanted to Make America Great Again too.

So mean.

Speaking of fairly tales-what about all the “fake news” that took her down? And magical memes? And that strange humanesque green river monster-Pepe the Frog?

Nonetheless, she persisted.

For a brief amount of time Hillary howled and roamed the enchanted woods near her secret [service protected] Chappaqua cottage.

Her transformation from Yeti to vampiress was short lived.

She came. She saw. She decried.

And yes.  She Persisted. 

She persisted in blaming aaaall in the Kingdom  for her crushing defeat.

Hillary shared her own fairly tales, also known as the Neverending Story of Blame to captive audiences everywhere.

Meanwhile…aside from  her adoring, feminazi handmaidens, the rest of the big bad world was ridiculing her.

Nonetheless, she persisted. She persists. Hell, she doesn’t shut up.

Persisting isn’t always such a great idea.

Just ask Nancy Pelosi. Nancy and Chelsea’s wicked biological mother should persist a little less. Go outside. Get some air. Grow some beanstalks or something.

Their Ken Doll King Obama needs to stop persisting and/or resisting too. His obsessive stalking of the Mighty American Monster in the White House is downright creepy.

Chelsea may want to persist less too.

She may enjoy the advantage of having Globalist handlers who are pushing her into the political spotlight. But other stories have an eerie way of unfolding.

Like the story behind her Prince Charming-that he’s George Soro’s nephew.  Even tho’ proven fiction, that fairly tale has a way of sticking like donkey-doo to a blanket.

Or like the story that Bill was just a stand-in all these years for Real Daddy–the Giant Ogre of Rose Law Firm.  And all the money,  surgical tweaks and photo-shop magic in the kingdom won’t make that story die.

Sometimes you can persist till the how now brown cows come home. It doesn’t mean you’re gonna win. Not all stories end happily ever after.

(But-shhhh! Don’t tell that to the feminazi-ettes!)

How do you think this story will end for the Plaintiff? Comment below!

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