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Planned Parenthood Teaching Sick Sexual Acts to Minors. (disturbing video)

"Planned Parenthood" Teaching Sick Sexual Acts to Minors



Why is Planned Parenthood Teaching Sick Sexual Acts to Minors -including S&M and asphyxiation?

If there was the slightest doubt that PP is a Satanic organization this undercover video will remove all doubt. The (warning-disturbing) video shows Planned Parenthood Teaching Sick Sexual Acts to Minors.

This video was published 3 years ago, but somehow slipped under my radar. On the off chance that it slipped under yours as well, here it is….

Are these the “health services”we should fund?

It has been suggested that even if taxpayers score a win to stop funding abortion at these clinics, that we ought to fund their other “health services.” If Democrats think there is anything healthy about this, they are truly delusional. And depraved.

PP is in the business of mass murder via abortion and illegal organ trafficking. They’re also guilty of not only enabling pedophilia, but given the nature of this “education,” guilty of pedophilia themselves.

What kind of evil women are these, that gleefully instruct kids on the joy of giving or receiving pain during sex? Using whips? Gagging? Bondage? Asphyxiation?

What is also alarming is that there seems to be no shortage of these taxpayer funded witches. God help us.

Planned Parenthood is contributing to the delinquency of minors.

Planned Parenthood is grooming these kids. Removing their boundaries. Corrupting them. Normalizing deviant and dangerous behavior.

And what is the purpose of this personal interaction, other than grooming them? It’s not like kids can’t find out all this stuff on the internet and through their friends.

It’s not hard to imagine what any decent parent’s reaction would be if they caught a neighbor or “friend of the family” coaching their kid like this.

It’s also not hard to imagine that a young girl wouldn’t entertain making a little cash on the side, since it’s all  “OK”  anyway-according to their adult “instructors.”

If there was ever a reason to shut these Hellholes down altogether, this would be it.

Schools are even worse.

“Sex Ed” programs enjoy the government seal of approval that allows pedo-teachers to dig their claws into children as young as 3.

Public schools mask this corruption under the guise of “anti-bullying” in order to push their transgender agenda. They share the “health” mask with PP to teach impressionable kids about oral and anal sex instead of math and science.

Planned Parenthood is Hell masked in a pretty shade of pink.

Had you seen this video before? Your thoughts? Comment below!



  1. planned parenthood is discusting and needs to be shut down

  2. Pelosi, McCain and others in Comgress need to be censored.

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