Conservative squashing Twitter technocrats allowed # MAGAbomber to trend. 

“Bombs” allegedly planted by the so-called “MAGAbomber” were found-and detonated at the homes and offices of Barrack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, former CIA Director John Brennan c/o CNN, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Maxine Waters and Robert DiNiro. Their Master George Soros was targeted earlier. 

Demstream Media, Democrats and stars of the Hollywood Puppet Show immediately concluded-with zero evidence-that the bombs were the work of a “MAGAbomber,” a Right Winger, who they say-was inspired by all the violent rhetoric spewed by President Trump.

Are you buying any of this? 

Conservatives immediately smelled a rat.

Clearly, the Left made a HUGE mistake by choosing to become an Unhinged Mob. Now they’re desperately scrambling to turn the tables.

It’s hard not to jump to the Hoax conclusion, given their MO.

No evidence? No problem! Just smear an opponent with baseless allegations! No actual perpetrators-or witnesses? No problem! Call Gloria Allred or the creepy porn lawyer! Need actual dirt  on your political opposition? No! You need a good fiction writer to pen a pee pee “dossier!” Need to paint Trump supporters who’ve been victimized for the last 2 years by Democrat sanctioned violence as the bad guys? No biggie! Mail yourself some phony bombs and blame it all on them!  

Democrats and their Media are quick to criticize Conservatives for their gut reaction that this is a hoax.

However, Jim Fitzgerald, the former FBI agent who helped to capture the Unibomber says it has the earmarks of a false flag, or “Black Ops.” He laid out how he reached his conclusion that the packages were designed to look as though they came from someone else.

He also asks the all-important question-who does this hurt in front of the midterm elections? The Republicans.

He also pointed out that aside from Democrats it could be the work of international interference trying, once again, to interfere with our elections. Isn’t it odd that the Left didn’t jump all over the opportunity to revive their dead Russian Collusion horse? Didn’t they think of that? Or are they hoping we’ll forget all about their Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax? 

What else can you add to this list?

Here’s a shortlist that validate Conservatives’ initial gut reaction that the “MAGAbomber” is the Left’s new pee pee dossier, their new Christine Ford, their new Bimbo eruption:

The packages have no postmarks. Yet the recipients’ addresses are too far away from each other to be hand delivered by one person.

Elites have video surveillance around their property. Let’s see what that pulls up. 

They were all conveniently-duds

Bomb detonation experts point out that the bombs are totally amateur-designed for scare tactics only. 

Experts stated that during the onset of an investigation, the media is never allowed to photograph bombs. Yet CNN “reporters” took selfies with their bomb. 

Who does this benefit? Why would any Trump supporter and/or Republican backstage the midterms with such an act? 

Midterm Madness?

While Conservatives have plenty of video evidence pointing to the Left being an Unhinged Mob, there is thus far, no video of any “MAGAbomber.” 

Bust since when does evidence stop Democrats from smearing President Trump?

When bombs were sent to President Trump’s sons, Dems and their media blamed the President. Now that bombs were supposedly sent to Democrats, they’re blaming President Trump.

Their claim? He has incited violence. Is this a ploy to not only garner sympathy but also to get President Trump to lay off his criticisms of corrupt Democrat opponents? 

Unlike Democrat politicians and celebrities who openly encourage violence and call for the assassination of the President. President Trump, VP Pence and all high ranking Republicans  denounced this act and all forms of violence. 

Democrats are desperate to shake off their new “Unhinged Mob” image. Their “Caravan” stunt, aka invasion is also blowing up in their face. Could this be an attempt to “accuse the other of that which you are guilty?”

Will this backfire? 

Like the Mueller Witch Hunt, the Kavanaugh hearings and the migrant “Caravan” aka invasion, this stunt is costing taxpayers a fortune. An intense FBI investigation is under way. The US Postal system is being scrutinized. Security has been doubled at NYC bridges, airports and tunnels. 

CBS News reported President Trump promising that the perp or perps will be caught:

“My highest duty as you know as president is to keep America safe,” he said, adding that the “federal government is conducting an aggressive investigation.” He condemned threats of political violence as “an attack on our democracy itself,” and called for “all sides to come together in peace and harmony.

Will they rue the day that they called for “an aggressive investigation” into their own shenanigans?

The rest of CBS’s “journalism” conveyed that Hillary Clinton expressed her gratitude to the Secret Service, described George Soros as a Liberal Philanthropist, and subtly jabbed at President Trump for criticizing the media’s role in this climate of hostility. 

No wonder the Left tried to close RT down. Unlike Fox, they were quick to report both sides of the story and gave ample coverage to the idea of this stunt as being a hoax. 

The Unhinged Mob has recently earned the reputation as Domestic Terrorists.

And if it does turn out to be a hoax, it will be just as Democrats are labeling it-an act of terror.Could the timing of all this be any more suspect? 

So what’s your vote? Real ? Hoax? Undecided? Take the poll!

Do you think that should a “bomber” be found he’ll commit suicide before spilling the beans?

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