President Trump met back to back with 2 Russian Leaders, FM Sergei Lavrov and FM of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.

The meeting with the two Russian Leaders was not hailed with praise, but the usual barrage of predictable outrage and accusations from the Globalist Left and MSM.

The Dems and MSM are still reeling from Comey’s firing and how to spin it as a means for President Trump to cover his alleged Russian collusion tracks.

Instead of kow-towing to treasonous bullies President Trump went all in-your-face!

This magnificent tweet is epic!

FM Lavrov announced that President Trump and President Putin will meet in July at the G20 Summit.

The Dems behave like everything they claim to hate about Russia.

Their Obama-god spied illegally on an incoming Presidential candidate, his team and millions of other Americans.  He also tried to interfere with elections in other countries. Yet those Soviet police state tactics are OK with his worshipers.

In full Stalin-style they’re pushing to overthrow our fairly elected President and pin a crime on him with zero evidence. Meanwhile their Queen Hillary was pardoned from multiple crimes with mountains of evidence and a public admission by the Director of the FBI that she was guilty of all those crimes.


Hillary preferred nuclear war with Russia over peace.

And yet the Dems call President Trump crazy.

If hateful Hillary hadn’t blown the rigged election we’d already be detoxing from the nuclear fallout and burying loved ones en masse. She and Barrack were both itching to start a nuclear war with Russia. The Dems still are, obviously.

CNN cited mysterious sources stating that Comey’s firing was due to President Trump trying to cover up …[a whole lot of nothing ]that the Dems are “investigating.”

“On Tuesday night, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in what sources told CNN was partly a direct response to the investigation.”

CNN followed the spy thriller intrigue with some uncomfortable truth.

“Putin and Trump already had discussed a July meeting during a phone call in the past week. The Kremlin website said Putin and Trump were “in favor of organizing a personal meeting in connection with a meeting of the G20 summit.”

Relations between US and Russian leaders had been noticeably deteriorating in recent years. Under former US President Barack Obama, a Kremlin spokesman said nearly all levels of dialogue had been “frozen.”

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.

You can also tell a lot about them by their enemies.

The Globalists hate Putin. He  wants to protect his country from the EU and their mandate for destruction through unlimited and hostile mass immigration.

President Putin could step in and save Hungary and Poland from being annihilated by the EU. They sure as Hell don’t want that.

Putin also abhors the West’s spiritual decline and proclivity for pedophilia.

No wonder the Globalist Dems don’t like him!

Looking forward to peace between our 2 great nations.

Do you agree that Hillary would have attacked Russia asap? Comment below!

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